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File 139312249742.jpg - (784.70KB , 1119x1600 , (成年コミック) [ごばん] 絶対乳域_0064.jpg )
3251 No. 3251 [Edit]
We talk a lot about stuff we like to see, let's have a thread for stuff we don't like.
Here's my list:
- FFM threesomes where the girls dont interact
- Badly drawn nipples and feet
- Monstrously big cocks/vaginas/tits/aureola
- When at least one of the parties isn't enjoying the sex.
- Excessively muscular or meaty men or women

Pic related.
>> No. 3252 [Edit]
damn near eveything.
>> No. 3253 [Edit]
- tits are too big
- don't like the whole 40 year old milf thing
- don't like seeing the man, especially if its some ugly dude

In addition I prefer it if the doujin sticks to the original artstyle if its a parody
>> No. 3254 [Edit]
-Body types associated with "extreme" ages (literal infants and old dying people)
-Ugly fat men although I swing both ways so cute/hunky bara is fine. I think you know what I mean.
-Doms in BDSM that don't push their subs hard enough (I like BDSM and D/s in particular but so many people write/draw it wrong)
-Rape (where one or more of the parties is clearly traumatized, see below)
-Most images with bodily excrement (sweat and saliva are okay as long as it's not excessive, minor amounts of blood and semen are okay)
-Futa with no balls
-Larger-than-average cock or breasts
-Gross looking stomach (hard to describe)

It also bothers me when somebody involved in sex says "ahh you're raping me and it feels so good!" because that's not really rape but I usually just roll my eyes and ignore it. I don't understand the preoccupation with having rape "feel good", that's not the point of rape. I can fap to this but it's annoying and I hate it.

I don't inherently dislike it but I will say it ruins my immersion and I have to switch to another image when I see ahegao because I'm usually laughing too hard to fap properly.
>> No. 3255 [Edit]
> Futa with no balls
Agreed. I'm also disgusted by Futa with a dick that grows out of their vagina.
>> No. 3256 [Edit]
overly detailed and/or harry vaginas
hairy armpits
monster girls
comically oversized breasts
eye patches
guro and/or women being beaten or hurt
dirty smelly ugly people
body/face/genital piercings
smokers/drinkers/drug addicts
masculine women
feminine men
small dicks
big dicks
dicks of pretty much any size
fat women
fat men
overly skinny women (like when you can see bones)
school swimsuits
short men
men in drag
men who look like women
lets just say men in general
bald women
pregnant women
infant like lolis
40+ year old women
blow jobs
Stupid faces, like the duckface thing women do during blow jobs or when getting 'fucked silly'
pornography featuring characters I like, ans/or those from kids shows
when they hint at my fetish but disguard it right away or keep it out of frame the whole time

Post edited on 25th Feb 2014, 1:35am
>> No. 3257 [Edit]
Short version: Pubic hair, scat, guro, yuri, gritty scenarios.

Elaborated: Body hair and scat I find gross. The presence of blood in any shape or form is a unappealing. It's hard for me to be interested when there's no dicks. Lack of humor in general is a surprisingly big turn-off for me, so naturally I'm a fan of ahegao, silly dialogue, crazy scenarios, unrealistic anatomy, etc.

Other than that there is of course the factor of unappealing art style. This point is hard to put into words. I guess I dislike it when it's realistically drawn, lacking in detail, "flat", or streamlined.
>> No. 3267 [Edit]
- Humongous body parts in general.
- Fellatio (yeah, really; never ever liked it).
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