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File 147475335878.png - (93.54KB , 378x399 , 1470895088699.png )
29517 No. 29517 [Edit]
Do you have any recurring fantasies or daydreams?

In high school I often fantasized about talking down a school shooter, thinking up scenarios where we traded extended, edgy dialogue. Now I daydream about being a great writer, although I've barely done any creative writing.
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>> No. 29519 [Edit]
File 147475954695.jpg - (1.26MB , 2149x3021 , (C80) [MeltdoWN COmet (雪雨こん)] フランの.jpg )
These threads remind me of those
"A question

OP's reply to that question"
posts with a cropped version of this picture.
>> No. 29530 [Edit]
File 147485407861.png - (439.61KB , 583x867 , l59n8DS.png )
I used to have a lot of fantasies about being some kind of hero that would save a bunch of people. It was more like the Zelda games and Ocarina was one of my favorites, I used to self-insert and fantasize all the time before I fell asleep about being in Link's role. I would do the sidequests, go through the dungeons, interact with Navi, all that cringe-worthy garbage. When I was not playing video games those were some of the only times I ever felt important and capable. In my dream world I was somebody who could feel useful and valued, somebody who can actually do something good. I still fantasize things like that to this day but it's harder because I don't have the attention span like I used to so I get sidetracked.

Pathetic. Just pathetic.
>> No. 29534 [Edit]
I sort of did. Now, I've kind of changed it so that now I just imagine characters, the characters worlds, their abilities, and such. I sometimes come up with pretty interesting things. I probably could've made a couple of pretty decent shounen mangas and seinen manga as well.

I do forget most of it, though, since I don't really have much of a reason to keep something like that in mind despite really enjoying making those things up.

I still kind of think up situations of me punching people just to "simulate" how things would go if I were to strike there so I could follow up those situations with more strikes if I were to get into a fight. Even though I've gotten quite a bit stronger, I still have so little experience to know if it'll actually work well.
>> No. 33219 [Edit]
File 156828509854.jpg - (128.13KB , 1192x670 , a9T.jpg )
I dream of being the best cyclist archer; shooting arrows while riding a bicycle at speed.
>> No. 33225 [Edit]
Is there a reason behind this?
>> No. 33226 [Edit]
I wonder how common the "stopping school shooter" fantasy is, I have seen it posted a lot of times on imageboards along with the "playing your favorite song in front of the entire school" fantasy.
I personally also had the preventing a shooting fantasy, but nowadays I mostly daydream about being a great artist.
>> No. 33227 [Edit]
I think my daydreams tend to be influenced by what game or anime I've recently been engrossed by. One that keeps coming back to me is being a mecha pilot, sitting in the cockpit with nothing but a vast, icy waste surrounding me, being completely alone with my thoughts, and nodding off to sleep in the seat with a survival blanket.
>> No. 33228 [Edit]
This is something that frequently crosses my mind. I want to see if I have the balls to live up to my "my life is meaningless" mantra and throw myself in front of someone who actually wants to kill me and see if he has the balls.

In reality, I just really want to die.
>> No. 33229 [Edit]
File 156837426857.jpg - (169.82KB , 850x1081 , __djeeta_and_djeeta_granblue_fantasy_drawn_by_hika.jpg )
I also had the same thing. Usually it would take the form of me throwing a desk at them or hiding behind a corner and waiting to wrestle the gun away. I think for some people(including myself) it stems from a desire to be appreciated and respected by your peers. That's a good guy, that's a dependable guy, that's a guy worth sucking up to. Then I stared caring less and less about their opinions and I stopped valuing their approval altogether. They're not people I like, so why would I want attention from them in any form? Would it satisfy me? Would it give me what i'm looking for in life? People naturally want to be accepted, but moving on from craving acceptance for its own sake is part of maturing I think.
>> No. 33231 [Edit]
I just always tried to figure out how I would survive and armed attack in whatever location I was in. I never had hero fantasies, I just was really paranoid. I would usually come to the conclusion that jumping out the nearest window and climbing down was my best option.
>> No. 33233 [Edit]
File 156841987570.jpg - (211.91KB , 1280x720 , intelligent pubes.jpg )
Hello, Subaru!
>> No. 33235 [Edit]
Since I was a teenager I thought about being able to live alone in some secluded place, aside from that not really.
>> No. 33236 [Edit]
Same, I just want to live in a small house in the middle of nowhere and make a living by drawing anime girls.
>> No. 33242 [Edit]
I want to have a few acres to myself and be a hermit farmer with no internet or any other human contact for several decades and then leave the farm for a while to see how the world changed around me and if it became neotokyo or not.
>> No. 33245 [Edit]
i want to know what it feels like to actually be in love. all ive ever experienced is obsession or a deep sexual lust. im working towards finding a waifu and getting to that point but it probably takes years of discipline and conditioning my mind

other than that, id really like to be immortal. not because im afraid of dying, but because there are many things that i want to do that i probably wont be able to accomplish in a short life span. I think it would be really cool to exist outside of time and just sit and observe the world
>> No. 33257 [Edit]
When I told my mom in highschool that my dream was to become a hermit living in the mountains by myself she actually broke down and cried. I never really had friends and I always hated being around even a little bit of human noise or light distractions. I spent all of my time daydreaming in hidden places, drawing, or reading. All these years later and I still haven't achieved my goal.
>> No. 33271 [Edit]
Well, you more or less stated my dream word for word, unless I posted this and forgot. On a side note, I'd really like to meet my doppleganger again, that was pretty fun. People say you wouldn't like yourself if you had to be around them, but they were wrong.

Post edited on 20th Sep 2019, 11:26am
>> No. 33293 [Edit]
File 156924746441.jpg - (168.05KB , 1200x675 , 20190922.jpg )
I dream of being a World Warrior
>> No. 33336 [Edit]
File z1.mp4 - (54.06KB )

I dream of sleeping
>> No. 33338 [Edit]
I would swear I have read that post before. Sounds like magicchan or something like that.
>> No. 33407 [Edit]
I frequently fantasise about being a renown concert pianist even though I can't play piano and honestly, I think I'm musically deaf. I've noticed other people talk about a pianist's "tone" such that, they claim that they can actually identify the performer of a piece because of that pianist's signature "tone". They talk about how Horowitz was a master of manipulating "colour". Truly, I have no idea what these people are talking about. As long as the right note is being hit at the right time, it all sounds good to me. I think there's a higher level to music that has to be perceived to be grasped and I don't think I have the ability to perceive it. Even if I were to take music seriously, I really don't think, even with years of practise, I'd get very far. It's a bit depressing to think that the ceiling's been set before I've even started but I guess that's that.
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