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File 146576035742.jpg - (54.69KB , 636x358 , eDyXpSR.jpg )
29121 No. 29121 [Edit]
Do you guys enjoy any non-anime shows?
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>> No. 29129 [Edit]
i liked twin peaks, northern exposure, parks and recreation
>> No. 29130 [Edit]
I recently finished the first season of House of Cards after hearing good things. Can't say I much cared for it. I almost dropped the show when the cunt reporter got her boss fired for calling her a cunt after acting like a cunt. I don't think there was a single likable character anywhere in it. The recurring forth wall breaking moments give the impression they want the viewer to feel closer to the main character, either like a friend or at the least a companion along for the ride. Unfortunately the main character is a detestable bastard. The oddly out of place PlayStation product placement which the creators probably thought would make the character seem more relatable, or maybe 'hip and cool' come off as patronizing. It's clearly one of those "look at how clever I am and good at manipulating everyone around me like chess pieces" type of shows, yet they make so many sloppy and stupid mistakes it's amazing they managed to get where they did.
>> No. 29131 [Edit]
The first season of True Detective was great.
>> No. 29136 [Edit]
I love watching "Beyond Scared Straight".
>> No. 29159 [Edit]
American Football/Gridiron. I'm sorry.
>> No. 29163 [Edit]
I used to watch American TV series back in the day, until they adopted the format of First season's great and receives a lot of viewership, then some corporate executive decides they want to milk it so the writers make shit up as they go along, write themselves into a corner and ruin everything the series had going for it.

Examples: Lost, Fringe, Spartacus, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones ―all of them shows that had great potential, ruined by lazy/uninspired writing past season 1.
>> No. 29174 [Edit]
Finished Daredevil season 2 just the other day. Not as good as the first season but still very entertaining. The whole ninja thing felt a tad silly at times to be honest and made things a little too campy, which is a shame since it worked surprisingly well as a gritty crime drama. I know it's a major part of the comics but still... I mean the material was handled as well as they could have to be fair. The thing with him not being able to hear where the ninjas are kinda bugged me too, as they couldn't possibly have been more quiet than the inanimate objects in the area, yet Mate doesn't seem to have problems with telling where walls or furniture are. Another thing that annoyed me a bit was that the punisher looked a lot like that asshole from the walking dead and I couldn't stand that guy. Thought they were the same actor at first and it was a bit distracting. Anyways it was good, just not as good as the first season. Final scene was so cheesy though it could make a mouse jiz themselves.
>> No. 29175 [Edit]
File 146676800270.png - (224.50KB , 510x557 , 1454828859524.png )
I love a lot of Comedy shows. Seinfeld, The Thick of It and Arrested Development are my favourites. As for Drama, I'm pretty ignorant. Black Mirror, The Wire and The Sopranos are the only ones I've seen that I'd recommend to anyone. I plan on watching more eventually.
>> No. 29179 [Edit]
>all of them shows that had great potential, ruined by lazy/uninspired writing past season 1

True Detective certainly falls under that umbrella.
The first season had wonderfully corrosive, ambiguous and intriguing characters which evolved and unravelled in an equally exciting and stirring story and setting. The second season however started right away with forcing feminism, LGBT-cancer and other shit unrelated to the actual story into the viewers face through unlikeable, insufficiently backgrounded and paper-thin figures.
>> No. 29180 [Edit]
Try daredevil noir
>> No. 29185 [Edit]
Not like I'm gonna defend it or anything but Game of Thrones is not a product of milking, or at least not some third party making decisions regarding plot. It's a straight up adaptation of the novels.
>> No. 29189 [Edit]
Not since the end of the fourth season it's not. I don't think it's a coincidence that the quality of the dialogue fell off a cliff the moment they ran out of books to adapt.
>> No. 29500 [Edit]
Yes but you wouldnt know about it since you're all fat americans
>> No. 29513 [Edit]
Half the site is European.
>> No. 29523 [Edit]
File 147476816744.jpg - (138.89KB , 639x1000 , USA wins again.jpg )
Its an unfortunate phenomenon, but people from lesser nations are often jealous of Americans. These are the types of people who buy in to nationalism, they mistakenly connect their own identities to the neurotypicals who actually run the show and they feel the need to take out their anger at their own smallness and insignificance and blame all their problems on others. So instead of trying to build themselves up in to what they really want (a nation better than America) they cloud their thought processes with anger and stay small and insignificant.
This guy was trying to discuss his favorite domestic TV shows, but all he could get out was "I hate America", his shame at his own weakness pollutes his brain so much that he has difficulty communicating effectively.
>> No. 29532 [Edit]
Television is awful around the world.
>> No. 29535 [Edit]
'If the Americans lacked money, they would probably be the most despised people in the world.' - Joseph Goebbels

