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File 139972677682.jpg - (308.93KB , 1200x1757 , 01.jpg )
23994 No. 23994 [Edit]
Aneki or Imouto, which do you like best?

For me the choice is obvious.
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>> No. 23995 [Edit]
File 139973990273.jpg - (16.32KB , 480x360 , 1370689357958.jpg )
It depends, but if I had to choose, aneki.
>> No. 23996 [Edit]
What about nice oneesans, or niiniis, or pesky oniichans, or, or...
>> No. 23997 [Edit]
Aneki is the only correct answer.
>> No. 23998 [Edit]
File 139976003558.jpg - (65.99KB , 407x577 , SHIRT-IMOUTO.jpg )
Imouto, for always and ever.
>> No. 24000 [Edit]
There are only two types of people in the world: big sisters and the others.(この世には2種類の人間しかいない。姉とそれ以外だ。)

On 6 December, it is a Big Sister's Day, which celebrates big sisters all over the world. Don't confuse it with a Little Sister's Day. It is on 6 September.

So I'll write about sisters today. (I tried to write out yesterday.)

I was very surprised when I knew the fact that English speakers didn't distinguish big sisters from little ones. They just call them "my sister". Probably English community is more peaceful than Japanese one. That's because, in Japan, two groups have been fighting against each other for a long time: people who are lover of big sisters, whereas, little ones.

We call the former Ane-ha(姉派) and the latter Imouto-ha(妹派).

Nowadays Imouto-ha seems to have been getting a momentum. You can easiliy find lots of anime where the main character is a little sister: お兄ちゃんだけど愛さえあれば関係ないよねっ, この中に1人、妹がいる!, 俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない, お兄ちゃんのことなんかぜんぜん好きじゃないんだからねっ!!, 最近、妹のようすがちょっとおかしいんだが。and so on.

If someone says "I have a Ane(姉) fetish", he might not have the same Ane fetish you have. Roughly, we can split Ane into two groups: A good tempered and gentle sister(優しい姉), or A strict and strong-minded sister(厳しい姉)
(Technically, this separation is not correct. We can split them at least more than 6 groups.)

Generally speaking, the former sister is good at chores, and devotes herself to taking care of her family members. She is very popular in her school because of her good personality so she gets asked out all the time. But she turns all of them down, saying "I'm busy to go shopping, cooking. and cleaning." (Needless to say, it is not a true reason. The reason is, she after all loves the central character, her little brother.) Typically, she doesn't like a violence or porn magazines.

On the other hand, the latter sister doesn't hesitate to use a violence. (She sometimes holds him against her body for a punishment. But It's a prize in a way.) Most school boys are attracted by her beauty but she doesn't care about them nor notice their approach at all.

Well, anyway, I found the common attractive feature on big sisters. See the picture above(音姉 on the left and タマ姉 on the other side). As you can see, at least, they are well-endowed. How can I deny the Ane fetish?

Thank you for reading my weird post today.
Oh, by the way, if you have a Loli-Ane(ロリ姉) fetish, let's discuss it.
>> No. 24003 [Edit]
Both are equally good in their own ways.
>> No. 24004 [Edit]
Is this an orginal post or is it from somewhere else?
>> No. 24005 [Edit]
File 139980754618.png - (534.10KB , 416x744 , Lilyversion2.png )

Pretty sure it's a repost, he forgot to repost the image, too.

And while strict onee-sans are nice I prefer gentle ones but I don't think 'doesn't like a violence or porn magazines' really desrcibes the most common type of gentle onee-san (I don't know about being a good cook, either, I think they are the types that are pretty likely to confuse sugar and salt). I think 'ara ara, ufufu~' airheads (who wouldn't really care either way) are far more common and there's a good reason behind that - they are the best sub-species among the miracle of the universe known as onee-sans.
>> No. 24011 [Edit]
File 139983879456.jpg - (270.21KB , 816x1062 , bc86ed1ca0a7fccf1eadb57dff62585b.jpg )
>Imouto or Anee
Is that even a question?
>> No. 24018 [Edit]
She looks like she could potentially be an older sister.
>> No. 24020 [Edit]
Indeed if didn't know who she was, I'd assume she was an older sister type.
>> No. 24023 [Edit]
I don't know who she is(I mean, I never bothered with Monogatari) and I thought she was an older sister type.
>> No. 24025 [Edit]

