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File 146882704826.jpg - (453.62KB , 850x672 , sample_a40d8a612010a9a203a4362cb601622f.jpg )
29240 No. 29240 [Edit]
What are your thoughts on the common portrayal in Japanese media of life essentially being limited to one's time in school?
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>> No. 29241 [Edit]
I have no strong feelings one way or the other.
>> No. 29243 [Edit]
I think it's stupid and annoying but since I can't exactly change it I just tend to avoid series that like this sort of graduation drama.
>> No. 29244 [Edit]
>> No. 29246 [Edit]
You're simplifying the idea of japanese media to the most recent animes you've watched. Japanese television is far more broad in subjects.
>> No. 29247 [Edit]
Are you denying this is an extremely common trope in Japanese media?
>> No. 29248 [Edit]
As shallow as it might be, I think one of the many many reasons for this in anime/manga is having an excuse to leave the characters in the same outfits all the time. Less work for the artists that way.
>> No. 29249 [Edit]
It's more apparent than Western television but I somehow doubt you've seen a lot of Japanese media.
>> No. 29250 [Edit]
I'm denying that you have a vast knowledge on all things japanese media related.
>> No. 29253 [Edit]
If Japanese artists were that lazy, manga and anime would look a lot different than they do now.
>> No. 29254 [Edit]
It's just an easy and barely noticeable way cutting corners for practicality sake, anime/manga is full of them. It doesn't really mean they're lazy, it just means they're using their time and resources more efficiently and in creative ways. It's like animating only a characters mount when they talk rather than their whole face, panning over still frames for the illusion of animation, having background characters who are poorly drawn and don't move, putting the most care into a characters head area rather than the rest of their body which is where most people focus on then putting all the detail in the eyes for the same reason, and of course this also includes using school uniforms so you don't have to design and draw dozens of different outfits instead of variations of the same uniform.
>> No. 29274 [Edit]
Very realistic. After school ended, I was NEET for a year, , then my life just became centered around working. I did not do much in school, had no friends and hated school in general, but I could always count on toughing the day through then going home to browse the internet and watch anime and shit, especially when summer come.

When I was 17/18 I lost the spark of video games and anime. all star battle was released, JOJO was being animated, watamote got an anime, PS4 was out. None of it interested me. My life ended sometime around this time.

I was without internet for a good chunk of that time, so I hypothesize that I became "unaddicted" to anime and video games, and was reduced to a dead soulless husk with nothing to look forward to in this world.

My oh my, the lull of video games and anime was so sweet. Being absorbed in anime and videogames is like being on drugs. And when it's over I snap out of it and I'm crying on the bathroom floor.

when I was in middle school and early highschool, I wanted to do drugs, wanted to fuck women (or at least prostitutes) trannies, twinks, whatever. Wanted to watch all the anime in the world, play every video game, spend all my days browsing the infinite internet, spend hours combing gelbooru and paheal. Wanted to learn japanese, wanted to learn to draw manga and hentai, wanted to master guitar shredding. wanted to start a metal band, never wanted to work. wanted a full gaming PC set up, wanted a dakimakura, posters, onaholes, wanted an outcast loser tomoko gf to love, I wanted everything life had to offer.

It all just fizzled away in a moment somehow, don't know how, but now I'm here and I don't want much of nothin. It's all gone now. Maybe those were juvenile desires, maybe I got raped or something. Who knows? I did have a bad trip on shrooms at the end of this time. Don't recall it having much of an effect on me but the following months I was smacked with a series of existential crisis' and I guess I realized that none of this matters. So sad, I suppose.
>> No. 29277 [Edit]
File 147012377028.jpg - (91.88KB , 1280x720 , hw.jpg )
Wouldn't a anime about people in their 20s would feature even less variety clothes and less variation in scenes since everyone would be wearing office suits in cubicles all day.
>> No. 29278 [Edit]
Watch new game.
They sort of make fun of the main character for wearing a suit to the job, and she's pretty much the only character who wears the same thing each ep.
Most jobs 'usually' don't have strict dress codes or uniforms unless it's an entry level/minimum wage kind of job. That's why something like Working! works for this but servant x service doesn't.
>> No. 33294 [Edit]
File 156924788586.jpg - (127.70KB , 950x768 , 20190915.jpg )
School-aged characters for school-kids.
>> No. 33295 [Edit]
File 156925250261.png - (965.09KB , 783x810 , Chen 007.png )
I hate it, generally I don't watch anime set in schools unless it is SoL. It's just not a good setting for anything else.
>> No. 33296 [Edit]
Well, for most people, for the first 22 to 24 years of life, their perspective is essentially completely limited to their time at school. Media portraying that isn't weird.
>> No. 33326 [Edit]
File 156971627283.jpg - (66.03KB , 850x1086 , 20190922.jpg )
Alarm rings. Childhood friend wakes up male protag.
>> No. 33371 [Edit]
That's how it is.

When you start your working life, you are considered an adult. That means no more fun allowed, just escapism from the gray reality or daily sacrifice for your offspring and elders.

Especially in Japan there is literally nothing else than work. I knew a young guy, who worked 12 hours and more a day, commutes 2 more hours and has essentially 4 hours for household, hygiene and hobbies, which however often are taken by social eating and drinking with his colleagues after work.

No wonder people die early with this lifestyle.
>> No. 33373 [Edit]
It's amazing how being like that they still have such an enormous cultural industry full of enormous franchises and 100+ hours videogames.
I guess it's because big part of the public is the NEET or the arubaito worker and other variants, since regular people wouldn't have time to spend on that.
>> No. 33374 [Edit]
How regular is the Salaryman life really though? Sure there are many of them but Japan still has to have cooks, waiters, mechanics, tradesmen, taxi drivers and the like, I don't think even half the Japanese work force would be Salarymen.
>> No. 33376 [Edit]
For what I studied some years ago, the salaryman is a thing from the past. There's still some but younger generations don't like that kind of life, also companies started firing people and the idea of working all your life in the same place is less common every year. I don't know what's worse, actually.
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