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File 145603937636.jpg - (117.78KB , 596x569 , dWmci8h.jpg )
28363 No. 28363 [Edit]
If you win you lose.
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>> No. 28364 [Edit]
File 145604269435.jpg - (146.73KB , 596x569 , 145603937636.jpg )
>> No. 28365 [Edit]
File 145604388351.jpg - (317.37KB , 596x569 , 1p5x8a40.jpg )
Does my mom count?
>> No. 28367 [Edit]
>> No. 28369 [Edit]
>> No. 28370 [Edit]
File 145604655410.png - (290.42KB , 596x569 , totally normal.png )
All this ended about a decade ago, though.

People change.

The point is being here consistently because you chose to, not because you had no other option. Otherwise there's no value to it (a waifu as a consolation prize, for me at least, it's worthless).
>> No. 28373 [Edit]
File 145605036686.jpg - (164.89KB , 596x569 , what.jpg )
Some of these are signs of healthy life, some are signs of degenerate life. Confusing.
>> No. 28374 [Edit]
File 145605091371.jpg - (154.45KB , 596x569 , 145603937636.jpg )
>> No. 28375 [Edit]
It is all over the place in that regard.
>> No. 28376 [Edit]
File 145605845850.jpg - (132.40KB , 596x569 , normalfagbingo.jpg )
Team sport as a kid for a very short time.
I also don't know if that "love you" counts because we were like 12 or something.
Birthdays and New Year are one of the few days I'm not alone.

That 10+ one is pretty funny. I really don't know who would come to my funeral but I don't consider even one person as a friend and don't do anything social (except imageboards) in my free time. So I'd still leave it empty if it only said "1+ friends". I'm not sure but I think a lot of normalfags don't have 10 friends. That's a lot in my opinion but it could also be that my definition of friend is just too strict.

>totally normal.png
I thought that normal people have had at least one birthday party in their life. Or does the "held" mean organizing everything? Because if that's the case I haven't held one either. Those were just childhood parties organized by my mother.
>> No. 28377 [Edit]
>That 10+ one is pretty funny
10+ close friends is possible, but it's there to check if you are part of a 'group of friends'. Having 'default friends' is a big part of being normal.
>> No. 28379 [Edit]
File 145607662178.jpg - (260.47KB , 596x569 , normalfag bingo filled in.jpg )
>> No. 28380 [Edit]
Only normals bother with threads like these.
>> No. 28382 [Edit]
normies love going to funerals because it gives them the opportunity to show off for the rest of the normies what good ppl they are. if 10 normies find out that you died then there are gonna be 10 normies at your funeral
>> No. 28384 [Edit]
The only people that would come to my funeral are my mother and possibly a few of her friends. Rest of my family would probably be too busy or too far to attend.
>> No. 28386 [Edit]
File 145608927947.jpg - (155.66KB , 596x569 , 145603937636.jpg )
>> No. 28387 [Edit]
File 145609242730.png - (366.89KB , 596x569 , 0.png )
Thus Spoke Zarathustra.
>> No. 28389 [Edit]
I understood birthday party in the sense that friends gather together with you to 'celebrate' (i.e. to mess around) in your honor, not your family giving you a cake. So I never had a birthday party (neither I want to).
>> No. 28390 [Edit]
birthday party is like winning harem route in irl
>> No. 28391 [Edit]
File 145617270587.jpg - (150.32KB , 596x569 , 145603937636.jpg )
>> No. 28399 [Edit]
File 145631026076.png - (364.56KB , 596x569 , fffff.png )
I've only gained 1 "X" since i did this last year.
>> No. 28400 [Edit]
File 145631075952.png - (312.30KB , 600x573 , 7eX3XdG.png )
cool beans i found it, i guess i deleted all my social media, which was an instagram.
>> No. 28402 [Edit]
File 145633217812.jpg - (81.92KB , 596x569 , 5nq5sqbx.jpg )
Came close.
>> No. 28413 [Edit]
File 145669414133.jpg - (158.18KB , 596x569 , 145603937636.jpg )
My dad says he's proud of me, but I'm somewhat skeptical about his sincerity.
My mom openly said a number of times that she wished I would commit suicide.

Not sure what the "can hold conversations easily" box implies.
Back in school I used to talk like Kuroki Tomoko, but working at a call center for a year fixed that.
I can't for the life of me do smalltalk with normal people though, unless they share one of my main interests.
>> No. 28414 [Edit]
File 145669647934.jpg - (158.94KB , 596x569 , Bingo.jpg )
> had a relationship that lasted at least 1yr
With my waifu.

> not fat; in good shape
Underweight, not sure if I'd call that "good shape".

