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File 146566519545.jpg - (127.00KB , 720x377 , XmMbNqq.jpg )
29114 No. 29114 [Edit]
Gimme what you got.
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>> No. 29117 [Edit]
Why are there no JEWS on Jupiter?

Because it's a gas planet!
>> No. 29140 [Edit]
What word starts with "N" and ends with "R" that you never want to call a black person?

>> No. 29141 [Edit]
Wanna hear the biggest joke in the world?

The Holocaust!

Oh, sorry if that was offensive. I'll take it off my on-stage list so this slip-up won't ever happen, just like the Holocaust.
>> No. 29142 [Edit]
What do you do if your lawnmower stops working?
Deport him back to mexico
>> No. 29146 [Edit]
What's a woman's favorite book?

Their husband's checkbook.
>> No. 29155 [Edit]
What do you call a Jewish knight?

Sir Cumcised
>> No. 29156 [Edit]
File 146622496976.jpg - (23.48KB , 831x187 , Capture.jpg )
Not a joke but this comment made me laugh.
>> No. 29158 [Edit]
What is love?

The delusion that one woman differs from the others.
>> No. 29161 [Edit]
Why did scarecrow win an award?

Because he was out standing in his field.


Baby don't hurt me.
>> No. 29192 [Edit]
What do black guys have that's usually two or three times the size of a white guy's, and gets bigger every time they touch a woman?

Their criminal record
>> No. 29461 [Edit]
Why is Mexico's Olympic team so lacking?

Because everyone that can run, jump, or swim is already across the border
>> No. 35174 [Edit]
What’s the difference between a police officer and a bullet?

When a bullet kills someone else, you know it’s been fired
>> No. 35225 [Edit]
How do you get a nun pregnant?
Have an altar-boy fart in her cunt.
>> No. 35226 [Edit]
What do you call a black brain surgeon?
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