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File 129193313239.jpg - (28.53KB , 800x582 , cels0419.jpg )
531 No. 531 [Edit]
tohno-chan, what are some of the all time hottest, most fappable hentai animes that i haven't seen?
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>> No. 532 [Edit]
That's a question better suited for /ns/
>> No. 533 [Edit]
File 129193404874.jpg - (88.35KB , 600x400 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Could you a least make an effort and use the shift key?

I happen to be an expert on this topic, having watched pretty much every hentai out there. Are you more of a tentacle rape or consensual sex guy?

Oni Chichi is one of my recent favorites.
>> No. 534 [Edit]
File 129193648364.jpg - (135.46KB , 1280x720 , eden-of-the-east-1-17.jpg )
Tentacle rape is kind of passé, but I get where you're coming from and in the context of the question I think "consensual sex guy" is the more appropriate reply.

Possibly, but what I really like I think would be better described as "anime with sex in it" rather that the non-stop action the one tends to find in most hentai and anime board lurks just generally tend to have better taste and sensitivity too quality as opposed to the type of people normally found on hentai boards. Yosuga No Sora has a nice balance of story and fucking. Its not perfect and the story is kind of dull, but it has a nice bit of build up before the action. I like to tease myself for a while when masturbating before I really start to seriously jerk off and this type story structure is appropriately suited for the method I practice.

Anyway, when I posted OP I was really more interested in hearing other people's preferences and thoughts on the topic than my own. I thought maybe with way I would be exposed to some new and interesting ideas or whatnot.
>> No. 535 [Edit]
I can't fap to NTR because I feel that I'm always in the role of the main protagonist.

I could however, fap to netorari.

I have lots of shit that I can't or couldn't fap to.
>> No. 536 [Edit]
File 129193891312.jpg - (85.03KB , 1280x720 , [101117] [ポニーキャニオン] OVA あきそ.jpg )
Aki-Sora then. Sweet and pure incest love.
>> No. 537 [Edit]
>> No. 538 [Edit]

This. It's a good OVA. I believe they released two by two separate studios over the years.
>> No. 539 [Edit]
File 129203137995.jpg - (48.66KB , 350x363 , implied orly.jpg )
OP here, I saw that one already. Top quality, but srsly, l2read

>hottest, most fappable hentai animes that i haven't seen?
>> No. 540 [Edit]
OP, this is a horrible thread and your joke is not funny. Also, it's on the wrong board.
>> No. 541 [Edit]
ONE: True Stories is OK
>> No. 543 [Edit]
you have any other recommendations?
well how was he supposed to know that? you didn't list what you already saw.
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