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File 129367843190.jpg - (253.78KB , 900x900 , urotsukidoji.jpg )
683 No. 683 [Edit]
Alright, people. You can't help but concede that dirty Japanese cartoons have damaged us forever. In this thread we talk about our first brushes with the dark side.

What was your first hentai and how did it make it into your grubby, little hands?
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>> No. 684 [Edit]
It was either La Blue Girl or Words Worth. I don't exactly remember why or where I heard about them, but I do remember downloading clips of them from Napster, along with other various hentai clips.
>> No. 685 [Edit]
I remember masturbating to Misty when I was 10 years old.
>> No. 686 [Edit]
La Blue Girl of course
>> No. 687 [Edit]
Most likely La Blue Girl, if I can remember early enough.
>> No. 688 [Edit]
I remember finding some wierd-ass Digimon porn when I was in the 9-11 age range.
>> No. 689 [Edit]
Got an intense boner from reading 'Slut Girl' in this Newgrounds flash reader thingy, and then followed links to aerisdies.com to read 'Secret Plot' amongst other things.
>> No. 690 [Edit]
I think I recall a late night anime with nudity on it, which got me curious about it.

It's a slippery slope.
>> No. 709 [Edit]
>> No. 738 [Edit]
Def my first was Twin Dolls on video. Then we got, years later, the two Twin Angels on DVD (but there is a gap in the storyline between these; I can just feel something is missing). I don't think the much newer stuff has even come out in the US! If anyone wants the lynk to the actual site for Twin Dolls/Twin Angels, I can find it again and post. Btw, just found Tohno through some 711c ref. Love this chan!
>> No. 739 [Edit]
Fuck, I remember my friend showing me that when I was in grade 5. I think that was my first time as well.
>> No. 740 [Edit]
my first h-manga was bondage fairies, and if I recall the site was called hentaipalm.
>> No. 920 [Edit]
I honestly don't remember. Probably some hentai mangos and FF doujins.

Also, Urotsukidoji kicks ass. Ranks up there in my top 5 list.
>> No. 2553 [Edit]
I was on newgrounds.com. I was about 13 years old. It was a simpler time, it was a better time. I had a couple brushes with it that affected me somehow.. I felt a really odd unnerving feeling, but it was also good in a way. It was a fantasy that I wanted to be apart of. More specifically, I remember that a couple dating sims.
The music in this one gave me an unnerving feeling.
First one. Hilarious playing it again.

I also remember an ad banner for some hentai website, and it had this woman with blue or dark blue hair, lying in bed probably after fucking with an expression of joy on her face. How I longed to be a part of that world and leave this one behind. Now that I think about it, I was even miserable then, and before too. Escapism was just much, much more effective.
>> No. 2554 [Edit]
Oh yeah. Same here.
I remember there was a sweet game called only "Hentai Dating Sim". It was in beta until 2~3 years ago, then last year I checked out and it wasn't even on NG anymore.
Such a shame.
>> No. 2595 [Edit]
File 132863150864.jpg - (75.16KB , 672x932 , coed_001.jpg )
I think my first encounter with hentai was either that crappy Love Hina dating sim, or Co-Ed Sexxtasy.
This manga is probably what gave me the anal fetish I have today.
>> No. 2596 [Edit]
>that crappy Love Hina dating sim
Wow you too? I remember finding that around 9th grade and playing it nonstop. Afterwards I actually found out about love hina and other anime series.
>> No. 2597 [Edit]
Yeah, it was the same thing with me.
I used to love playing it, but a couple years later I read Love Hina and realized how bad the game is.
I'll still play it again every once in a blue moon for nostalgia.
>> No. 2630 [Edit]
First hentai images I saw, were of Sailor Mercury. My first hentai animation was Angel Of Darkness 2, but it was the "edited" version. But the first images I faped to, were 3DPD of some girl pissing, from some gallery at the now late Hardcore Junky site. I didn't even had the idea what masturbation was nor how to do it; it came like some natural instinct!
>> No. 2637 [Edit]
I could never deal with mosaic censors, so I never got much into h anime or eroge; for that reason they didn't have much impact on my life and naming one would be pointless. Doujinshi on the other hand has greatly enriched my life, and though I wish I'd be able to name my first R18 doujinshi, I simply can't remember. After all I have several houndred gigabytes worth of doujinshi material.

