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File 143435393633.jpg - (521.39KB , 1200x1676 , 137.jpg )
3868 No. 3868 [Edit]
Anything good with traps being dominating instead of the usual normal guy fucks trap in the ass?
There doesn't seem to be much and there is no tag for it on exhentai, what about pixiv or gelbooru? Or any artists that focus mainly on this?
Here's the whole thing of image

But it's very short and ends up in normal fucking
>> No. 3869 [Edit]
Combine tag for domination and trap, and pick whatever looks relevant by cover art or whatever.
>> No. 3870 [Edit]
Hell now that I think about it exhentai doesn't even have a proper trap tag even though the dipshit admins have been explained crossdressing and trap aren't necessarily the same thing a thousand times
>> No. 3871 [Edit]
The tagging system on ex is total shit.
>> No. 3878 [Edit]
Not really trap.


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