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File 146045229545.jpg - (154.82KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Kamisama Minarai - Himitsu no Cocot.jpg )
28839 No. 28839 [Edit]
Finals this, finals that...
Is it just me or does it seem like every person on the internet is attending classes in some form or another? Do people destroy their computers when they finish school or do they just attend schools for all eternity? It feels rare to meet people online who work regular jobs and who don't still have homework to do on the side, or who are truly NEET for that matter.
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>> No. 28841 [Edit]
I'm sure that there are NEETs around. Why do you want NEETs anyway?

I'm NEET, but I fail to see how that makes for an aspect that seems worth discussing.
>> No. 28842 [Edit]
I've noticed that too, actually. I can't say for sure, but I honestly think it's because the generation currently in college (that is to say, millennials) are pretty self-absorbed and eager to talk about themselves and every aspect of their lives- no matter how mundane- compared to the older generation that's mostly done with all forms of education. There's also a growing segment of the population that's using student loans and grants to constantly jump from one degree to the next, seeing it as a simple (if inevitably temporary) way to avoid work.

You can be out of school and not be a NEET. And actually, to be perfectly honest, I would rather hear about a NEET's life than a college student's life. It might be a bias on my part as a hikikomori myself, but the circumstances behind what led to others becoming NEETs and hikikomori is much more interesting than the idle chatter of normals.

Post edited on 12th Apr 2016, 3:16am
>> No. 28843 [Edit]
Work takes up all your spare time. Which is exactly why I don't intend to work
>> No. 28847 [Edit]
To be fair, the people I've met who work 40hr jobs have some of the most boring and uneventful lives imaginable. They typically have little to talk about outside of mundane work related things which in themselves is just the same routine every day. What little free time they have seems to often be spent unwinding or resting from work, or using their days off to carry out chores and errands. Stuff like that makes me glad to be a NEET.
>> No. 28848 [Edit]
Those children are just more vocal. You tend to be more of an attention whore in your childhood/puberty but this hopefully stops after reaching adulthood.
>> No. 28849 [Edit]
>To be fair, the people I've met who work 40hr jobs have some of the most boring and uneventful lives imaginable.
That's what I used to think, and then I started meeting uni/college students. Jesus are they a bore. Completely unbearable. Compared to that the couple of full time employees that have a habit of blogging outside of their non-existent blogs are fairly entertaining and they even have an actually funny work anecdote to share once a month.
>> No. 28864 [Edit]
Yeah I guess in retrospect some folks do occasionally have amusing stories of weird customers and coworkers.
>> No. 28892 [Edit]
>or do they just attend schools for all eternity?
This is my aim. I hate work and the government won't let me be NEET in peace, so why not?
>> No. 28989 [Edit]

Unless you have some kind of disability or something that allows you to live off the state, or were independently wealthy to begin with, it's pretty difficult to be a NEET past a certain age. My dad basically pushed me out of the house when I was in my early 20s and I've had little choice but to work ever since.

For myself, I'm in school right now, but I'm 33 years old. I never finished school the first time around due to having no real ambition or reason for being there beyond that my parents wanted me to go. At this point in my life though I'm tired of working 40+ hour weeks at customer service jobs that don't pay anything and require me to interact with the horrible, horrible general public. So, I went back to school in hopes of getting some kind of programming or IT job that I won't hate, and will maybe allow me to build up some kind of retirement fund so I can one day live a life of absolute freedom.
>> No. 28997 [Edit]
I'm physically an adult, I suppose.
Hiki life is really not interesting so I don't see why I would talk about it.
I'm 31 and I'm still alive. What else is there to say?
>> No. 29090 [Edit]
Most adults are ford drivers by necessity. Working full time plus whatever other responsibilities doesn't leave a lot of time for goofing off on chans. Add to that that (at least in the US) most adults' identity is wrapped up in their job and anyone who displays a more than passing interest in anything too "childish" like vidya or animation is assumed to have something wrong with them, its no wonder most people's topics of conversion don't stray too far from their jobs and sports.
>> No. 30131 [Edit]
Is college really worth it? Everyone I know who has attended college is stressed out and flat broke.
>> No. 30133 [Edit]
No, it's usually not. Unless you're dead set on a career that absolutely requires a degree (ie: medical or law), job experience is more important anyway, and a degree is never a guarantee of an actual job.

About the only thing college landed me was debt and a degree I never used.
>> No. 30135 [Edit]
>> No. 30136 [Edit]
I obtained a Master's degree in 2010 and then had to come back home thousands of miles away to take care of my mother, who died in 2012. I've been stuck here ever since.

I don't regret the experience but I wouldn't ever do it again if I had to relive my life.
>> No. 30137 [Edit]
are you the philosphers masters?
>> No. 30151 [Edit]
File 149498742545.jpg - (357.47KB , 800x800 , 149061150968.jpg )
I have written philosophy and posted it here before, but my degree is in Experimental Psychology.

I won't lie, higher education can do wonders for your intellect so long as you escape the whole liberal hivemind that tends to predominate in academia (although it wasn't so terrible when I went and I was in the American South at the time, so that makes sense that it would be more tolerable). Still, no job and no sense of real purpose. Then again, what is a real purpose? And we all know that even a high-paying job usually brings misery.

Maybe I dodged a bullet. I like to think that I'm better off, although I may not be.
>> No. 30241 [Edit]
i'm a mentally ill neet with no hope of ever getting a job. i don't mind though. i don't mind dying alone. but i do wonder where all other neets went. feels like i'm the only neet left on the internet. it's pretty lonely
>> No. 30252 [Edit]
I'm here. I think most NEETs don't blogpost much because, well, what is there to talk about outside of our hobbies? The lifestyle is the same routine year in and year out for most I'd assume.
>> No. 30620 [Edit]
It's been years since I left school and I work a regular job. "Adults" rarely mention anything about their jobs because it's even more uneventful and boring than school. There's nothing to blog about.
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