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File 133550373622.jpg - (248.80KB , 986x1400 , 009.jpg )
2670 No. 2670 [Edit]
Post what you have learned from hentai.

I've learned that when a guy cums in a girl, waves of flowing white liquid shoot past the cervix and fill her oddly spacious uterus.
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>> No. 2671 [Edit]
Guys can cum several gallons a day
>> No. 2672 [Edit]
File 133550722385.jpg - (52.98KB , 640x480 , 5b2d453d7086b0e2f2b0244a2118e94d.jpg )
A woman's body can hold several gallons of semen.
>> No. 2673 [Edit]
Hips move on their own.
>> No. 2674 [Edit]
To be fair, during sex, people tend tend to experience a tremendous urge to move their hips, and will have to consciously force themselves not to. Unless it's terrible sex.
>> No. 2675 [Edit]
Women must narrate everything happening during sex, and occasionally say "haa~ haa~" or scream "Kimochii~!".
On the other hand, men must remain silent.
>> No. 2677 [Edit]
The obligatory one: 15 year old boys virtually always have Blackzilla-sized penises, 15 year old girls usually have huge breasts.

Also incest is par for the course, females are actually assertive sometimes, and everyone wants to have sex all day every day.
>> No. 2678 [Edit]
Half of the world's men suffer from a debilitating disorder known as Blank Face Syndrome. These poor unfortunate souls spend their days wallowing in despair in the poor conditions of cramped jpegs, gifs, and png files throughout the internet. But the worst part is they'll never know that the girl their fucking has really big tits, or even if she's really a girl.
>> No. 2679 [Edit]
If she seems to hate you, she's just tsundere.
If she seems to be uninterested in you, she's just kuudere.
>> No. 2680 [Edit]
File 133596458899.jpg - (422.91KB , 778x1000 , 1b104e0ece29714f45c44ce5a8c26c34.jpg )
Female demons exist and they usually require semen or want to have sex for some reason.
>> No. 2681 [Edit]
The world is beautiful.
>> No. 2682 [Edit]
The fatter a man is, the bigger his penis will be. The more a penis smells, the more a girl will be turned on by it
>> No. 2683 [Edit]
Smegma is even more of a turn-on, perhaps even more than facials.
>> No. 2688 [Edit]
File 133642105089.png - (59.31KB , 603x484 , my balls.png )
pretty much this(pic) and embarrassment is essential to convince for sex in any appropriate situation for any female.
>> No. 2690 [Edit]
>The fatter a man is, the bigger his penis will be
Wait, what? The majority of fat guys I've seen in hentai doujins and anime have had comically small micropenises.

Can't say I've ever seen this, either. I've come across a couple of weird fetish pictures about this, but it's certainly not prevalent.
>> No. 2691 [Edit]
File 133659205840.jpg - (36.92KB , 600x600 , 455d038be2a84d3f5505345e75013be12db62728 happy nur.jpg )
Middle aged women usually have mole on their face, huge breasts, and wear lipstick and elaborate lingerie.
>> No. 2693 [Edit]
Guy cums, yet penis remains erect. More sex follows. Usually in a more forceful dominating manner.

Also, in hentai, women have enormous jugs.
>> No. 2694 [Edit]
<person>'s <body_part> is in my <body_part>!
<person>'s <body_part> is so <adjective>!
<body_part> is making me cum/ hitting my womb!
Even though you are a ..., you're quite ...
>> No. 2695 [Edit]
File 133673814724.jpg - (121.79KB , 548x600 , 4ea0903a836412939b064aa6dfe9b1d0.jpg )
All women envy each others breasts.
>> No. 2699 [Edit]
File 133709374086.png - (655.69KB , 1024x768 , 2310.png )
Girls like to grope each other and untie each other's bikinis.
>> No. 2750 [Edit]
If enough cum is dumped in a woman, her belly will swell from it all.
>> No. 2753 [Edit]
Shizune doens't have black hair.
>> No. 2754 [Edit]
Women like getting semen on their face.
Also, "You came so much.".
>> No. 2760 [Edit]
Every hot female character is moist for the main character, no matter how ugly, boring or pathetic he is.
>> No. 2765 [Edit]
-In most cases-
The prettier and cuter a girl is, the more fucked up and disgusting the situations are she gets placed in.
(I hate this fact)
>> No. 2839 [Edit]
File 134779255628.jpg - (320.29KB , 688x1000 , a79.jpg )
Boobs can always be bigger
>> No. 3170 [Edit]
File 138149528595.jpg - (252.63KB , 1055x1500 , zechess.jpg )
Swimsuits hide nothing
>> No. 3561 [Edit]
Even if the dialogue says a girl swallows it all, cum comes spewing out of her mouth and gets everywhere. This one really irritates me. All the cum lines ruin the lines of the girl's curves.
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