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File 14661641323.jpg - (98.31KB , 440x380 , 1466027686247.jpg )
29153 No. 29153 [Edit]
What do you think about IRC and other chat services like discord
Do you use them? I think it would be cool if I found one where I could jump in and casually talk about things like the game I'm playing right now, but so far I haven't
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>> No. 29157 [Edit]
I prefer anonymous desynchronized communication because there you have no obligations. You don't need to reply if you don't want to even when you're OP, you can reply hours or days later depending on the board. Nobody knows who you are, the only things that matter are the content of the post.
In chat rooms everyone has a name and if they write more than once automatically a personality associated to them, you have to reply, preferably instantly, unless you want to leave a negative impression.

I understand why some people prefer chat communication but it's not really my preferred form of communication. I like communicating through the Internet exactly because I can avoid this type of "normal" communication.
>> No. 30629 [Edit]
I enjoy using discord and IRC. They've taken over for my lacking, in person, social life. Whether that's a good or a bad thing, I'm not too sure.
>> No. 30632 [Edit]
No, never. I prefer information dry.
Real time and non-anonymous communication emulates real life conversation, encourages users to showcase their personalities and compete for recognition. No interest in that.
Some have to try it even on anonymous imageboards which I find disgusting.
>> No. 30648 [Edit]
if you can't play a game without stopping halfway thorough to talk about yourself on the internet then you're a perfectly normal average person and don't belong here
>> No. 30650 [Edit]
There's something about real-time communication I dislike. Something gets lost there. For a lot of people they like anonymity but I like the slower pace of it, easier for people to stay on topic, more effort generally gets put into posts. I don't know what to pin it down to exactly, but I like the format.

People really like me on the forums I've been active on but they seem to think of me as pretty lame when I'm in a discord or skype group with them... It's just not my thing but that's where all the people I talk to online are so I'm forced to go along with it.

It just makes me feel ignored... I'll think I'm part of the group and then people I thought I knew well talk about something they're doing together and I realize how little we actually do together. It's my own fault for not being more involved but I miss the days our group formed out of shitposting on the forum of a shitty little browser game.

I think I despise them a bit... Feels like I build friendships and have them wither away once we go to IM where I'm just not as much fun.
>> No. 30651 [Edit]
It really is. Its like the distilled essence of twitch streams that ruins discussion on any of the boards that they are formed on.
>> No. 30663 [Edit]
I feel like we would have more posts here if people weren't spending them on IRC.
>> No. 30665 [Edit]
I don't think so. Over half of the users in IRC almost never write anything there and those who do occasionally mention a post in the board or point out something they shared or posted.
>> No. 30666 [Edit]
File 15081650215.jpg - (248.76KB , 800x800 , e44de4dbd64292cb6d7126505caa24ef7074cdf6.jpg )
I don't really agree with that. I probably might not have thought of some of my posts if I didn't get to spend time on the IRC.
>> No. 30684 [Edit]
I like both but the communities on IRC can get pretty bad. Discord I hate the "gamer" cringe forced meme marketing otherwise I like how it's basically skype teamspeak and IRC in one. I appreciate how useful the internet is for finding other weirdos and making it easy to communicate with them.
>> No. 30712 [Edit]
IRC was really nice. I believe only Freenode is active and growing (slowly) nowadays though, which is saddening.
>> No. 30719 [Edit]
IRC is not that bad.

Discord, though... after witnessing a couple myself, and also founding my own this software is a minefield of circlejerks, facebook memes and bizarre community conflicts. It may be possible to occasionally find decent places in it, but overall its design with trivially created servers and system of invites breeds mostly splintered messes of incestual cliques on a scale and frequency that IRC can't even compare to.
>> No. 30721 [Edit]

So your own server turned into this? Maybe you invited the wrong people then. (You can make it so only you can invite people if that's a problem) The thing with discords built in meme messages, this is annoying as fuck. I wish they would get rid of this and make it more professional.

If you go looking for other servers on google or something yeah you're only going to find normie crap. And discord does attract more of these people because of how it's marketed and since it's more user friendly, but it's not like you have to interact with these people.

>minefield of circlejerks

IRC and imageboards are full of this. IRC is less normies but the communities are full of their own sub cultural circlejerks even if it's anti-normie ones.

Post edited on 27th Oct 2017, 9:31am
>> No. 30723 [Edit]
No, my own one's still relatively clean, but others aren't so lucky. Poor management / incompetence to invite bullshit with excess channel splitting (whatever happened to having one channel, IRC-style, to keep things more focused?), emotes, polls and the other cool features makes the good old days of limited technology seem better by comparison, without all this new crap to ruin your discussion quality with.

It's true that circlejerks are everywhere but I've not managed to encounter the "hivemind spread across 10 servers for eceleb whoring" thing outside Discord, at least with imageboards or IRC channels there's usually only a couple of boards or channels dedicated to a particular group, but the Discord rabbit hole reaches far and wide. Maybe it's just Discord being that much bigger.
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