> have had a job
Unpaid internship and some volunteering.
>> No. 28415 [Edit]
File 145670593790.jpg - (129.75KB , 596x569 , 145603937636.jpg )
>> No. 28417 [Edit]
i~i dont understand
>> No. 28418 [Edit]
File 145670743935.png - (171.36KB , 320x243 , 指6本.png )
Maybe he counts every finger as a partner?
>> No. 28425 [Edit]
It's nice to see evidence that more than just a couple of people still visit this site.
>> No. 29275 [Edit]
File 147011815172.jpg - (267.95KB , 596x569 , 145603937636.jpg )
>> No. 29276 [Edit]
File 147012066055.png - (376.88KB , 596x569 , 1.png )
At this rate Tohno might want to seriously consider an advertising contract with Ford.
>> No. 29280 [Edit]
>had a girl say she loves you
Mothers and grandmas don't count.
>> No. 29281 [Edit]
File 147015725754.png - (325.79KB , 601x569 , bingo.png )
>> No. 29282 [Edit]
lots of women on these small otaku-chans.
>> No. 29283 [Edit]
I wouldn't assume so for this one. Some of the more angry and bitter people here like to harass them and scare them off.
>> No. 29284 [Edit]
I'm not sure if I follow?
>> No. 29285 [Edit]
Does using Twitter to follow anime directors and such count as using social networking?
>> No. 29286 [Edit]
Probably not.
>> No. 29289 [Edit]
Yes, leave forever, normalfag.
>> No. 29291 [Edit]
Good. Having them around leads to tone policing and ad hominems of the type you're posting now.

It was a [rather shitty] joke. I'm surprised at how many X's most people got, although it's still much less than you'd see elsewhere I'm sure.

Post edited on 3rd Aug 2016, 9:24pm
>> No. 29292 [Edit]
File 147029839996.jpg - (157.39KB , 657x627 , battleship.jpg )
I don't really know what to do about the social network one since I do have a Facebook but rarely ever use it.
And also Twitter as stated before.
>> No. 29293 [Edit]
File 147030423752.png - (238.76KB , 580x326 , Computers-are-somehwat-fun-after-all.png )
data mining in progress
>> No. 29297 [Edit]
I remember I actually went to a festival with friends before.

My government collects metadata nationwide anyway.
>> No. 29328 [Edit]
File 147139412050.png - (342.97KB , 596x569 , Untitled.png )
>held at least one birthday party
When I was like, eight.

>go out most weekends
By myself. For ice cream.

>parents are proud of you
I think when they say they're proud they're just taking into consideration that it's me, not a regular person, and for someone like me I'm doing okay, I guess.
>> No. 29329 [Edit]
Except not really by myself. My parents take me. I'm a good little boy who gets treats when he behaves himself.
>> No. 29359 [Edit]
File 147216556986.png - (343.86KB , 596x569 , no_cigar.png )
I'm not a normie because there's no bingo.

>> No. 29361 [Edit]
Burn this fucker at the stake.
>> No. 29362 [Edit]
Just for reference >>28365 was mine. In retrospect I probably could have left it blank except for the job part.
>> No. 29365 [Edit]
File 147236377564.png - (318.55KB , 596x569 , Untitled.png )
>Good. Having them around leads to tone policing and ad hominems of the type you're posting now.

True that.

My answers:
- I've moved out of my parents house, but I'm in uni housing on their dime. I still live with them during breaks.
- I don't know how "friends" are defined, but it's possible 10 or more people might come who are not family.
- Went to two concerts. One was country/indie and a sit-down affair. The other was EDM but I got there late and ended up sitting in the back row alone.
- Tried weed once. I suspect the guy who gave it to me did it thinking I'd do something funny. I just ended up getting paranoid and clamming up.
- Went to at least one house party (memory fails me). Got drunk, depressed, and left halfway through.

Fun stuff.
>> No. 29366 [Edit]
>- I've moved out of my parents house, but I'm in uni housing on their dime. I still live with them during breaks.
But you're still alone for birthdays and New Year?
>> No. 29405 [Edit]
I really don't see the point in this, especially when it's so normal in itself.
10+ friends? How about one?
Get compliments regularly? Who are you interacting with to receive them?
Go out on most weekends? How about going out at all?

I'm working with the assumption that team sports and parties organized by my mom when I was prepubescent don't count, at which point I get 0.
>> No. 32024 [Edit]
File 155066093544.png - (321.31KB , 596x569 , sdazfdsdfsf.png )
This is kinda old, but I'll bite. I have nothing better to do anyway.

Well, Tohno did ban >>29359, heh.

