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File 147280759447.jpg - (30.46KB , 640x364 , Nyanko-sensei-is-adorable-even-when-he-s-drunk-ani.jpg )
29386 No. 29386 [Edit]
d r i n k .
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>> No. 29387 [Edit]
Do I have to? I'd rather not...
>> No. 29388 [Edit]
I don't like the taste of alcohol.
>> No. 29389 [Edit]
No one does, especially when they're not used to it. It's like tea, most people take a while to get over the taste but your brain associates the feeling of caffeine with the taste and you start to like it. Same with alcohol, no one actually likes the taste of whiskey or beer but they like the feeling of getting drunk and after you get used to it your brain associates the taste of alcohol with the feeling of being drunk so you think you like the taste
>> No. 29392 [Edit]
Why drink when you can sleep? It does the same drunkards say alcohol does for them, except it's free, comfy, cute, and won't ruin your body (in case you're not planning to kill yourself anytime soon).
>> No. 29393 [Edit]
That sounds awful.

A valid point. Someone could also argue that they drink for social reasons, but those types of people really shouldn't be here in the first place.
>> No. 29395 [Edit]
I just stopped drinking about three or so weeks ago. I love being sober, but I'm now an insomniac. I'm turning into a night owl, and I can't fall asleep until four or five in the morning. I hate getting up so late; it makes me feel pathetic.
>> No. 29396 [Edit]
I drink because it helps me chill out.

If you do it at home alone, you're not a normie.
>> No. 29397 [Edit]
Don't see the appeal
>> No. 29400 [Edit]
Nyanko-sensei is such a bad influence. But if you insist, I'll have a glass of whiskey.
>> No. 29403 [Edit]
Try going 24 - 48 hours without sleep. There is a threshold were your drowsiness dissipates and you get an energy boost if you out-wait it. After the time has passed, go to sleep around 22:00, and set an alarm 07:00. Try to keep that schedule for a few days and you're set. I recommend using for maximum comfy sleep. Also drink / eat nothing but water a couple hours beforehand so your sleep won't be broken by a sudden need to evacuate.

As a shameless NEET parasite, I advocate sleeping way more and at any time you want. But you did mention hating getting up so late and feeling pathetic about it, so I'm just offering advise that has worked for me whenever I need to venture to the outside world.
>> No. 29409 [Edit]
Normies drink in public to be seen drinking, same reason they do anything. Drinking at home alone is just fine, even if normies won't shut up about how much they love beer. They love managing their public image and nothing else.
>> No. 29422 [Edit]
Have you ever gone somewhere and seen people pour cans of beer out into fancy glasses? The beer is in a cup already and it's disposable, at that. the only real reason to waste a glass like that is if you want to show off that you're really drinking beer like you're in a bar or something
>> No. 29430 [Edit]
Some people don't like drinking out of bottles and cans. You can wash a glass afterwards, so it's not wasted.
>> No. 29684 [Edit]
File 147868226121.gif - (1.17MB , 500x237 , tumblr_njmt7nZpyB1tpnyb4o1_500.gif )
You know, some of us do actually enjoy the taste of beer, and shockingly, did start drinking it because we enjoyed the flavor, not because we want to get drunk. The normies who define themselves by their public image rather than true character drink lager garbage (Bud, Miller, carbonated urine, etc). There are, however, some people who enjoy sipping on a good craft beer while they watch their anime.

There's nothing like getting cozy on a rainy day, wrapped in my blankets, watching Sakura Trick as I enjoy a good, dark stout. Comfy. I'm so glad it's winter.
>> No. 29702 [Edit]
Sounds like me and tobacco. I always liked the smell of it and was surprised to learn normal people actually don't (it always sounded like hyperbole to me). Naturally I started smoking but mostly for the taste.

Can't stand the taste of alcohol though and it chooses to make me feel sick rather than good 4 out of 5 times.
>> No. 29704 [Edit]
Yep, you sound like me. There is such a thing as good beer, albeit not everybody will like beer period.
>> No. 33185 [Edit]
File 156790787125.jpg - (237.21KB , 983x1129 , eyy.jpg )
Tea with milk
>> No. 33189 [Edit]
pouring it out means it foams up in the glass and not in your stomache causing nausea
especially for beers that develop a thick head, like guinness
it's more pleasant to drink from a glass
>> No. 33191 [Edit]
Both wrong.
It's about aroma. Can't get that guzzling straight from a can or bottle.
If the beer smells disgusting you're drinking bad beer.
Beer never causes nausea unless it's massively overcarbonated.
You can hate all beer subjectively but it's more likely than not you've been picking the wrong styles all along. Beer is by far the most diverse group of alcoholic drinks, it's almost impossible to hate all of it.
Stop hurting yourself you masochist freaks. Avoiding shitty beer isn't hard.
>> No. 33194 [Edit]
I love my cheap domestic lagers and your pretentious slander will not stop me.
>> No. 33199 [Edit]
not wrong
beer always foams up, its pretty much its defining feature
unless you slowly sip it is nicer to pour it out first
i mean why wouldnt you
>> No. 33203 [Edit]
Wrong again.
You know very little about beer so stop being an asshole.
>> No. 33204 [Edit]
im not saying it isnt about the aroma, asshole
but it's primarily why i pour it out, as do many other people
>> No. 33205 [Edit]
File 156809626564.png - (276.76KB , 300x700 , hitler beer.png )
i'm currently drinking this and watching sumo wrestling
>> No. 33214 [Edit]
Oh no you're not getting off easy this time.
You can drink it upside down underwater for all I care. You don't get to post wrong opinions like they're facts though.
"Foaming up" is not a defining feature of beer.
Most british bitters are low carbonated and so they will tend to have poor head retention. It doesn't matter because that's right for the style.
Here's a thing though, it's never that simple and there are numerous techniques to make the foam stay regardless of carbonation level. It can be done but it's not required, often unneeded.
On the other end of the spectrum you can have something like a berliner weisse, some of which might be carbonated to almost 3 volumes of CO2 (that's a lot) and might foam intensely on pour, but lose head almost immediately despite bubbling furiously.
Fucking traditional lambic is not carbonated at all.
Next time you feel like you're in position to make general statements about beer, consult the BJCP style guidelines first. As for the foam, if you still don't believe then spend some time researching factors which affect head retention. What effect base malts have, what specialty malts do, what adjuncts do, what's with mash schedule, alpha acids, alcohol content, carbonation, temperatures. How it's poured, what glassware it's poured into. So on, so forth.
Then compare what you read to what actually comes out of a bottle. Because some brews don't always closely conform to guidelines, you'll find numerous outliers.
Which doesn't mean the style guidelines are inaccurate. They're the best practical approximation however beer is naturally a hard thing to classify precisely.
Almost everywhere in the world beer was always treated as a freely adaptable drink, adjusted to local conditions, available resources and needs of the moment.
Few places ever had strict laws dictating the characteristics of beer, a notable and influential exception being the Reinheitsgebot. But outside of Germany beer was brewed with such a vast range of ingredients and methods its classification is fuzzy.
It's hard to find a single common trait that defines all beers. Perhaps the only universal rule across all styles is it's a fermented drink brewed mainly from malted grains. In some cases it doesn't even need to be hopped for fuck's sake.
There's far more shit out there that you don't know than you expect.
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