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File 164771051026.jpg - (269.25KB , 850x1097 , prev.jpg )
2645 No. 2645 [Edit]
Most discussion related to "darknets" and p2p revolve around overlay networks, which as anonymous or distributed as they might be, still rely on traditional internet infrastructure. If you don't pay an isp, you can't use them.

So how about a thread specifically about alternative infrastructures? Something that's wireless, works long-distance, and fast would obviously be ideal, but may not be feasible.

You might have heard of broadband hamnet, which uses the same radio frequencies that ham radio does. This is unfortunately limited by legal restrictions on radio encryption among other usages, and connection distance (receiver to server).
Explanation of restrictions:

Then's there's Li-Fi, light based communication. This is appealing in its potential speed and accessibility. But its range is inherently limited.

And in the realm of sci-fi, there's neutrinos.

If anyone knows of something more practical... The point being, having the benefits of using an isp without the down-sides.

Post edited on 19th Mar 2022, 10:22am
>> No. 2646 [Edit]
Great thread idea! (Here's an existing one for Ham >>2130 although not much in there).

Post edited on 19th Mar 2022, 11:30am
>> No. 2647 [Edit]
Delay-tolerant networking is a proposed way of compensating for low bandwidth, such as in a typical meshnet.

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