I was sure she's an older sister, too, but when I looked at the pic in original size I realized it's probably that imouto from Monogatari.
Definitely doesn't give off an imouto vibe, though, quite the opposite.
>> No. 24026 [Edit]
Yeah. She looks strong, confident, experienced, hallmark of the older sister archetype. Whereas you give and guide a younger sister, an older sister gives to and guides you.
>> No. 24027 [Edit]
To be fair, Karen is a middle sister. Tsukihi is the one the gives more obvious imouto vibes.
>> No. 24029 [Edit]
I pick middle sisters as the best ones in this case then. They clearly have the charm of being younger sisters whilst requiring the assistance of an older brother from time to time. They are both capable as well as dependent depending on the time, and I'm sure that Karen is the best example of this kind of middle sister.
>> No. 24033 [Edit]
File 140040573524.jpg - (583.84KB , 728x2165 , Aki Sora -and Nami-.jpg )
I have an ugly, stupid and unbearable older sister, so my fantasy is to have an adorable imouto to help rise appropriately (and into loving me).

Nothing against aneki fetish though: I enjoy them as well. It's just that the 3D interference somehow made me pander towards imouto.
>> No. 24034 [Edit]

I have a bitch of an older sister - the world would be a noticeably better place if she were to get hit by a truck one day. I still love onee-sans and don't like imoutos.

I find myself thinking 'I wish I had an older sister' quite often while watching my Chinese cartoons.
Never let reality interfere with your 2D fantasies.
>> No. 24059 [Edit]
I have an older sister, and in fact she is the one who introduced me to anime. We used to watch Love Hina and Fruits Basket together.

Is it really true that people who have aneki/imouto fetishes don't have an aneki/imouto? I like big sister doujins but it doesn't correspond to anything in real life. I don't wish to do my sister. I don't think the claim that people with sister fetishes don't have sisters is any more valid than people with mother fetishes didn't grow up with a mother.
>> No. 24060 [Edit]
I have an older sister, and in fact she is the one who introduced me to anime. We used to watch Love Hina and Fruits Basket together.

Is it really true that people who have aneki/imouto fetishes don't have an aneki/imouto? I like big sister doujins but it doesn't correspond to anything in real life. I don't wish to do my sister. I don't think the claim that people with sister fetishes don't have sisters is any more valid than people with mother fetishes didn't grow up with a mother.
>> No. 24062 [Edit]

I was about to bring up mothers when you asked about people without anekis/imoutos. So yeah, obviously it's irrelevant. Again, don't mix 2D fantasies with 3D, it's a different beast altogether. The joke here is that people who can't grasp this concept are very likely to claim others can't distinguish between reality and fiction.
>> No. 24179 [Edit]
I have two real-life little sisters who are ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like the anime version.

That said, imouto4ever
>> No. 24374 [Edit]
File 140404950894.jpg - (145.00KB , 720x2160 , 1401027069387.jpg )
My ane fetish is really getting out of hand. This pic gets me rock hard in seconds. I wish I was an otouto who had a nice caring aneki to lovingly pat my head.
>> No. 24450 [Edit]
Sorry, what series is that?
>> No. 24452 [Edit]
I think it's infinite stratos. A horrible harem anime I wouldn't recommend to anyone.
>> No. 28324 [Edit]
File 14552712802.jpg - (144.30KB , 571x939 , de1928ae586a9d906c70f82ff870eaa4.jpg )
Is this even a question?
>> No. 28326 [Edit]
>Is it really true that people who have aneki/imouto fetishes don't have an aneki/imouto?
Those who claim that there's an connection, most likely do that because for them 2D is just another way of satisfying their 3D fetishes (which is a legit way of looking at 2D, I guess). I have a mother and a sister and I fap to incest doujins but like you I wouldn't do any of them because they are not attractive to me neither physically nor personality-wise (I wouldn't really care about the fact that we're related honestly, if they were attractive to me [which probably only would be possible if they were ideal beings like drawings]).
It's the same with loli which I also fap to and probably like the most, only here there's a much more emotional discussion because a lot of people strongly believe that anyone fapping to them has to be a pedophile which I think is unfortunate. (Above all because for me there is an obvious difference in looks, behaviour, hygiene etc. which I really don't understand how anyone could miss. Liking a cute loli doesn't mean that one feels attracted to the brat next door)
It'd be great if those specific people could understand that not everyone believes that fictional stuff has to be strongly connected with the real world. Not everyone fapping to sadistic monster girls would want to meet one and get themselves killed in real life.
It'd be great if people accepted that there are other people who feel attracted to 2D not as representations of 3D stuff but because of their own aesthetics and characteristics.

