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File 156551190476.jpg - (221.19KB , 1050x1400 , __shirai_kuroko_to_aru_kagaku_no_railgun_and_etc_d.jpg )
4714 No. 4714 [Edit]
So I had this dream today right. I was fucking kuroko, lovey dovey mating press position with all the kissing and shit. I asked her "Do you want it inside or outside?" . She said "Inside, I can just teleport out your sperm inside." , so I bust it inside of her. I don't know the time it takes for fertilization but she just lay there with my sperm inside of her. I asked if she isn't going to teleport it out and she said she doesn't feel like it. It can't be helped I thought since girls like the feeling of having cum in their wombs after all. But it got me thinking, even if zygote is formed can't she just teleport it out later? If it's too small she can just teleport the fetus out when it's more developed in an easy and relatively painless abortion. It's an extremely convenient ability I thought since it means I can keep giving her nakadashi without worrying about having a child. Then I drifted into a dream about how I become a serial killer and is on the run from the police but that's not important.
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>> No. 4894 [Edit]
File 163708873857.jpg - (751.96KB , 850x633 , toolarge.jpg )
I was in some kind of city, a main street and it was late at night. I wanted to go back home, but I didn't want to get mugged. So I followed a strange path with other anonymous people(I didn't look a them) that led to something like the great wall of china, but black and more like modern stone buildings chained together. It was snowing and frigid.

Towards the end, the path back was blocked multiple times by the other people. And there was tunnels or something too. I was going somewhere inescapable. On the other side, there was a narrow path made of gothic spires. Everyone else was gone. At the end was a large cliff shore of low and high, winding walls made of rough, multi-colored lime stone that reminded me of barnacles. I started to worry.

Girls appeared from somewhere. They were naked and touching each other and kissing. And it was in silence. Kind of peaceful, yet surreal. I approached a group of three and watched. Then I touched the nipple of one of them and they placed their hand on my face.

I kissed another one of them, and they stuck their tongue in my mouth and swirled it around. I thought, "being stuck here forever wouldn't be so bad". My groin then felt a moist, very pleasurable sensation, and I could tell that the third had begun sucking me off. Then I woke up.

I don't know what this dream meant, but it's probably not good...

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