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File 147287579036.jpg - (67.24KB , 600x500 , 1424663690962.jpg )
29398 No. 29398 [Edit]
Do you hate pizza?
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>> No. 29399 [Edit]
I love pizza.
>> No. 29401 [Edit]
Just the opposite. It's probably my favorite food.
>> No. 29402 [Edit]
I think it's impossible to "hate" Pizza, and you'd have to be an stereotypical "hater" to despise it. Precisely because of how wide the range of what constitutes a Pizza is, and how versatile its preparation can be... It's unfathomable to hate it to the point there isn't a single variation that would satisfy your culinary preferences.

You can make anything from a traditional cheese and pepperoni (salami) pizza to a eegplant with pineapple aberration.
>> No. 29451 [Edit]
I'm a bit rustled that you put pepperoni in the same class as salami. Salami is absolutely disgusting.
>> No. 29452 [Edit]
I just think it tastes bad.
>> No. 29454 [Edit]
File 147359152481.jpg - (1.15MB , 850x1275 , sample_b716cc43f128fa2102b39e4abe16bfcd.jpg )
I love the stuff.

It can be just about anything you want it to be. It's like >>29402 said, it comes in countless styles and can be made without any of the things you don't like on it. It's next to impossible to not be able to enjoy at least one type of pizza.
>> No. 30755 [Edit]
File 150978482141.jpg - (176.44KB , 577x684 , 3e9bcc05e49444f9ede1ed18df542bd1b9b056ec.jpg )
I like pizza, I see no reason to hate it. Especially from Italian restaurants but if I must have it from cheap chain pizza places I prefer Dominos.
I just hate certain toppings on it like canadian bacon, pineapple, or onions, just to name a few off the top of my head.
Anchovies and salami are my favorite. As well as extra cheese.
Also I think people shouldn't just throw away the crust, you could just heat up some marinara sauce and dip it in that. But if you must throw it away at least feed it to animals or bugs, don't just throw it in the trash. If you do that all the time then order pizza with cheesy crust in the first place.
>> No. 30756 [Edit]
>Canadian bacon
That's really the bacon the rest of the world eats commonly, bar USA.
It really does interest me how much of a bubble UStations live in.
>> No. 30759 [Edit]
Eating pizza is a sign of following Italian Fascism.
>> No. 30760 [Edit]
File 150984108373.jpg - (66.93KB , 503x581 , 352e29fb63523c17fda0fee6f52ab734c5c46316.jpg )
Being an Italian fascist tastes great!
Tried it many times, never liked it.
>> No. 30764 [Edit]
File 150988810646.jpg - (102.29KB , 500x500 , NEOGDS-223014.jpg )
I love fatty meat, so I do like the stripped bacon you Americans eat; I was just pointing out that stripped bacon is the irregular bacon in the rest of the world, whereas 'Canadian' bacon is the normal bacon.

Ave Duce.
>> No. 30766 [Edit]
Joke's on you, I only eat the "wrong" pizza that makes food nerds angry: the americanized pizza.
I don't even care about the name. If proper "pizza" can only be made to Neapolitan poverty food standards they can rename the other thing to "murican dough disc".
>> No. 30768 [Edit]
Pizza is one of the Good Things. There aren't many left, so enjoy it!
>> No. 30775 [Edit]
I only hate it when retards dump a salad on it.
>> No. 30776 [Edit]
Vegetarian pizza is preferable, in my case. This is despite me eating meat regularly. Am I special?
>> No. 30781 [Edit]
File 150998972891.png - (647.53KB , 600x924 , 1e6fade52e6244dfa04c76b72df0dd4e.png )
I don't care what people put on their pizza as long as I can enjoy my own.
>> No. 30794 [Edit]
Special needs maybe.
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