Though, I'm not that other guy, you may be right about him.
>> No. 29598 [Edit]
I used to watch 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'.
It doesn't show on TV in my country much and I can't be bothered finding a place to stream Western TV so I dropped it.
Good stuff though.
>> No. 30758 [Edit]
I really liked the cartoon Dan vs. for a while. It was about a guy who is really angry all the time and tries to get revenge on a bunch of things that end up doing him wrong in some way but they were odd all the time. I never really knew who it was aimed towards though, the jokes didn't seem like the kind children would get but I don't remember any jokes that seemed like they were something kids shouldn't hear, just the kind that kids wouldn't get.
There was a joke about automobile mechanics fixing things and breaking others and even a joke where Dan and Chris were pursued by the police so a sketch of the culprits was shown on the news but it was instead a sketch of the voice actors.
It was a very wacky and zany show so I think it worked well to make the show very funny.
>> No. 30784 [Edit]
>> No. 30788 [Edit]
File 151003334780.jpg - (158.41KB , 667x932 , 0b6683a241eac6a373d4913d2b9460816f60dc34.jpg )
07) /b/ Shit
-Posts with only 1-2 words without media attachment may also be considered shit posts, unless necessary for the thread/post.

Please know that you are violating rule 7, refrain from making posts that only have 1-2 words and no attached media. This is your warning.
>> No. 30789 [Edit]
Calm yo tats beotch.
>> No. 30790 [Edit]
Currently watching Stranger Thing due to all the hype it's gotten. Seems very overrated, but it's not bad by any means. It's pretty decently written, and has some pretty good and believable acting compared to most tv/film where child actors tend to be pretty fucking horrible. Although that can often be credited to people who have no clue how to write children and as a result unintentionally make them into brain dead robots.
Also, I'm not a big fan of netflix due to their pro degeneracy agenda, but aside from one line mocking nuclear families it's not too bad here. Although you could argue that they might be attacking gender norms and traditional female aesthetics by having a female lead with a shaved head, but it feels like it fits and makes sense in the story.
>> No. 30791 [Edit]
There are no female mods (nor users, probably).
>due to their pro degeneracy agenda
Yeah, it gets worse every passing year, doesn't it? And it's everywhere too.
>but it feels like it fits and makes sense in the story.
I've read it gets more pushy in S2, but don't really want to watch this to confirm. Do share if you get there.
>> No. 30792 [Edit]
I know, just felt like saying it for the hell of it, beotch.
>> No. 30795 [Edit]
You're done for.
>> No. 30812 [Edit]
>it gets worse every passing year, doesn't it?
It really does. I guess they're just slowly easing people into it. Wish I knew what they're getting out of it though. I'm sure there has to be more to it than the heads of netflix being degenerate scumbags who think corrupting our culture is fun and cool.
>> No. 30813 [Edit]
It's pretty simple when you think about it. Degenerates are more likely to netflix and chill or binge watch mindless garbage on their service. So it's only natural to turn people into degenerates.
>> No. 30814 [Edit]
I'm not sure why you would think degenerates would be more inclined to watch newflix, but they don't exactly get more money the more you watch, it's a monthly service. If anything they'd save money on server fees if you signed up with them and never watched anything.
>> No. 30822 [Edit]
They're helping make it popular though. It's also completely unnecessary in some of their programming. From what I've seen the degeneracy is subtle and planted in the background, or in in such a way where if you watched the show just for that you'd be disappointed. It instead feels like it's intended to be brainwashing.
>> No. 30825 [Edit]
I haven't seen much, but I've noticed it here and there in some of what I have seen. Sometimes it's subtle, sometimes it's blatant. Wish I could remember what it was called but they gave some old hag her own show who encouraged sleeping around and fucking guys half her age in spite of being like 60 years old.
In their original season of arrested development they broke up a young boy and his 3DPD from the previous seasons, and instead had his uncle (twice her age) take her virginity, lie about wanting to marry her, and left her at the alter where everyone proceeded to make fun of her.
In House of cards, the main character sleeps with women other than his wife while his wife knows about it but doesn't care.
As previously mention in this threat Stranger things mocks nuclear faimlies and challenges societies ideas on what is "pretty" or normal for a girl to look like.
The Marvel show Jessica Jones was one huge piece of agenda bullshit. The female lead was a massive degenerate 3DPD piece of shit, but this was promoted as being hip and cool, A number of side characters were gay, and the main villain was a metaphor for manipulative controlling men. (only to lie to and manipulate the guy herself just as he was turning good.) This same woman was fucking another hero character after killing his wife no less.
This is just from the Netflix originals I've seen first hand that I can remember.
>> No. 30826 [Edit]
File 151037695312.png - (316.42KB , 471x551 , 1468696261913.png )
define non-anime?
Samurai Jack and Daria, both animated, are quite enjoyable.

for live action stuff, Top Gear and The Grand Tour are enjoyable. They get a bit too scripted at times, but their hearts are in the right place.

The BBC documentaries on castles, from castle construction with year 1,000 technology, to their architecture and strategic use are very good. Unlike the american counterparts with documentaries, the BBC generally doesn't ruin them pseudo dramatization. The only american show that doesn't do that is the "how it's made" series on the discovery channel.

