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File 163082757384.jpg - (267.51KB , 1600x1071 , 1600px-Magnetic_tapes_of_the_SDS_Sigma_7_mainframe.jpg )
2408 No. 2408 [Edit]
The simulation theory is something that's gotten a lot of interest lately. This is used as an argument against atheism, because the simulation theory is just a matter of faith, ergo just another religion.

Why not do it?

How many churches are there that are in favor of free and open-source software? How many synagogues in favor of privacy and encryption? How many mosques in favor of building small, organic, virtual communities, rather than artificial ones on the servers, and existing at the mercy, of vast conglomerates?

There seems to be a need for an actual religion that promotes Internet freedom.

Why not this?
>> No. 2409 [Edit]
>actual religion that promotes Internet freedom
I think that exists already, it's called GNU and we worship Stallman.
>> No. 2410 [Edit]
Simulation theory has no relation with morality or internet freedom.
>> No. 2411 [Edit]
Unless we make it so.
>> No. 2414 [Edit]
But we could make anything else so. Where's our waifu religion?
>> No. 2419 [Edit]
This follows naturally from the simulation theory. If we're a simulation, it stands to reason we're not the only one.
>> No. 2420 [Edit]
If you make a religion that gives me a religious exemption on having to use proprietary software, I'm all for it.
Though, it should also include that technology belongs in the hand of people that devote their life to it, and not some "end user". A Machine Priesthood, if you will. Gets rid of a lot of problems, like people moaning about CLI software.
>> No. 2421 [Edit]
Most innovation is driven by developers wanting to cater to end users. The entire purpose of computers(and technology in general) is to make people's lives easier. /g/tards only care about intellectual masturbation and elitism, so they miss the point. They're actually segregationist heretics.
>> No. 2424 [Edit]

Well, it's correct.

If a one-planet species like us with all our problems can make a whole new universe...what makes you think we're not made by someone else?
>> No. 2429 [Edit]
That's not a universe. It's just a video game about a big box of balls, bouncing against or sticking to each other.
>> No. 2430 [Edit]
It's a model of one.

Our simple classical physics laws have already been proven to be mere approximations of more complex ones. Who knows if we're not a model of some much more complex universe?
>> No. 2431 [Edit]
>> No. 2454 [Edit]
Did you know that churches don't even need to apply for tax exemption in the United States?
>> No. 2455 [Edit]
It is an interesting idea. Maybe it would be possible to make a religion out of it. For example, one could say this 'simulation' is filled with secret rules and codes of behaviour that the simulation favours or disfavours, one could use real statistics and skew them or even just make statistics up and so they could say something like '70% of people that took their hat off in the presence of a cow have had an unexpected and unrelated, highly beneficial event occur in their lives that could not be explained whereas 67% of people that have urinated on a cow have died of an unnatural and unrelated death that cannot be explained either, therefore there is a secret code in the simulation where if you take your hat of to a cow you are blessed but if you pee on one you will likely die'.

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