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File 145851602914.jpg - (479.99KB , 1497x1024 , 1458428133891.jpg )
28617 No. 28617 [Edit]
me top right
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>> No. 28618 [Edit]
Good behavior rarely gives reward/praise/recognition.
I could shoot a few people and instantly become a celebrity, but where's my reward for choosing not to kill a bunch of random people? huh? Where's my praise for not being a rapist or recognition for not being a drug dealer? I could rob someone, and the reward would be the money I get from the act, where as abstaining from those kind of acts gets me no reward. Even if a rapist gets convinced for the crime, he still got to fuck the person he wanted to after all is said and done.
Same principle applies to just about any crime, aside from those involving people too stupid to pull them off successfully but then guess what happens? they get sent to a place where they can learn from others how to be better criminals and are sent back into the world armed with better knowledge of how not to get caught.
>> No. 28630 [Edit]
Absence of evil is not presence of good.

It's "if you're not with me, you are against me", not "if you're not against me, I like you".
>> No. 28632 [Edit]
If not being bad isn't enough to make you good, then why not just be bad?
>> No. 28633 [Edit]
If that's how you see it, give evil a spin. Let your desires be king. There's no reason to obey if you can't be forced to obey.
>> No. 28634 [Edit]
You'd make for a great parent.
>> No. 28973 [Edit]
Children have to learn what's wrong before they can do what's right, by learning earlier they can apply a wider logic earlier.
Of course you have to prevent them from seriously injuring or killing themselves.
The reason there's so many spoiled kids and into adults is often because of coddling and enabling.

I think the greatest message here is self-discipline, so it doesn't matter where you are ethically.
I think that the good behaviour arrow should also point towards negative consequence as well, just like choice can result in misbehaviour.
I think you're kind of writing your own rules into it. "e.g." just means they're tangible examples of positive consequences.
So if your goal is murder, rape, theft or whatever. So long as you don't get caught, or perhaps you do and get the spin you want; the graphic isn't necessarily wrong.
I disagree with the graphic on a few points as successful people don't necessarily have manners. Assertive people rarely give people the space they want, but just enough so they get what they want from them.

It just goes to show again that morality is not linked to reward, whether it should be is a much more complicated question than this thread can discuss.
>> No. 31940 [Edit]
Hey asie, does Lucky-san read posts from -all- boards on TC?
>> No. 33118 [Edit]
Discipline from an outside source only served to further harden my rebellion. And I certainly received a lot of it. Beatings when I was younger, escalating from spankings to being hit with a large wooden stick. It taught me that the ability to endure would make me indestructible in a world where people rarely, if ever, use lethal force.
>> No. 33119 [Edit]
Were you ever given an explanation for being beat? Did that punishment seem consistent? Did you have any respect for the people disciplining you?
>> No. 33120 [Edit]
How to be a good, obedient serf: the flowchart.
>> No. 33124 [Edit]
Yes, but frankly their reasoning seemed ridiculous to me. Most of the time, I was beaten for talking back and arguing when I given a punishment. They knew for a long time that I had serious emotional and developmental problems, either caused by schizophrenia or some form of autism. They told me this in detail when I was an adult. Anyway, I got beaten pretty regularly because I rarely, if ever, took punishment without contesting it. I always felt some need to make a case for my own innocence or at least a lowering of the charges even as a small child. Did I respect them? Not for very long. I resented them heavily by 10. I've always had a huge hateboner for disciplinary authority of any kind. By the time I was hitting puberty it was reaching levels of such intense daily disturbance that I was getting talked to be the school principal every day. Honestly? No one ever "cured" me, they just gave up and, I guess I got what I wanted. It sounds edgy, but I'm just trying to give an accurate account of what happened. Now in my late twenties I'm pretty relaxed and quiet, because no one really tries to make me change anymore.
>> No. 33126 [Edit]
I don’t fit into either. I’ve always just done the bare minimum to get by, picking and choosing what unhealthy impulses I gladly indulge. Hopefully no big expensive health issues come up if so I will self death myself to death and die.
>> No. 33163 [Edit]
I'm the decision that goes to the bottom left
>> No. 33186 [Edit]
File 15679079776.jpg - (123.76KB , 850x1202 , GD.jpg )
I must self-improve.
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