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File 14683096907.jpg - (59.48KB , 510x620 , pdytP9c.jpg )
29216 No. 29216 [Edit]
Like the title asks, what kind of clothes do you like to wear either indoors or outdoors?

I like wearing my black zip-up hoodie a lot, I've had it for years now and I feel a bit attached to it. It's worn now, it can't even zip anymore but I still wear it often because it has sentimental value to me. Another thing I like to wear is aprons, not really sure why.

What about you TC? What do you like to wear and why?

Please don't hate me.
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>> No. 29217 [Edit]
File 146834675428.jpg - (144.95KB , 666x1094 , jwjOj.jpg )
I dress somewhat childish, with a lot of Super Mario shirts, Pokemon shirts, ect. I could dress up, but finding clothes that fit is hard. I'm pretty much kid sized. If I had a bit more disposable income I would go out and buy some nice stuff. I really wish I could do that.
>> No. 29219 [Edit]
I have decent style. Dark jeans that fit well, nice basic shirts that fit my body like Murano. I am pretty normie though so I like to dress nice
>> No. 29220 [Edit]
I pretty much like to wear a shirt with no designs and some pants with no designs or logos so that I don't stick out too much. Indoors, I pretty much just stay in the same clothes that I sleep in, which are a shirt and some shorts. Outdoors, I wear a shirt with some jeans.
>> No. 29226 [Edit]
serafuku mon-sat
bunny girlu on sundays
>> No. 29228 [Edit]
Baggy, comfortable, boring, non-descript clothing. Most of my shirts don't even have images, logos, or text on them. The last thing I want to do is draw attention to myself. Pretty much exactly what >>29220 said, except I vastly prefer wearing shorts to jeans.
>> No. 29229 [Edit]
>Please don't hate me.

kinda hard when you're posting /fa/ threads on /tc/
>> No. 29230 [Edit]
What's wrong with fashion?
>> No. 29235 [Edit]
I'm a NEET so I basically wear pajamas 24/7. I brely go out at all but when I do I wear jeans + t-shirts. Recently I've started feeling uncomfortable wearing those somehow, just feels like I'm too old for them.
>> No. 29279 [Edit]
I wear charcoal trousers, white dress shirt, boater hat, and fake deck shoes with socks. They are physically comfortable and I enjoy the confidence boost even near-proper clothing gives.
>> No. 29287 [Edit]
Ripped up hoodie I've had for years, graphic tee, and walmart jeans. Don't have any pajamas or shorts, should probably get some.
>> No. 29290 [Edit]
Someone once said I look like a slightly classy homeless guy.
>> No. 29306 [Edit]
File 147076215581.jpg - (30.79KB , 260x368 , Imy.jpg )
summer uniform in summer
winter uniform in winter
>> No. 29336 [Edit]
I generally like to wear 100% cotton t-shirts. I don't own any clothing with branding on it, except for a few anime shirts that I use as pajamas.

After wearing only cotton stuff for a few years, synthetic fibers become really noticable.
>> No. 29347 [Edit]
old doc martin boots
ripped jeans
black tshirt with some band on it (current shirt is eyehategod)
leather jacket with patches on it
>> No. 29348 [Edit]
Are you trying to pass as a normie?
>> No. 29349 [Edit]
Inside: underwear and a blanket, if it's cold
Outside: (T-)Shirt and Jeans
>> No. 29352 [Edit]
I just like the way it looks. Although i only wear that stuff when I'm going outside which isn't very often nowadays, mostly i just wear baggy sweats and a tshirt.
>> No. 29353 [Edit]

You actually have to make extra effort to dress like an asperger.
>> No. 29354 [Edit]
Doc Martens, Ripped jeans, Band T-shirt, Leather jacket with patches... A walking stereotype. Basically a "Hey normies, look at me! I'm dressing like you!. Which is fine and all... but doesn't change the fact is an imposed style.
>> No. 29371 [Edit]
I think sometimes I try too hard to dress normal and end up looking autistic-er.
>> No. 29373 [Edit]
I wear the same black dickies work pants every day and ugly black walking shoes. Then I have a baseball cap and wear some sort of t-shirt, either dark colored or stripes.
>> No. 38674 [Edit]
File 163089268810.jpg - (1.00MB , 1200x1500 , c9c24cf05eb88d73e9c9bf7e94f34f0f.jpg )
Inside I wear an undershirt(blank white tshirt) and pajama pants.
Outside, 99% of the time I wear a polo shirt, black khakis and black walking shoes.
If it doesn't have a collar, I don't like wearing it in public. I don't button all the way though.