Anyways I'm rambling, I should stop.
>> No. 28333 [Edit]
No that was really interesting, please do continue
>> No. 30754 [Edit]
File 15097845924.jpg - (302.14KB , 480x600 , faed8f5fe0bde93d02ec7d764e379ad151ae1319.jpg )
Aneki. I always liked the idea of having a wise and caring guardian figure to love and care for me unconditionally and help lead me towards a shaping a better life for myself.
>> No. 30767 [Edit]
File 150992307523.jpg - (234.11KB , 1280x711 , 811bbdbefb1b85c772928ab34714ed10524f656688cfa108e3.jpg )
Best of both worlds, caring and protective younger sister, basically Ui
>> No. 30770 [Edit]
What the fuck is that kitchen?
>> No. 30772 [Edit]
File 150993721955.jpg - (488.79KB , 2048x1658 , 1466630315702.jpg )
Whichever one calls me onii-san gets my vote.


It's an OSHA horror story in the making, from the string holding the safety valve open on the gas line to the semi-protected electrical wires running behind the dish drying rack.

Post edited on 5th Nov 2017, 7:01pm
>> No. 30778 [Edit]
File 150997416277.jpg - (3.82MB , 2047x2047 , __atago_azur_lane_drawn_by_anbe_yoshirou__81aa6c2e.jpg )
Imoutos are fine but I choose aneki, probably my strongest fetish.
If I had a beautiful loving big sister who would be always there for me maybe life would turn out different than this cold and lonely torture. I try not to fantasize, it's so painful.
I like all types provided they're not sadistic or malicious.

This is normal in eastern europe.
String isn't tied to a valve, it's just there to hang stuff from. Cables are probably OK, no one is going to play with them.
>> No. 30930 [Edit]
I like strong older sister types.
>> No. 30931 [Edit]
genki neighbor girl
>> No. 32639 [Edit]
File 156313632412.png - (240.06KB , 769x1104 , imouto.png )
Imoutos are the miracle.
>> No. 32648 [Edit]
I would choose Aneki, I just enjoy having and older sister to talk to and respect. I feel imouto turns into a needy squeak box. Do any of you have a character that you have adopted as your Aneki?
>> No. 32716 [Edit]
File 156397653150.jpg - (101.03KB , 720x768 , pZ.jpg )
Busty petite Nee-san please...
>> No. 33140 [Edit]
File 156703516366.gif - (1.76MB , 500x281 , debiru cry.gif )
I want an older sister so badly. You can't even fucking imagine.
I can do that?
>> No. 33141 [Edit]
You don't, you don't, you really really don't.
>> No. 33142 [Edit]
Not him, but as someone who doesn't have siblings I think a lot of people take them for granted and don't appreciate how important it can be to have some people in your life, even if they are annoying or bitches or whatever. Someone you can talk to, relate to on some level, who you can help or get help from when things get bad, this goes a long way and you'll undoubtedly miss these people when they're gone no matter how much you think you dislike them now.
>> No. 33143 [Edit]
I'm actively working to get these people out of my life. There is nothing there. There just isn't. I can deal with them, but in terms of emotional connection, it's completely void. I can't talk or relate to them anymore than a co-worker or classmate because by pure happenstance I have some sort of permanent relationship with them.
>> No. 33144 [Edit]
from what ive observed, how people feel about their actual siblings highly depends on their family life as a kid. if their parents or family were kind of shitty, they grew up alongside these other people they called brother or sister but never connected too much with them, and either dont talk to them at all now or hate them with a passion after having to deal with their shit for decades. if their family life was good and they had a great childhood, they usually get along really well (though not to the point of wanting to fuck)

