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File 145716942369.jpg - (65.63KB , 640x480 , [Kotomi] Renkin San-kyuu Magical Pokaan 01v2 [DVDx.jpg )
1409 No. 1409 [Edit]
What is the single oldest piece of technology you still own?

How about the oldest thing you still use? (if different)
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>> No. 1410 [Edit]
I have a boatload of floppy disks from my dad that I have no use for anymore since my current PC doesn't accept them and a counterfeit walkman that I bought with my allowance when they were new technology and that I still use occasionally to listen to music. Otherwise the oldest piece of hardware I still own is a PS2.
>> No. 1411 [Edit]
I have an old Sharp handheld calculator from 1982.
I also have a Commodore 64.
I can't think of anything of significant age I still use besides old Pentium machines.
>> No. 1417 [Edit]
File 146048263285.png - (379.33KB , 640x480 , recharging.png )
Recently, my flatscreen monitor failed on me. Luckily, I found my old CRT Monitor in the basement. I hooked it up and it still works like a charm, and now that I've realized how high I can crank the refresh rate, I'm not sure that I'll ever go back.

It's probably the oldest piece of hardware that I still use. Although I still have my ancient computers and hard drives stored away safely.
>> No. 1427 [Edit]
File 146344993651.jpg - (153.10KB , 900x540 , kb.jpg )
Gateway/Maxiswitch keyboard from the mid-90's. It's not mechanical or anything, but surprisingly nice to nice on.

Not pictured is my COMPUSA "4D INTERNET SCROLL MOUSE"(lol). Not sure when it was made, but the box had DOS/W95 drivers on floppy, so I assume mid-90's as well.
>> No. 1428 [Edit]
>nice to nice on

wtf, mean't to say "nice to type on"
>> No. 1431 [Edit]
ah, sorry didn't notice(don't come here too often)
>> No. 1433 [Edit]
Most likely my thinkpad x60 (I know its not that old)
>> No. 1434 [Edit]
File 146368220889.png - (306.02KB , 640x480 , harlock_pantsu.png )
>> No. 1437 [Edit]
Somehow I've managed to pick up collecting vintage Macintoshes as a hobby. Oldest one I own is a Mac SE from 1986. Getting software onto it is a bitch though.
>> No. 1455 [Edit]
Vintage Casio calculator

Power cables
>> No. 1464 [Edit]
My set top box is about 15 years old. I've upgraded it from ide to a large sata drive and repaired the power supply. They recently started transmitting mpeg2 for all channels (guess the old people who still watch tv weren't upgrading to hd) so now I can get all channels including stuff that was hd only. Used to have my router modded to host the contents of its drive over the network via its usb 1.1 port, now I host it from my server.

Usb 1.1 is actually fast enough to stream its contents to my original xbox running xbmc in my room.

The server I mentioned is a dual socket pentium 3 that I found on the side of the road. Fortunately for my power bill it runs with only 1 cpu without a termination plug. Draws 65w with 6 drives spinning in a raid. Of course this is not without a new power supply selected for its efficiency at low wattage. Had to buy a new case for it recently as it was so old the front panel pcb had corroded causing it to enter as reboot loop as if the power button was being held down.
>> No. 1469 [Edit]
I still have a VCR and a bunch of video tapes
>> No. 1470 [Edit]
I still play my Nintendo Entertainment System sometimes.
>> No. 1471 [Edit]

That is a classic what games do you have for it anon??.
>> No. 1472 [Edit]
Contra, Stinger, Kungfu, TMNT, Metal Gear, Mario/Duck Hunt, Paper Boy, Final Fantasy, and some other stuff. I don't have all the old games I used to have, unfortunately. I think I gave them to my cousin when I was a kid.
>> No. 1473 [Edit]
File 147329059920.jpg - (517.52KB , 727x1024 , 39674203_p12_master1200.jpg )
Most of my technology is old. I use a CRT TV that I got in 2004, I have a printer from roughly 2001, I still have all of my old laptops (although two of them need repairs, and one is extremely buggy; that one was built in 2007, which was around the time when things were no longer built to last). I have an old vacuum that I got from someone a few months ago, and the newest console that I have is a PS3 that I got used two years ago. I'm just starting to really enjoy that console. I still play Genesis and PS1 games a lot.

The only new technology that I have is the notebook computer that I'm using right now; it is two years old. Oh, I also have a dumbphone from 2010; I don't like or trust smartphones.

I'm 32 and I live like an old person already.
>> No. 1474 [Edit]
That is a nice collection anon.
>> No. 1475 [Edit]
A TV from 96 and a Mac from 98
>> No. 1477 [Edit]
I still have my 1995 Samsung tv.
>> No. 1478 [Edit]
A bunch of VHS tapes from the 1995-2001, and a VCR not sure exactly how old it is, likely made before the year 2000. psx/ps1 games got them around 1997-2001, and a psx/ps1 console about the same age as the games. Original Xbox launch model from 2001, got 2 duke/huge controllers with it they are the same age as the console.
>> No. 1491 [Edit]
I recently found an old apple IIc with my friend, which we are trying to get up and running again.

I have an old HP pavillion with 98 on it. It still has the promotional sticker on the front that is pretty hilarious to read now: "Spacious 6.4 GB hard-drive", "Intel Celeron at 366Mhz", and my personal favorite, "Certified by HP and Intel as year 2000 compliant"

I still use a ball mouse and a Compaq PS/2 keyboard (To date my favorite keyboard I have ever typed on).
>> No. 1499 [Edit]
File 148279323594.jpg - (30.61KB , 300x300 , 20161228.jpg )
Video Girl Ai approves!
>> No. 1540 [Edit]
I have an old DEC keyboard, probably from around '96. It's not in active use right now, but it's been in the past. It's pretty nice, also considering how long it has lasted.
>> No. 1541 [Edit]
1905 victrola record player
>> No. 1543 [Edit]
I own an original gameboy made in 1989, it's older than me, and in surprisingly good condition. I still use it from time to time. I guess that's what happens when you build things to last rather than now when everything is built to break so you have to buy the new model.
>> No. 1562 [Edit]
Just tried to identify mine, not sure if correctly. Looks like 1930's Zeiss Ikon Nettar model unknown camera and 1950's Telefunken D11B microphone. Damn kraut shit.
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