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File 146956813351.gif - (883.24KB , 700x249 , fermenting.gif )
4333 No. 4333 [Edit]
Anyone know any sources of good waifu erotic literature?
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>> No. 4334 [Edit]
I doubt you'll find translations of Japanese fanfics (or of fanfics in general) anywhere, so they'd probably have to be English-language originals. As much as it irks me to suggest it, fanfiction.net is probably your best bet.
ASSTR.org does not have such stories, and that's all sites for literotica that I know.
Good luck in your search.
>> No. 4360 [Edit]
File 147393828382.png - (1.03MB , 280x320 , 20160999.png )
Written Erotic Literature can be good too.
>> No. 4445 [Edit]
Just give the written word a chance...
>> No. 4482 [Edit]
Text isn't lewd enough
>> No. 4483 [Edit]
I like "The Story of the Eye" by Georges Bataille.
The content is extreme, but the relationship between the boy and the girl is a dreamlike, carefree love/lust, in utter disregard for all the rest of the world and morality.

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