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File 147332732999.jpg - (560.46KB , 800x2115 , VpfE6gw.jpg )
29425 No. 29425 [Edit]
Have you ever had this happen to you?
>> No. 29427 [Edit]
Yes, way too many times to count. I mean, I've never hurt myself, but I'd sometimes drag the things around the string and drop them on the floor because of my carelessness.
>> No. 29428 [Edit]
I do that to myself all the time.
>> No. 29429 [Edit]
My headphones have a long ass cable, so not really.

I do end up dragging a bunch of things off my desk from time to time though like >>29427 said because of how long the cord is though.
>> No. 29431 [Edit]
i did this and destroyed one of the headphone jacks inside my computer. i have to use the other one now.
>> No. 29434 [Edit]
I've broken far too many headphones over the years to count because of this.
>> No. 34886 [Edit]
Bluetooth headphones, man.
>> No. 34980 [Edit]
Just getting up and walking away as if the corded device placed on your head isn't there? No.

do you even amplify
>> No. 34984 [Edit]
No, I don't use headphones.
>> No. 34985 [Edit]
Try it. Embrace reducing the world into an auralscape delimited by two drivers ramming sound into your skull.
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