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File 14809994011.jpg - (134.15KB , 1280x720 , do it faggot.jpg )
29718 No. 29718 [Edit]
Who are/where your role models?
>> No. 29719 [Edit]
Genghis Khan.

He was an honest, loyal, and kind leader who simply did what he could to establish justice around the world.

He was a badass. If only he could be President now. With his brilliance he would turn the word Mongoloid into a compliment.

Tales of his destructiveness are nothing more than stinking Chinese and Ay-rab propaganda.
>> No. 29720 [Edit]
Sun Tzu, Cao Cao, Isaac Newton, and Adolf Hitler
>> No. 29721 [Edit]
When I was young: Rimbaud and Che Guevara. No one now.
>> No. 29722 [Edit]
Oda Nobunaga. Dude was benevolent as heck, lowered taxes on an impoverished peasantry, crushed warrior monks who were threatening normal citizens and nearly unified Japan. Loved invention and innovation. He was apparently imprisoned for most of his life, much like a NEET (the only place I can find this is a book from 1963 though so take it with a grain of salt). He was sort of a nobody and everyone thought he was a freak but he left an immense mark on history. His death is one of the most pointless and tragic I can think of, Mitsuhide Akechi had no idea what he was going to do once he actually had Nobunaga's territory and seemingly acted with no reason or plan. That led to some seriously bad shit, like Hideyoshi Toyotomi.

The Koei slashers are fond of depicting him as kind of a vampiric/demonic character with immense bloodlust and that's all good, I like the design but he was totally not like that at all. Just a guy trying to help his country, which was falling apart around him.
>> No. 29725 [Edit]
>> No. 29729 [Edit]
macgyver believe it or not. I really looked up to their ingenuity, and ability to use make creative use of their environment to overcome any obstacle. They had a very practical type of intellect which I really respected.
>> No. 29749 [Edit]
Myself, because I'm the best.
>> No. 30130 [Edit]
I disagree, I'm the best!
>> No. 30134 [Edit]
Kenshiro and Guts.

I can't be entirely sure if there are more since my mind is as scattered as a box full of puchidol. I do know that I was definitely inspired by a couple more, but I feel that these two have definitely had a sizable impact on me.
>> No. 30138 [Edit]
i admire >>29749 -sama
>> No. 30140 [Edit]
My adopted grandfather, the only man left in my family with a clue regarding finances and frugality. His only major fault is having been so laid back, so hands off. So now nobody has a clue what they're doing.

While stereotypical, I really admire Nikola Tesla. The schizoid in me connects with his desire to just invent shit in his lab away from other people.

From history I admire a lot of people. Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Jackson, Caesar Augustus, Agrippa. There's more but they escape me at the moment.
>> No. 30385 [Edit]
I used to look up to John Carmack during my whole "dude programming lol im such a genius" phase that every compsci student goes through. But that's pretty much it.
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