The SciFi channel (back when it was still called that) had a few original shows that have a lot of promise, but the ones I was most interested in were canceled after a season and fairly abruptly.

other stuff I've enjoyed are Malcom in the Middle and the crocodile hunter Steve Irwin.
>> No. 30827 [Edit]
>define non-anime?
Is it live action with actors and stuff? yes = not anime.
Answered no? Well is it made outside of japan? If the answer is yes = not anime.
>> No. 30851 [Edit]
what if the animation is made to japanese specifications, but the actual work is executed by third world contractors using southeast asian slave labor?
>> No. 30852 [Edit]
You mean like all anime?
>> No. 30854 [Edit]
Budget anime. Even then it's just touch-up by South Koreans.
You'd have to delve into super budget anime to see some Vietnamese names.

Also, why have so many of these topics degenerate into semantics?
>> No. 30858 [Edit]
I watch documentaries if they seem interesting, but I can't say that I watch much TV really. I have enough to do without it in between my other hobbies.
>> No. 30861 [Edit]
Nowadays, not really. I do watch a live action movie every now and then.
Anime is, in the most pure sense of the term nowadays, hand- or computer-made animation produced in Japan or by a Japanese company. That's the reason why the current season of Pingu is considered an anime, even if that would seem crazy. They actually call it anime over there.
Depends. If it's made by a Japanese producer, under a Japanese studio name, I think it's safe to call it anime.
>why have so many of these topics degenerate into semantics?
I think it could be because this a site that is heavily deemed close to what it stands for, so having people disclose not knowing (or in this case, not fully understanding, which can be solved quickly be searching online) what anime is or is not might be seem as practically outrageous. I don't necessarily disagree.
>> No. 30863 [Edit]
Is it because of the anon that needs things spelled out for them?
>> No. 30865 [Edit]

I'd say it's more that this site doesn't have a userbase stupid enough to talk about things the way normals would. ie asking stupid questions and receiving opinionated none answers which spur more stupid questions and uneducated opinions. If however the people talking both have enough common sense to not ask those stupid questions, all that's left is semantics. For instance, ignorant people might have a discussion about why the sky is blue, while one might suggest it's the sky reflecting the color of the ocean. But if two people already know why the sky is blue, they'll say nothing about the matter and at best nitpick small details because that's all they've got to work with. This is also essentially why I think TC is as slow moving and dead as it is in general. Not enough loud mouthed opinionated morons to be corrected.

Post edited on 12th Nov 2017, 4:01pm
>> No. 30882 [Edit]
I finished watching Twin Peaks season 2 and Fire Walk with Me and preferred the latter. Not sure why, but I assumed the show would have been more scary or surrealistic. Once characters lost their involvement in solving the murder they just bored me.
>> No. 30963 [Edit]
>I've read it gets more pushy in S2, but don't really want to watch this to confirm. Do share if you get there.
I watched it and it didn't feel that way.
There's one ep which everyone hates that has a character join a gang and goes a bit emo with a punk rocker type, but nothing about that felt sjw like or necessarily pro degenerate. There have been some memes with people calling a boy who got dumped a 'mom'. I don't really get it but in some ways he acts like a single mother by the end while taking care of some kids, so maybe that's what they're referring to?? There's a new girl that prefers to go by the more masculine version of her name and is something of a tomboy, but considering their shitty home life it doesn't feel out of place at all. The only thing I can think of is a single cringey scene in which the kids are arguing about which Ghost Buster they're each dressed as, and the black kid didn't want to be the black ghost buster. The line "is it because I'm black?" was dropped too. This is all just nitpicking though.
>> No. 30977 [Edit]
I rewatch the first season of True Detective every year. Whatever it was that they did with that show, I doubt anyone in western television will replicate it in a long time.
>> No. 31014 [Edit]
I enjoy quite a bit of cartoon series, and few live action series/movies. I've never posted about such shows here, because this isn't exactly the place for that I don't believe.
>> No. 31440 [Edit]
I like watching martial arts movies and "adult" cartoons (the Simpsons, Family Guy, King Of The Hill, etc. ) and cartoons and shows I used to like as a kid
>> No. 31591 [Edit]
I did enjoy some series but the pc-ness has driven me away, I really hate seeing shows with potential going to shit because they need to push their agenda everywhere.
>> No. 31679 [Edit]
For non 2D media, I mostly only watch Game of Thrones and the Marvel movies. I'll occasionally watch some highly acclaimed movies like Memento. My experience with all non 2D media is generally the same. Because of my inability to connect emotionally with 3D people, the main draw of live action media is the plot. A show like Game of Thrones has a lot of moving pieces, and it's interesting to see where they go and how they fall into place. I'm mainly a slice of life guy, so watching something with an engaging plot like Game of Thrones or Memento is a nice change of pace. However as I said earlier, I can't form any emotional connections with 3D people so moments like the Red Wedding don't have their intended emotional impact on me.
>> No. 31699 [Edit]

Would you call Dora the Explorer Anime? stop kidding around, you know what OP meant exactly. Anime is not a synonym of Animation, that's false.
>> No. 31700 [Edit]
>you know what OP meant exactly.
I wouldn't be so sure. Yes sometimes people bring that up to troll or start arguments out of boredom, but there's a lot of people who legitimately have mental issues that prevent them from understanding what might seem like simple concepts to others.
>> No. 31746 [Edit]
>I can't form any emotional connections with 3D people

Maybe you could try reading the books instead.
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