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File 155347009566.png - (669.83KB , 940x720 , 1553084321341.png )
1813 No. 1813 [Edit]
How do I get this?!?! I wanna have Miku sitting on my desktop like that!
My OS is linux ubuntu, by the way. I've been searching all over the internet but I can't find a way to install this!
>> No. 1814 [Edit]

I don't run linux myself so I can't test it at the moment, but I found this which seems to have the same miku as the one in the OP screen shot.
>> No. 1815 [Edit]
>Does it work on Linux?
>Yes. Download the standard version of System Animator, as well as the Linux version of Electron
I really don't think downloading whatever "System Animator" is as well as the bloat that is Electron is needed for something like this.

I haven't tried myself but it seems something you should be able to whip up something using:

or Conky which appears to also be another (perhaps more supported) framework for writing such widgets.
>> No. 1816 [Edit]
Not quite what I'm looking for. I found out where the screenshot comes from:

unfortunately I still don't know how to install this
>> No. 1817 [Edit]
If I'm reading right it should be part of the standard debian apt-get repos:

Try doing an `apt-get install macopix-gtk2`

If not they seem to provide binaries themselves here:

Worst case you can always compile from source
>> No. 1818 [Edit]
And it looks like the Miku image pack can be downloaded from
>> No. 1821 [Edit]
thank you! it works!
>> No. 1822 [Edit]
Nice! Can you post a screenshot of how it looks?

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