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File 146269579151.jpg - (656.98KB , 1280x720 , thumb.jpg )
28998 No. 28998 [Edit]
For years I've had the idea of making youtube videos, primary anime reviews. One of the main reasons being the slim hope I'd be able to at least make 'some' income off it as unlikely as that might be to happen. Well I finally took the plunge and went ahead with it. I wanted to at least get a few vids out before posting about it here. I should warn though that they've been pretty horrible so far and as such you shouldn't expect much. Should come as no surprise that someone who has very little interaction with people offline would have trouble speaking so the videos can be a little numbly, for that I apologize.

My channel can be found here for anyone curious.
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>> No. 29000 [Edit]
File 14627268005.jpg - (47.45KB , 620x438 , 黒木智子.jpg )
In the first video it was kinda hard to even understand you.
Your speech has improved with every new video. If nothing else, your youtube channel seems to be working out fine as a therapy of sorts for yourself.
>> No. 29001 [Edit]
Thanks, I appreciate the feedback.
>> No. 29003 [Edit]
I'd have to agree with this.

You have a good voice for this, Tohno. Don't worry too much about sounding awkward or anything.
>> No. 29005 [Edit]
i disagree vehemently with your opinions about anime
>> No. 29006 [Edit]
I was only able to watch the Ratchet and Clank video because youtube is being dildos, but I have to say that your voice is surprisingly pleasant, Tohno. Your voice is perfect for videos.

I'm honestly a little jealous.
>> No. 29009 [Edit]
Nice sexy deep voice
>> No. 29010 [Edit]
needs more minagi
>> No. 29013 [Edit]
I thought you were a blue haired girl with glasses.
>> No. 29076 [Edit]
thats me
>> No. 30388 [Edit]
your voice is relaxing
>> No. 30397 [Edit]
If reviews don't give you any income, try getting into thr ASMR market, seriously.
>> No. 30419 [Edit]
Don't you have to be insanely good as guy to get viewers?
>> No. 30420 [Edit]
That's true, also probably have to buy an expensive binural mic and make sure your background noise is very quiet. Perhaps it would be better to go after the 'unintentional asmr' niche of things that weren't originally intended to give tingles or that's not the main goal, but it still does. If you pretend like you aren't doing asmr on purpose, but make your videos relaxing, long form and about interesting topics people will tune in. Think Bob Ross for example, even though the focus is on painting, really you tune in for Bob Ross and his relaxing voice and general atmosphere. You could be the otaku Bob ross
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