Don't care if it looks weird. To me, the norm looks like shit.
>> No. 38675 [Edit]
I'm similar to you except that I don't insist on wearing collared shirts or a single color of pants. Any kind of khaki-type pants goes I'm not picky about that, and I always stick to plain colored t-shirts. I can see why you'd like sticking to collared though, that isn't weird to me. I don't like PJ pants though.
>> No. 38676 [Edit]
>a single color of pants
Now that I think about it, dark blue khakis are also okay.
>> No. 38677 [Edit]
Dress shirts year-round. Light colored polos for summertime. Sleeved & sleeveless pullovers and knit sweaters for the remaining seasons.
Cotton and chino tapered trousers & shorts. Occasionally jeans.
Leather brown or black shoes and simple, solid color sneakers for all seasons. Deck shoes and leather outdoor slippers during summer.

I promised my waifu 3 years ago I'd become a well put-together man. This is the result I feel comfortable with.
>> No. 38687 [Edit]
How do you guys wear the collar? Down collar or Up collar?
>> No. 38688 [Edit]
Are there people who actually wear their collar up when out and about?
>> No. 38689 [Edit]
>Up collar
lol no
>> No. 38692 [Edit]
I don't really collared shirts most of the time, but on more formal occasions I do. Once, while traveling to Europe, I observed that Europeans wear the collar up, I even saw one shirt that had the brand name written in the collar, so that it could only be read if the collar was up. I thought it looked pretty cool and started using the collar up after that.
I expected that soon people outside Europe would do this as well, but I haven't seen anybody else doing this here.
I feels very different, kinda like the collar of a trench coat.
>> No. 38693 [Edit]
I associate popped collars with vampires and douchebags. It was a thing ten+ years ago, though now I don't think any collars are in fashion in the states outside of formal occasions.

Post edited on 13th Sep 2021, 12:08pm
>> No. 38694 [Edit]
Same. Even when I began using them, I couldn't shake this feeling.
>> No. 38695 [Edit]
File 163158518655.jpg - (319.04KB , 1277x1600 , 89699705_p0.jpg )
You're saying I can look like a vamp if I start popping my collar?
>> No. 38696 [Edit]
No, you'll look like this
>> No. 38697 [Edit]
further reference
>A common look for the frat boy is to wear a pink polo shirt with the collar popped. The pink shirt fools sorostitutes into thinking that frat boy is comfortable with his sexuality, when in reality, every sixth word out of his mouth is faggot.
>The stupid fashion statement of popping the collar on a polo shirt. Mostly done by young men between the ages of 17 and 25. The popped collar is a way of detecting arrogance and idiocy without engaging in conversation with someone.

Post edited on 13th Sep 2021, 9:31pm
>> No. 39767 [Edit]
My favorite clothes are my OG-107 fatigues. Extremely comfy in all situations, and I think the color is nice. I also enjoy that mine are over 60 years old.
I'd recommend the pants to anyone. Great for pajamas or exercise. The shirt is alright, but nothing all that special. Nice if you like long sleeves.
>> No. 39773 [Edit]
Indoors, I exclusively wear my pajamas, often for weeks at a time. The few times I go outside, I literally only wear hoodies/sweatpants. Sometimes I don't even bother with that and just go out in my pajamas. Maybe I wear my hoodie over my pajamas.
>> No. 39774 [Edit]
Which makes it look cool. Anybody who makes articles complaining about "douchebags" can be safely used as a litmus test where their opinion is the opposite of correct.
>> No. 39775 [Edit]
So you're a wannabe frat faggot? Or you're contradicting me for its own sake because you're from 4chan?

Post edited on 4th Jun 2022, 3:04pm

>> No. 39776 [Edit]
I'm not the guy you're replying to, but for the love of Haruhi, take it easy.
>> No. 39777 [Edit]
I just think it looks cool.

Post edited on 5th Jun 2022, 1:41am
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