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File 165143717050.jpg - (34.80KB , 564x451 , lovelive.jpg )
2684 No. 2684 [Edit]
I've been thinking about starting to learn about programming and game dev and it looks super complicated!
any tips?
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>> No. 2685 [Edit]
For what purpose do you want to learn programming? Game dev?

Either way, if you're completely new to programming then something like Scratch or BYOB is probably a good place to start. That way you can focus purely on learning about abstractions rather than have to focus on the details of syntax or language specific quirks. And despite it's seemingly simplistic drag-drop interface or the fact that it's targeted towards kids, it's quite sufficient to make some basic games (you can go check the web gallery). And I'd in fact argue that starting with a constrained environment where you're forced to make creative use of primitive elements is a better way to learn than starting off armed with a nuclear canon.
>> No. 2686 [Edit]
This is good advice but let me present you another alternative if you've never coded anything at all. I'd say don't be afraid to pick up RPGMaker or GameMaker or similar engines, because it will provide you with easy accomplishments that you will desperately need to keep yourself motivated in the months and years to come. Imho nothing is more important on the long run than keeping yourself motivated, and even though they will have their own logic you will also learn programming by the general structure of conditionals and loops and such.

Afterwards you can get into "deeper" territory with easy languages like python libraries and such, Love2D is lua but it's quite popular too.
>> No. 2687 [Edit]
These posts so far have offered solid advice. Sooner or later though, if you're serious about games, C++ is kind of a must. C++ is the absolute, uncontested king of game dev.

edit: even Love is written in c++.

Post edited on 2nd May 2022, 12:34am
>> No. 2693 [Edit]
I recommend you pick a high-level language at first. Since you are interested in game development, I recommend you pick Lua. Lua can be used for scripting in your future game projects (for example Gmod uses it), and you can use Love 2D to make 2D games in Lua.

After Lua, you may want to learn C++, I guess? If so, read PPP2.
>> No. 2695 [Edit]
File 165220056753.jpg - (163.50KB , 571x500 , __saya_saya_no_uta_drawn_by_yuyuzuki_yume_usagi__c.jpg )
I think it kinda depends on how driven / motivated you are, really.
As >>2686 said, if you're a total beginner not knowing how you feel about programming I would say just look into things in a casual way where you can choose what you want to look more deeply into and whether it's for you or not.

If you already decided you want to dedicate a solid amount of time I would recommend
Yeah okay it's Java but the course is really well structured and gives a lot of exercises you can submit which will give you a really solid foundation with a lot of concepts that will be relevant in pretty much any programming language.
When you have key concepts down it mostly just comes down to syntax / quirks of different languages that need to be learned.

I'd be a bit wary about the above if you aren't already feeling dedicated because honestly it will probably kill your motivation, I just found it useful when I was in that stage of kinda intermediate beginner wanting to know more without wanting to delve into books too much back then

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