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File 145828599188.jpg - (89.98KB , 600x840 , 9d8e5d3f27be332f34b0fa79984560d1.jpg )
28568 No. 28568 [Edit]
Is it my imagination or does it seem like the non-narutard part of the english anime community has been slowly dying over recent years?
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>> No. 28575 [Edit]
I'd say it's a decline in over-representation if anything. Internet has become democratized, and even people who aren't nerds (or at least as hardcore) can access it and post their content.
>> No. 28579 [Edit]
>the english anime community
I don't know what is that. Just go back to whatever those shitholes are.
>> No. 28582 [Edit]
No wonder, Naruto is just fillers and more fillers these days.
Once the boom was over people flocked away in droves.
>> No. 28583 [Edit]
places like this?
>> No. 28608 [Edit]
check out MAL
>> No. 28609 [Edit]
>> No. 28639 [Edit]
I don't think so. I'd say it's relatively the same.

If anything, even the narutards (Who have moved on to the likes of SnK and SAO) are at least a little less cringe.
>> No. 28641 [Edit]
>If anything, even the narutards (Who have moved on to the likes of SnK and SAO) are at least a little less cringe.
I think they've gotten slightly worse, although I wouldn't exactly agree with OP that the rest of the community is dying, either.
>> No. 28642 [Edit]
From what I've seen many of them still haven't moved on from the big 3, as well as exclusively playing games like final fantasy, kingdom hearts, and fire emblem to this day.
>> No. 28693 [Edit]
If it's the "casual" viewers, the best way I can describe it is the Naruto of today is SAO and Attack On Titan. But these new casuals I find think It's cool to like anime or this hipsterish mentality they have. They think its cool to like unpopular things. Thus, the decline in the quality of people who like anime. I would rather the old stereotype of anime nerd of being a scrawny 15 year old kid, instead of the kind of person who thinks anime is an accurate representation of Japan, and are obnoxious and, I don't know, It's just cringy to have the same interests as these people. Sorry for my rambling. Anyway,if your talking about literal Narutards, a year ago after I graduated HS, there were a group of Narutards who only did watch the big 3. They had there own little group, I never had hard feelings for them because they never bothered anyone. But either way, the mentality of Narutards, and Narutards themselves are still quite big.
>> No. 29148 [Edit]
Sums it up perfectly
>> No. 29150 [Edit]
I say it's the opposite.

Back in the day it was all naruto and bleach and black butler and shit, today they have one punch man and kill la kill and SNK and SAO and shit

The narutards still exist, the bad part is how "otakool" exists and you have these people and other casual normies getting dakimakuras and watching moe and shit
>> No. 29372 [Edit]
For a while they were selling these Yoko Littner dakimakuras at Hot Topic that were like, half the size of a normal daki.
>> No. 36786 [Edit]
File 160625408529.jpg - (490.11KB , 716x1011 , 20201206.jpg )
I liked anime before it was cool.
>> No. 36812 [Edit]
It's too difficult to get an unbiased answer to this question.
>> No. 36813 [Edit]
If you had access to viewership statistics as well as forum discussion data, you could probably put together a rough picture of activity by genre. But just off of gut feel I'd agree that the fact things are more accessible now means that not only are there more (self-proclaimed) members of the "anime community," but that also there's a broader range of shows that catch the public's eye.
>> No. 36824 [Edit]
You're so cool
>> No. 36828 [Edit]
I said he was cool before he was cool.
>> No. 36829 [Edit]
Being into anime before recent times doesn't make someone cooler in the eyes of normals. All they care about is the here and now.
>> No. 36848 [Edit]
You were the kid who took jokes literally, huh?
>> No. 36849 [Edit]
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