Certain remarks in this thread got me thinking as to how hentai affects us. I have myself used the word 'enrich', and doing so felt very natural to me. Again - why? Then I remembered: hentai made me able to let go of 3D for sexual satisfaction. I could probably come of with additional points, in either direction, but the initial one is basically 'nuff said. I do so painfully well remember how bad 3D porn made me feel. this does not apply to 2D in my case - and what a relief that was! With 2D I'm actually able to enjoy my sexuality, quirky as it is by normal standards. Ironic, how deviation made me feel more comfortable.

Excuse my blather.
>> No. 2638 [Edit]
By the way, I too played that game, though after reading the manga. The deal was that I just had to find everything there was to find about Love Hina after reading it. You know, going crazy over it with affection and stuff, which was also how I came about to watching a few episodes of the anime.
>> No. 2646 [Edit]
are you me
>> No. 2685 [Edit]
Actual hentai, dragonballx.com I think.

Age 12 or 13.
>> No. 2751 [Edit]
Well it started when I accidentally found Dragon Ball and Pokemon hentai. It was more like comedy for me.

Then I saw Boku no Pico. One way ticket to hell.
>> No. 2756 [Edit]
File 133837569849.png - (29.67KB , 640x400 , 272979-nocturnal-illusion-windows-screenshot-this-.png )
I was around 15 or 16 I think... I'd got internet access a few months before and my computer use wasn't monitored very closely; I mostly didn't get into visiting pornsites since it was back in the day when they were teasers that'd bog your whole system down with insistent popups, but I did start pirating games and there was a particular "Juegos Completos Gratis" site that was reliable and had lots of stuff. It had a section marked "NO RECCOMENDATO PARA MENORES" and I was clever enough to have a good idea what that meant and get curious about it. So I downloaded all the old "classics" like Knights of Xentar, Three Sister's Story, and so on and so forth. My favorites were True Love and The Maid's Story since they had the most semblance of actual gameplay (I wasn't all that enthused by how Knights of Xentar played though I enjoyed the comedy of it) but the one that probably had the most impact on me was Nocturnal Illusion, both in the general atmosphere (I still like this sort of gothic-ish vibe) and the character Sari and the incidents around her in particular (pretty sure the Sari "bad choice" ending was the first one I went for and still one of my favorite endings of the game...) I played Divi-Dead somewhat later on and although I kind of hate that game (maybe it would be better if it was competently translated, although "What a fart-blasting scrotum this guy is!" IS priceless...) it did help cement some of what Nocturnal Illusion had laid down in me.

About a year ago I played through Nocturnal Illusion again, with the uncensor patch which I didn't have back in the day (I remember being mightily annoyed by how the game "broke" at the censored part and not knowing why it was like that...) It's not a great game by any means, even hentai-wise, but it was a very nostalgic (and in some ways eye-opening in tracing back some of my tastes) experience for me.
>> No. 3200 [Edit]
It was a newgrounds flash slideshow of Tifa/FF7
>> No. 3202 [Edit]
I think my first interaction with porn was a Bulma/Vegeta fanfic when I was like 11. I saw some Sailor Moon yuri a few months later. Since then I occasionally looked at porn images of whatever I was into, usually for laughs but sometimes if I found the character attractive I'd fap to it.

If you're talking about actual hentai produced for money... I don't think I read or watched stuff that was pure H until I was 18, and I can't recall what my first was. Maybe Ane Haramix? To be honest it's not very good, I'm pretty sure I only watched it for fetish reasons.
>> No. 3225 [Edit]
File 138909869613.jpg - (211.86KB , 713x1000 , zH.jpg )
I prefer manga rather than anime.
>> No. 3231 [Edit]
I was around 13/14. I was zapping through the channels on my TV during a night when I couldn't sleep, when I came across a hentai movie (series?) that ran on a small regional channel over here, with an atrocious German dub. I don't know what the title was. I just dimly remember that it involved a number of semi-futuristic soldiers fighting against weird-looking monsters, which prompted me to keep watching because I thought it was something along the lines of Starship Troopers, one of my favorite films at the time.
Then those monsters started tentacle-raping various women. I thought it was strange that apparently there were people who found that sort of thing arousing (and even now I'm still not into rape porn, much less tentacle rape).
>> No. 3929 [Edit]
Can't remember the name but was an older one had something to do with with a couple taken to a mansion in the woods with a dom mistress forcing the guy to have sex with all these other girls finally his girl then they escape from the mansion as it sinks into the ground with the mistress and all the other girls still inside then the couple wander onto a road where a car stops for them.

I was like 13 or something when I found on a random porn site while staying home from school for being mildly sick. Best hour I spent that week.
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