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File 129159367178.jpg - (65.17KB , 648x514 , 1263575985586.jpg )
479 No. 479 [Edit]
I hear good things about this game but I'm kind of scared to get it running since I'm not good with computers and it involves a bit of settings changes and stuff. Anyone have a basic guide to get it started, preferably one that involves as little system changing as possible?
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>> No. 482 [Edit]

1. Download rtp_2000.exe found here: http://www.famitsu.com/freegame/rtp/2000_rtp.html
2. Download ChiiTrans found here: http://sites.google.com/site/chiitranslator/eng
3. Install rtp_2000 and unzip the VH archive.
4. Unzip ChiiTrans and run it. Press (G) or that green button with a tiny fig running.
5. Press "Browse..." and look for the Violated Heroine executable (RPG_RT.exe).
6. Tick "Fix game locale" and hit OK.
7. Should be working.

If it isn't you might want to install japanese language.
>> No. 484 [Edit]

It's not working so I guess I'll have to download the Japanese language pack. Know where I can find it for Windows 7? Apparently if I had ultimate I could get it through windows update, but I don't. I thought I already had it but apparently not
>> No. 485 [Edit]
What exactly isn't working? Did you correctly install the 2000_rtp thing?

For Japanese in W7 I think you have to look in Control Panel > Region and Language > Administrative then change system locale there to Jap.
>> No. 486 [Edit]
Ah, nevermind. I got Applocale and after messing around I finally got it to work. Thanks for the help!
>> No. 488 [Edit]
Also, for windowed mode simply hit "Alt + Enter" when ingame.
>> No. 529 [Edit]
Since I'm new to the VH scene can someone tell me how often people do translation runs?
>> No. 530 [Edit]
on a side comment, I actually had it a lot easier configuring my 7 laptop than my xp pc for japanese.
>> No. 600 [Edit]

Here's a thing that will set up and play VH (with the translator) with pretty much no work (just get the latest version of VH and follow the steps in the readme). Though, in my opinion, a crap machine translation isn't much better than no translation at all
>> No. 1196 [Edit]
can someone repost that last link? getting an error code, just "W" from ChiiTrans. Everything is set up according to the instructions, should be working. Win7
>> No. 2408 [Edit]
File 13166356246.jpg - (58.34KB , 751x580 , VH.jpg )
Don't know if anyone's still in this thread. But I've tried countless times to get this game to work. Always gets shot down at some point.
Since I can not read Japanese, this is what the error looks like:

Any help would be much appreciated
>> No. 2411 [Edit]
Gave it a look.
For japanese people with japanese systems it seems reinstalling RTP2k will do the job.
But I suppose that's not the case, then you should uninstall RTP2k, and then reinstall it either using applocale(set for japanese) or with your system language set to japanese.
Here's the error message, if you want to check out by yourself "ファイル乗り物は開けません"
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