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File 142380498656.png - (674.06KB , 854x480 , vlcsnap-2014-02-09-09h46m28s123.png )
1239 No. 1239 [Edit]
why do people pay 8 million dollars for some aluminium garbage to browse shitbook with?
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>> No. 1240 [Edit]
Because good little boys and girls do what they're told.
>> No. 1241 [Edit]
I don't follow
>> No. 1242 [Edit]
People are sheep.
>> No. 1244 [Edit]
- Because Macs are 'cool' and 'fashionable'.
- Because they only browse facebook and don't need anything more powerful.
- Because they don't understand technology and believe Macs are good value and easier to use.
>> No. 1245 [Edit]
why do people care so much about what computer someone else uses
I have an osx computer because I program and it is the only good version of unix
>> No. 1246 [Edit]
Both the guy who started both gnome and mono, and Linus Torvalds use macs, though Linus uses some Linux distro on it IIRC.
I don't remember why, but I'm sure I've seen blog/google+ posts where they explained their position to mac haters, might illuminate your doubts.
>> No. 1266 [Edit]
Steven Fry uses a mac too, though he uses Ubuntu on it.
Apple's hardware is actually very good, it's overpriced, but at the same time a lot of the models are the same and many people own them, so any question you could ever have are probably answered. It's harder to say the same about other laptops (I'm not talking about desktops, building your own desktop is the only way to go, fuck OS X). In addition, OS X is a very nice operating system, it's a Unix based on BSD and sandboxes all applications that run on it, which is something everything should do (I'm not including Android because the user can't control the sandbox, only the developer can, which is completely useless and misses the point of a sandbox). You can't argue it doesn't have a lot of software, because anything for GNU/Linux should compile fine on it, and GNU/Linux has a lot of nice software. I haven't used OS X myself, but I do know of it's features, and I admire them a lot.

Honestly at this point, being pro or anti Mac is kind of an old meme, since Macs are just PCs and are very standardized, supporting them is trivial and it's more of an inconvenience to love or hate a Mac rather than to consider it just another platform to compile an application for. Personally, I consider it to be a good developer operating system, like GNU/Linux or FreeBSD. Windows is more suitable for people who enjoy media or games, not because it's better at those, it's just sort of a tradition now is all (Which people like Gabe Newell are rightfully attempting to break). If you're not a developer or a gamer, but you want a nice computer, a Mac is probably a good choice given you have the money. Better than putting up with Windows anyway (Windows has a lot of good features that I admire just as I admire OS X's good features, but I have personally not have had a very good track record with using it, it's mysteriously broken for me several times. That, in addition to how much I dislike most of the software for it, makes me not want to use it for a primary operating system).
>> No. 1272 [Edit]
I suppose it depends on your relationship with gadgets and money. Personally, I hate spending money on something I'm not happy with - no matter how cheap it is. It ends up being a waste of resources. When the time came for me to buy a new laptop, I put together an equation of needs, wants and money. After some weeks of scouring the market, I ended up with 2 alternatives - a Macbook and a Dell XPS. They did about the same thing on the tin, and cost the same. From there on it was a question of risk-reward, which landed the final choice on the Macbook.

That was my reason for spending 8 million dollars on my laptop, and as it turned out it had nothing to do with the fact that it was a Macbook. I take no pride in this choice, I despise that sort of thing. But I can only speak for myself.
>> No. 1273 [Edit]
Its a money thing.

From a users perspective, the machines are still 99% the same, they pretty much use the same paradigms. Hardware is not amazing either.

When you see someone do something that they could do with less money and no significant difference, you just have to say your doing it wrong.

inb4 they are totally different.
>> No. 1295 [Edit]
i use macs exclusively because they are superior to all other tech but mainly because i am a massive ABe fanboy and maybe one day he will come over and we can talk about macs together or something.
>> No. 1296 [Edit]
File 143029692793.jpg - (9.99KB , 449x374 , Lain_navi.jpg )
btw the navi this board is named after is a thinly disguised mac
>> No. 1351 [Edit]
tachibana labs is loosely based on apple, but obviously allows a lot more room for modification
>> No. 1356 [Edit]
The majority of people use it as a status symbol. After that; it's fast, it's ubiquitous, it's identical, it matches the drapes.
To them a computer goes no further than a Facebook/email machine and a household fixture.

God uses CoplandOS

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