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File 157342507350.png - (597.37KB , 800x800 , update.png )
1931 No. 1931 [Edit]
If you look at the source of there's a redirect to one of those shady malvertising sites if your referrer matches one of the URLs in the "blockedurls" list. Based on the types of sites I'm assuming this is intentional on some part, but Tohno can you please change this to not redirect you to these sketchy sites.
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>> No. 1932 [Edit]
are you talking about the link to tumbler that >10862 posted in that thread? i think that would be pretty easy to fix, just change the filter from [] to []. honestly though, with a community like this i feel like these filters are highly unnecessary. nobody here is going to start linking to funny pictures they saw on facebook or reddit.
>> No. 1933 [Edit]
File 157343126913.png - (484.89KB , 1520x1452 , scrnshot.png )
No I'm talking about pic attached. This is followed by the code:

for (var i in blockedurls) {
if (document.referrer.indexOf(i) != -1) window.location.replace(blockedurls[i]);

so any inbound referers matching get redirected to those links.
>> No. 1934 [Edit]
I've been redirected before when searching for old threads, like for an anime that aired a few years ago. I don't get why it happened, but if it's intentional, that's very obnoxious.
>> No. 1935 [Edit]
Yes that's what I experienced too. It does seem it's only on the archived threads.
>> No. 1936 [Edit]
Sorry about that, yeah it was intentional to help prevent raids and such. I set it up years and years ago and kinda forgot about it. I thought I set it to redirect to a 404 page or.. something... oh! yeah that's right I think I was a NEET at the time and figured I'd use one of those ad clicking sites to at least make a buck off potential trolls. I'll fix that in a minute here. Some of those urls I should remove anyway. Sorry.
>> No. 1937 [Edit]
Bit embarrassing to ask but what file was that in? I've been looking around and can't find the entry.
>> No. 1938 [Edit]
It's an inline script as part of the main page. You should just be able to grep for "blockedurls" and find the corresponding file.

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