to answer OP, my answer will always always always be imouto
>> No. 33145 [Edit]
Yeah. I have younger siblings that I was close with growing up but then we went in different directions so I hate them now(but they get along with each other). It really depends on how they and you are raised and society has a lot to do with that particularly now.
>> No. 33146 [Edit]
i have some siblings im close with, we get along well enough but do have fights from time to time. its nice though because i can talk with (most of) them about otaku things

how come they get along with each other but not with you??
>> No. 33147 [Edit]
I sure can appreciate the damage my siblings did to me growing up and even later having to live together under our parents roof and it is not something I can say I would wish on anybody else or feel very nostalgic about not being subjected to. To me both younger and especially older siblings will always be a fantasy with only the imouto of your own being the one I won't have had IRL contact with.
>> No. 33150 [Edit]

>how come they get along with each other but not with you??

Because we went in different directions. We don't have any common ground or interests and I don't approve of many of the things they do. But they approve of each other and have common ground amongst themselves.
>> No. 33153 [Edit]
File 156718354420.png - (802.85KB , 1280x720 , [Cleo]Higurashi_no_Naku_Koro_ni_-_16_(Dual Audio_1.png )
I had many siblings, but only one sibling was like a twin to me. She and I were practically inseparable for fifteen years. Unfortunately she changed around the time she entered highschool, in a drastic way. We still sort of are close, but it's way different after how much work she put into becoming a normalfag and act like a dumb whore. She probably is proud of herself, but I liked her more when she was still listening to emo core and dressing edgy and shit. I never got into that much myself but she felt more like a person and not a template clone. She still tries to remain close to me in... other ways... but it isn't the same.
>> No. 33155 [Edit]
>other ways
I'm not sure if that came out the way you intended.
>> No. 33168 [Edit]
File 156740863972.png - (166.72KB , 1000x1000 , 3bf3fcb440ef7b6319123fb7f2ff03d5.png )
>Do any of you have a character that you have adopted as your Aneki?
Nobody answered my question in >>33140 I want to know if I can really do that.
>> No. 33169 [Edit]
File 156741418538.jpg - (5.57KB , 100x100 , photo.jpg )
Picking Imouto is literally just camouflaging your pedophilia. Aneki is objectively the only right choice.
>> No. 33170 [Edit]
File 156746551327.png - (1.04MB , 1280x720 , [Erai-raws] Date A Live III - 03 [720p]_mkv_snapsh.png )
1. I don't camouflage my pedophilia at all.
2. I pick imouto because I'm something of a siscon IRL
>> No. 33171 [Edit]
The perspective changes based on your age. If your onee-san is in her prime while you are younger, then that’s the choice. If, however, you are older, and your imotou is just coming to her prime breeding years, then that is better. And then there’s the endgame: once you become old enough, there is no distinction because women stop growing up mentally but keep getting uglier.
>> No. 33172 [Edit]
File 156753958995.png - (1.43MB , 1073x1335 , wholesome_lolicon.png )
3. They're just so cuuute.
>> No. 33173 [Edit]
Please, define that.
>> No. 33174 [Edit]
What was the source of that again?
>> No. 33175 [Edit]
Not really. Characters don't age and fantasies don't have to be hard linked with one's age either.
>> No. 33176 [Edit]
Fake lolicons should be burnt at the stake.
>> No. 33196 [Edit]
It's sad that posting loli is no longer an effective way to ward off the undesirables.
>> No. 33197 [Edit]
I don't know about that. If it's graphic, I bet it still works.
>> No. 33198 [Edit]
You define it for yourself.
The characters don't age, but how you see characters their age will change depending on your own age. Like, for instance, I used to think of Keitaro from Love Hina as an adult because I was a child at the time that I read and watched it. My perspective of him hasn't changed, because it's locked into my experience at that point in my life. But if I watch an anime now with a character in their early twenties, I think of them as children.
>> No. 33914 [Edit]
File 157753399216.jpg - (373.89KB , 2200x880 , 20191227.jpg )
Ara ara
>> No. 33944 [Edit]
Original or not this is a high quality post.
>> No. 33962 [Edit]
the manga is slam dunk but obviously its an edit
>> No. 35902 [Edit]
File 159998035051.jpg - (210.12KB , 850x996 , Naz.jpg )
Tulta - Alisu Shimada's elder sister.
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