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File 135545604428.jpg - (8.74KB , 256x192 , tn_gi-joe-computer.jpg )
36 No. 36 [Edit]
I thought the ponderings thread was getting a little computer-heavy, so I made this thread for general whinging about technology and the like. It sort of already exists in other threads, but that didn't stop people...
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>> No. 37 [Edit]
I have a laptop with windows 8 and I dislike the shitty app thing that showed when I turned it on the first time. I haven't turned it on yet, but I still need to check it out to see how shitty it is.
>> No. 38 [Edit]
The pondering thread gets a little eveything-heavy when someone brings up a interesting topic.
>> No. 39 [Edit]
Windows 8 is a lousy Operating System. Its supposed improved performance and claims of improved battery life are exaggerrated, Windows Store is a shameless attempt to pump people for money, and the user interface changes decrease productivity. It is a poor product created for the sake of getting money from your pockets into theirs while offering you as little value as possible. Security is not much different - most exploits and malware that work for earlier Windows versions will still work on Windows 8. One thing that might not work well on it is you, because they switched the interface around so that you have new computer skills to learn. It doesn't really matter whether you want to buy it anyway, because sooner or later it will probably be forced on you by hardware manufacturers.
>> No. 40 [Edit]
It's also a thinly veiled attempt at cashing in on the tablet market while pushing desktop users aside. I bet there is much more security holes in it than ever before too. If you are forced to get it, is it possible to downgrade back to Windows 7?
>> No. 41 [Edit]

is that what computers are supposed to be for?
>> No. 42 [Edit]
nah, they're for porn and anime.
>> No. 43 [Edit]
when companies try to sell their product and claims it is "hackable" why not give me a proper product instead of trusting amateurs to do the companies job.
your product is still shitty.
>> No. 44 [Edit]
That side of the product is obviously aimed at those companies to work with and hack, not for an unskilled person such as yourself.
>> No. 45 [Edit]
I'm not going to argue about this, but this reminds me of when Linksys got in trouble using GPL licenced code in their WRT54 routers, so they eventually released the source code and started using it as an advertising point.
>> No. 46 [Edit]
pretty much. this always crosses my mind when I see computers advertised. its never spoken about in public but I'm guessing social networking and porn are the 2 things computers are being used for the most.
>> No. 1135 [Edit]
The keyboards I have are such shit. The V key on this one is loose and the left ctrl & numlock on my laptop are both broken.
>> No. 1618 [Edit]
Why isn't there a desktop computer case that can hold the parts for two computers in it? One may be able to fabricate such a thing themselves, but I don't want to spend money doing that. That being said, I probably wouldn't buy a premade one as it'd be expensive, so there's that too. Sure would be cool though.

Post edited on 14th Jan 2018, 8:24pm
>> No. 1619 [Edit]
Because you can buy two cases?
>> No. 1620 [Edit]
Come on man, that's boring.
>> No. 1621 [Edit]
Well there's those open cases used for benchmarking, I think they might support multiple motherboards.
>> No. 1622 [Edit]
File 151599276176.jpg - (622.88KB , 1024x814 , ASCENSIONDMBO.jpg )
I was looking, and I actually found one. Thing is, it comes at a hefty cost. Looks damn cool though.
>> No. 1623 [Edit]
That's fucking wicked bro. What you need too pcs in one case for though?
>> No. 1624 [Edit]
There are two I use regularly, so it'd be cool to put em into one, no more to it than that. Just an idea I was thinking about.

Post edited on 14th Jan 2018, 9:31pm
>> No. 1625 [Edit]
my flip phone stopped taking a charge and now i have to get a new phone and i'm afraid that i'm going to be forced into getting one of those rectangular 3dpdbook tracking devices that ntggers prefer to telephones these days when all i really want is a telephone to call people with and not a gps tracking device which uploads my position to the cloud constantly, even when i'm committing crimes. imagine being so fucking stupid that you pay the phone company hundreds of dollars a month to collect incriminating evidence against you.
>> No. 1626 [Edit]
>my flip phone stopped taking a charge
replace the battery.
>> No. 1627 [Edit]
i run a separate machine for my file server because i found out i don't like sharing ram and bandwith with the outside world. i capped the server's bandwith at a bit below my total capacity so it can do it's thing and it never causes me any trouble.
>> No. 1639 [Edit]
File 151746113082.png - (21.50KB , 366x176 , oh god no.png )
I am trying to read a handful of ext4 formatted drives from windows. However, since I used some specific format parameters so I could save disk space, some of the linus fs readers don't work. This one called ext2fds actually allows you to mount drives right in windows but it only works with the one partition I formatted with default parameters. Another, called DiskInternals Linux Reader, does work but only lets you browse the file sytems in their standalone program. You have to "save" files you want to copy over to use them normally. Real round about way of doing things but oh well.

Post edited on 31st Jan 2018, 9:01pm
>> No. 3228 [Edit]
I never cared too much about the X vs Wayland holy war, but today I installed a recent Ubuntu, since I needed it for some software.
I just slapped Xubuntu desktop on top of a default server install, which gave me Gnome for some reason.
When connected via an old KVM it would only allow me to select 1024x768 as resolution, and apparently there is no way to override the mode in Wayland and the only solution proposed on the internet is to go back to X.
They've been touting it as the new, 100% production ready, absolutely superior software for what, 5 years now?
And it can't even do a simple thing like custom modelines.
What a load of shit.
And while I'm at it, the gnome display manager is shit too. If the user has passwordless login enabled I can't even select the desktop environment to start in X mode.
Solution according the internets? Well you can't do that either fuckhead, just have a password.
And if you happen to have a long MotD it hangs for a minute before logging you in, displaying parts of it.
Probably because it wants to show you the entire thing and give you time to read it, but there is no way to skip, and then when it gets to the last chunk, it just shows it for a millisecond and then logs you in.
What a fucking shitfest, especially considering these projects are heavily backed by the likes of red hat and other tech giants.
It's like modern software is purposefully built to be bad.

Although I have to admit that I kinda like the visual theme used in Ubuntu.
Looks a bit like late 2000s Mac OS, but damn, skeuomorphic designs in this day and age are such a breath of fresh air.
>> No. 3229 [Edit]
File 168807924930.jpg - (4.90MB , 4134x2894 , 7943a2ffc5fc33a1163c9461bb512e93.jpg )
>these projects are heavily backed by the likes of red hat and other tech giants
Not really. I wouldn't call Red Hat a "tech giant". Yeah, they're owned by IBM, but that's a has-been company. I don't know how often Gnome(Wayland's real reason for existing) is used in the corporate world, but I'm certain it's not common-place. So even for Red Hat, it can't be that high-priority. FAANG couldn't care less about Wayland.

>It's like modern software is purposefully built to be bad.
Xorg isn't good compared to its common, proprietary equivalents. Tangentially related, but GTK also isn't good. There was no golden age of desktop Linux.

Post edited on 29th Jun 2023, 3:59pm
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