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File 13261687784.jpg - (878.67KB , 1024x768 , 1325009167851.jpg )
2532 No. 2532 [Edit]
Are you solely attracted to lolis? Can you fap to anything besides loli, and if so what is it?
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>> No. 2533 [Edit]
I'm attracted to pretty much anything from lolis to milfs, as long as they're 2D.
>> No. 2534 [Edit]
File 132617128957.jpg - (478.31KB , 642x900 , sena swimsuit.jpg )
I like lolis and teens. As for breast size (arguably one of the things that make a loli), I usually prefer flat/small to midsize, but I've been kind of into big lately. Basically I like boobs of all sizes as long as they aren't too big, and age-wise any older than college aged doesn't interest me at all (1,000 year old demon lolis aside)

Post edited on 9th Jan 2012, 9:06pm
>> No. 2537 [Edit]
Lolis, teens, the occasional shota, the occasional femdom. Incest/spanking, but pretty much only with lolis/teens involved.
I also like 18+ 3D "teen" porn and for years I'd go looking for the illegal stuff maybe twice a month or so but it was making me pretty miserable so I stopped altogether about a year ago.
>> No. 2538 [Edit]
the second half of your post really isnt needed here
>> No. 2539 [Edit]
Is the truth not needed? I'm sure there are other people in this situation, I'd have them feel less alone.
>> No. 2540 [Edit]
I'm sure the OP didn't want people talking about 3D in his thread
>> No. 2541 [Edit]
Loli has priority over everything else in general for me. It's far from being the only thing that I find fap-worthy, though.

The Secret Service will be seeing you tomorrow, brohno-kun.
>> No. 2543 [Edit]
File 132642530119.jpg - (241.53KB , 800x1200 , c0447cb6f7a894478b21942d8629dd9b.jpg )
Nah. I like a nice developed body. Small or flat chest is a must, though.
>> No. 2560 [Edit]
Yeah, same here. 18 year old is the best. I like a thin body, narrow, boyish hips, small breasts.. Fuck, some drool fell on my pants.
>> No. 2563 [Edit]
I'll rather just go over what I can't stand:
- body hair
- big breasts
- obesity
- scat
- sloppiness

The rest depends on presentation.
>> No. 2564 [Edit]
What do you mean by sloppiness?
>> No. 2565 [Edit]
Think of it as the opposite of tight. You can go by your own idea of it, there's no point in getting specific.
>> No. 2566 [Edit]
File 13274342012.jpg - (536.50KB , 808x1000 , 1300365049249.jpg )
>slightly precocious 14 year old is the best
Fixed it for you.
>> No. 2576 [Edit]
Why are you guys so attracted to loli?
>> No. 2577 [Edit]
Why aren't you attracted to loli?
>> No. 2578 [Edit]
Why not? Everybody has their thing. It's just another body type and personality to be attracted too.
Though for me it's limited to 2d only. Does nothing within the realms of 3d.
>> No. 2579 [Edit]
>Though for me it's limited to 2d only. Does nothing within the realms of 3d.

That goes without saying
>> No. 2580 [Edit]
It's delicious.
>> No. 2589 [Edit]
Sena set me off on a slut fetish too...

I was really into lolis for a while, not so much anymore, but I still (mostly) prefer flat chests and such.
>> No. 4873 [Edit]
>> No. 4878 [Edit]
File 163119500717.jpg - (137.45KB , 780x1085 , 1.jpg )
>Can you fap to anything besides loli, and if so what is it?
>> No. 4879 [Edit]
>> No. 4928 [Edit]
No, but loli tag is my safe zone. The moment I leave the loli tag, I get bombarded with the most disgusting shit imaginable, like cow tits or scat or western porn or 3d porn or more obscure fetishes.
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