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File 155347009566.png - (669.83KB , 940x720 , 1553084321341.png )
1813 No. 1813 [Edit]
How do I get this?!?! I wanna have Miku sitting on my desktop like that!
My OS is linux ubuntu, by the way. I've been searching all over the internet but I can't find a way to install this!
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>> No. 1814 [Edit]

I don't run linux myself so I can't test it at the moment, but I found this which seems to have the same miku as the one in the OP screen shot.
>> No. 1815 [Edit]
>Does it work on Linux?
>Yes. Download the standard version of System Animator, as well as the Linux version of Electron
I really don't think downloading whatever "System Animator" is as well as the bloat that is Electron is needed for something like this.

I haven't tried myself but it seems something you should be able to whip up something using:

or Conky which appears to also be another (perhaps more supported) framework for writing such widgets.
>> No. 1816 [Edit]
Not quite what I'm looking for. I found out where the screenshot comes from:

unfortunately I still don't know how to install this
>> No. 1817 [Edit]
If I'm reading right it should be part of the standard debian apt-get repos:

Try doing an `apt-get install macopix-gtk2`

If not they seem to provide binaries themselves here:

Worst case you can always compile from source
>> No. 1818 [Edit]
And it looks like the Miku image pack can be downloaded from
>> No. 1821 [Edit]
thank you! it works!
>> No. 1822 [Edit]
Nice! Can you post a screenshot of how it looks?
>> No. 1870 [Edit]
File 156449793753.png - (16.56KB , 514x423 , macopix.png )
it looks great but it segfaults when I try to open the settings menu on my machine and it's pretty much impossible to configure without it
>> No. 1871 [Edit]
Hm you might try compiling from source and see if that fixes it. Alternatively if there is indeed a bug you could try compiling with debug symbols if needed and stepping through with gdb (or just looking at the symbol dump) and seeing what's causing it to segfault.

Another option might just be to find where the preferences are stored (probably some dotfile in the home directory or near the binary path) and modifying that directly.
>> No. 1872 [Edit]
Actually I didn't check before posting because I thought the software died years ago but it got updated in June, my repos is lagging two versions behind. I compiled the new one the menu works fine now. According to dmesg it was a GTK problem.

Thanks anyways.
>> No. 2062 [Edit]
I had some linker errors trying to get this to build on Linux. Seems like some GCC defaults changed since this was working to disallow for some undefined behavior, which MaCoPiX needs to be patched for. In the meantime, it can be worked around using `make LDFLAGS=-Wl,--allow-multiple-definition` for the make step.

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