Post edited on 20th Feb 2019, 3:09am
>> No. 32025 [Edit]
That was Tokiko, I think it's fair.
>> No. 32026 [Edit]
File 155070897252.png - (295.16KB , 596x569 , 145603937637.png )
Birthday parties where when I was a kid.
I'm not fat but I'm not in good shape either.
I work every saturday in my parent's restaurant and they pay me. I'm pretty much forced to or they'll kick me out of their house. Plus I get to use the money for anime merch, video games, ect.
I don't really know how "recreational drugs" is normalfag honestly.
And finally, the social network part. I have a twitter, but I only use it to follow artists, follow game devs, get informed with anime news, ect.
>> No. 32027 [Edit]
File 155073431378.png - (391.44KB , 596x569 , erg.png )
went out of parents house, but fucked up and now I'm back
>> No. 32077 [Edit]
>get compliments regularly
That one isn't entirely fair because you can't control it. I get compliments regularly for my performance at work but I am not what the average person would consider a normalfag.
>> No. 32090 [Edit]
I'm probably going to be moving into a suite that my grandma owns sometime next month.
A couple girls asked me out in high school.
And lastly, I used to celebrate my birthday when I was a kid and in my teens. I don't like to do it anymore though, I would rather just do something that I enjoy by myself.
>> No. 32259 [Edit]
File 155583247699.jpg - (135.81KB , 596x569 , 145603937636.jpg )
>> No. 32262 [Edit]
File 155589485111.jpg - (148.85KB , 596x569 , 145603937636.jpg )
my mother says shes proud of me but i dont know what for
>> No. 32268 [Edit]
File 155607296210.jpg - (148.64KB , 596x569 , wellshit.jpg )
>> No. 32389 [Edit]
File 156047077472.jpg - (148.67KB , 596x569 , 145603937636.jpg )
I have like only 1 friend and we dont even tak, went to a concert because the hospital that I was in wouldn't discharge me otherwise
>> No. 32390 [Edit]
File 156047242849.jpg - (150.38KB , 596x569 , 145603937636.jpg )
I am going to check the relationship because I have been with my waifu for more then a year.
>> No. 32400 [Edit]
File 156058455023.jpg - (132.49KB , 596x569 , tohnobingo.jpg )
I'm in a relationship with my waifu more committed than most marriages, so it definitely counts
>> No. 32433 [Edit]
File 156158893180.jpg - (146.22KB , 596x569 , 145603937636.jpg )
>tfw so many normalfags even here
>> No. 32434 [Edit]

Also, your mother has told you that she loves you. Go mark that box.
>> No. 32436 [Edit]
File 156160096634.png - (44.45KB , 596x569 , Untitled.png )
My conversational abilities are not great, although it is probably easier for me than not at this point. Otherwise, everything else can be interpreted at face value.
>> No. 32437 [Edit]
File 156161045343.jpg - (149.58KB , 596x569 , bingo.jpg )
I'm pretty young still, maybe I'll fill this out again in 5-10 years and see my results then
>> No. 32438 [Edit]
File 156168751679.png - (322.79KB , 596x569 , bingo.png )
What do I lose?
>> No. 32439 [Edit]
Your right to be here, enjoy your perma.
>> No. 32441 [Edit]
File 15617327886.jpg - (6.54KB , 250x250 , 1561211925502s.jpg )
>Only normals bother with threads like these

Exactly i know this is an old thread but why didn't Tohno delete it? doesn't it break the rules because this game is nothing but a shitpost and meme on that other chan.
>> No. 32442 [Edit]
File 156176943542.jpg - (299.38KB , 708x1000 , EBE11A8C-06BB-4BE1-9FF5-0E5A97B3736A-23535-00001B9.jpg )
Isn't normalfaggotry more of a mindset than anything else? A psycopath may very well have done everything on the card, but can they really be called a normalfag when their mentality is so off-kilter? They're basically wearing a normalfag mask. Maybe that makes them the ultimate normalfags? What if they've also murdered people or done something equally heinous, all without feeling bad about it? One guy might have children for friends and sex partners. Another could only have a job and their own house, but mentally be a complete normalfag.
>> No. 32443 [Edit]
Both mindset and actions should be considered. The problem with putting emphasis on something as abstract as the mind is that there will be a wide wriggling space for mental gymnastics and lying, so you'll get people who says "I have a lot of friends and a gf but I feel lonely sometimes so I am one of you guys" . The problem with putting emphasis on actions is as you say.

Post edited on 29th Jun 2019, 4:24am
>> No. 32447 [Edit]
I would say that people that follow norms are the norms, that includes using language like 'normalfag'. It is adopting language to fit into the norms of a group.
>> No. 32448 [Edit]
That's a good point. There's probably a lot of people suffering an agonizing existence despite whatever you can see on the surface. Most of them are probably mentally ill though.
Everybody, with the possible exception of a few exceptional individuals, is a conformist to some extent. We're designed that way. The difference is how niche the group we choose to conform to is. A couple of teenagers could decide to start dressing in all black to be different from the "preps and jocks" but eventually other people will do the same and they're just going to start copying each other. When I say normalfag, that's shorthand for a concept which people here are all familiar with. Using "norms" or "normies" instead is conforming to a less niche group.

Post edited on 29th Jun 2019, 6:35am
>> No. 32453 [Edit]
>Thats a good point There's probably a lot of people suffering an agonizing existence despite whatever you can see on the surface. Most of them are probably mentally ill though

Normals do not suffer because they have it great in life.
>> No. 32454 [Edit]
When did I say normals? Some people could live a typical life and not be normal.

Post edited on 29th Jun 2019, 9:38am
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