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File 148809617745.jpg - (96.50KB , 817x660 , kawaii.jpg )
4447 No. 4447 [Edit]
Does the idea of a character being sexually active bother you or ruin the character for you?
<- I thought this was cute at the time, but it's not the same after seeing them give a BJ.
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>> No. 4451 [Edit]
Such things have ruined a lot of characters and franchises for me.
>> No. 4464 [Edit]
File 149172429525.gif - (101.65KB , 500x142 , 20170400chess.gif )
>> No. 4501 [Edit]
File 150262417887.jpg - (51.14KB , 642x615 , 20170805.jpg )
You want to be her first?
>> No. 4502 [Edit]

No, I just don't like sex being brought into every piece of media I try to enjoy.
>> No. 4589 [Edit]
File 152051108880.jpg - (245.79KB , 850x850 , 20180308.jpg )
Time for a gf?
>> No. 4607 [Edit]
>Such things have ruined a lot of characters and franchises for me.

Yes, used goods are disgusting. It is a foreboding.
>> No. 4633 [Edit]
File 154313374337.jpg - (151.33KB , 850x1193 , 20181125.jpg )
Good luck on your virgin gf..
>> No. 4672 [Edit]
File 155083459119.jpg - (716.75KB , 1833x3272 , sea.jpg )
Strong, indepedent woman.
>> No. 4673 [Edit]
Yes, it’s a turn off. Many why I rage quit Darling in the Franxx. It’s a turn off to bringing in the bad aspects of real life into anime.
>> No. 4684 [Edit]
How bad was it? I didn't even bother reading about it since it appeared somewhat nasty, but now I'm curious.
>> No. 4685 [Edit]
You will find better breakdowns on mal but from my point of view.

In the future a boy and girl are needed to pilot a mecha. Boys and girls are living under the same roof but they don't know anything about relationships, they just know you need a female/male pair to pilot. One girl has horns and she a partner that rides with her after 3 times dies. One boy from the group manages to ride with her and survive, she is really frisky with him. One girl decides to start to paring with the antisocial guy, leaving his fat boy partner hanging. He ends up having to ride with a closet dike. Not much happens till she finds forbidden knowledge on babies. During a battle home base is destroyed and they are stuck fending for themselves. They start to get really intimate with each other. Girl with knowledge on procreation ends up sleeping with the bad boy. That is the last episode I watched because it was NTR at that point.

It turns into irl relationships, which is probably why it is so popular.

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