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File 147453834794.gif - (0.98MB , 500x629 , aca260895f83319808d828abd537f1e81ad2864f_hq.gif )
29489 No. 29489 [Edit]
What triggers you?
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>> No. 29490 [Edit]
File 147453848319.jpg - (19.69KB , 320x371 , fa3.jpg )
"triggered" triggers me.
>> No. 29494 [Edit]
People complaining about how Western culture is too materialistic.
>> No. 29496 [Edit]
I get triggered when people say Rinko Kikuchi should be playing the major in the new Ghost in the Shell movie instead of Scarlet Johansen. Don't get me wrong, ScarJo is shit, but it's double shit just to throw in the only Japanese actress you know just because she's Japanese.
>> No. 29501 [Edit]
That's just people trying to keep you poor
>> No. 29506 [Edit]
Virtually everything about western females, their attitude, and the way they conduct themselves.
>> No. 29509 [Edit]
>> No. 29511 [Edit]
shitty 4chan threads on tc
when i see one, i know i'm probably going to have to look at some attention whore self bumping his wonderful thread for most of what remains of this decade.

not sure what i like less, people who make shit quality threads on tc or self bumpers

Post edited on 24th Sep 2016, 2:06am
>> No. 29512 [Edit]
People who complain about the quality of threads.
>> No. 29528 [Edit]
File 147483630124.jpg - (170.26KB , 600x600 , 1425951321557.jpg )
Obese people telling anyone whose body isn't ball-shaped that they need to eat more.

dislike post -> report it and move on
>> No. 29529 [Edit]
File 147485168120.png - (118B , 16x16 , hide.png )
There is also this
>> No. 30357 [Edit]
File 150127122198.jpg - (34.09KB , 652x451 , End them.jpg )
>> No. 30358 [Edit]
Aren't reaction images a form of meme though?
>> No. 30387 [Edit]
Cuckolds, politics, Americans, work, humans, the fact that no matter what we will never truly understand each other, but usually only at work because It keeps my mind busy. It's more of a passionate hatred but I feel better when I get off work.
>> No. 30555 [Edit]
I think that was the point.
>> No. 31139 [Edit]
-porn of my waifu. someone just uploaded giantess fetish art of her moments ago and im trying to avoid an autistic meltdown so that's why i'm writing this, actually. (its not working im going to cry)
-people with shit taste. this is largely why i have no friends. i fucking refuse to hang out with someone with no standards. everyone i talk to, "dota 2", "shitty marvel movie", "shitty anime about talking about snacks and making squeaky noises for seven hours", "modern nintendo". no thanks. shit taste doesnt just lower my opinion of them, it actually ruins everything for me. why are no good things made anymore? because the world is full of shit eaters who are happy with garbage.
-normalfag's cruelty. it makes their dicks rock hard to make children homeless and downplay mental illness.
-retards that defend demonstrably shitty things for no reason, sometimes at their own expense ie. ignoring crime statistics, buying pitbulls just to be contrarian
>> No. 31219 [Edit]
when tohno gets sad i also get sad
>> No. 35561 [Edit]
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