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File 146773384420.jpg - (28.20KB , 450x337 , 1280407733757.jpg )
29200 No. 29200 [Edit]
I actually have a couple bags of sand, if anyone wants to know what they feel like. I went to the beach & brought home some sand (i like to keep it around just in case any of my potted plants get fungus gnats) and i realized I could make bags of sand pretty easily so I did. I image this is what anime girl's tits feel like, yes?
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>> No. 29201 [Edit]
I think it would be more like waterballons.
>> No. 29207 [Edit]
File 146796401850.gif - (1.46KB , 53x20 , bung.gif )
So what you're saying is that I should get a life size inflatable doll of my waifu and fill it with warm water and hug her? piwaxt
>> No. 29209 [Edit]
Yeah pretty much. Although I imagine it'd be very heavy. water wouldn't stay warm for long also. Probably best to stick with air.
>> No. 29210 [Edit]
Cake batter in a balloon.
>> No. 29227 [Edit]
OP here, I just thought I should mention that these bags of sand feel particularly unerotic
>> No. 29295 [Edit]
i made a third one and they're not bad for juggling
>> No. 30263 [Edit]
turns out bags of cornstarch is better for juggling than sand
>> No. 30264 [Edit]

At this point I realized this is not about full-sized 50kg sandbags
>> No. 30271 [Edit]
i think you could have inferred that from OP, which is 11.5months old
>> No. 30273 [Edit]
In defence of who you replied to... First time I saw this thread I only read "I actually have a couple bags of sand, if anyone wants to know what they feel like", thought "Heheh, ok..." and closed the tab. Until you read the very last sentence / question, you wouldn't know what the thread is really about.
>> No. 30275 [Edit]
you defense seems to turn on the idea that OP is confusing because of your lack of reading comprehension and your extremely short attention span.
>> No. 30276 [Edit]
You're slightly right, but I see a loy of projecting. You confuse reading comprehension and attention with interest. The thread is written avoiding general writing conventions and board standards, to the point it's erratic: There is no title, the topic is presented only in the very last sentence, and the idea before it elongates unnecessarily.
>> No. 30277 [Edit]
>but I see a loy of projecting
Trace on.
>> No. 30282 [Edit]

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