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File 133699565596.jpg - (74.31KB , 800x600 , 1281122789294.jpg )
931 No. 931 [Edit]
Lets start a game where we try to answer a science question, and also think up other questions. The aim is to make a question that the average untrained but curious tohnochanner can think about and also have a bit of fun discussing things. Try not to make questions which require too much specialised technical knowledge. Also note this is not just a place to get your homework questions answered.

First question: from an evolutionary point of view, is it possible for a species of parasite to completely wipe out its host species?
>> No. 932 [Edit]
Theoretically no, because it would be disadvantageous. Why? A parasite has to drain enough energy from its host while still keeping its host alive. Once its host is dead, the parasite is dead (no chance of spreading to other hosts). So there would be a trade off between transmission and virulence. Even if a parasite does wipe out its host, it has to spread to another host before it could either weaken/kill it.
>> No. 933 [Edit]
Parasites do what they do to survive, even if it's the death of them. I highly doubt a virus has a consciousness. My shot at the 1st question is that it is indeed technically possible. If a parasite destroys their own source of living, then they don't have any place in the evolutionary chain of life.
>> No. 934 [Edit]
Question 2: How is it possible for someone to be thirsty but need to pee at the same time?
>> No. 935 [Edit]
You did not specify the beverage so I take it as water. Either you have diabetes or that you drink alot and you get easier thirsty and the need to piss more often.
>> No. 936 [Edit]
Why do I need to specify a beverage? Someone could be thirsty because he went for a run or something.
>> No. 937 [Edit]

Diuretics? Maybe.
>> No. 938 [Edit]
I'm diabetic, and we're not thirsty ALL the time... just sometimes, when our blood sugars are high, because it gets the sugar out of our body.
>> No. 939 [Edit]
When you're boiling water, why do bubbles form before the water reaches boiling temperature?
>> No. 940 [Edit]

below boiling point, the water can evaporate and form bubbles because the pressure on the liquid is almost equal to the vapor pressure, while we say the water is at it's boiling point when the bulk of the water forms vapor bubbles
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