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File 130542774680.png - (50.15KB , 256x256 , logo_antivir.png )
1049 No. 1049 [Edit]
What anti-virus do you use?

I was a long time Kaspersky user but I grew tired of having to buy/search for keys so I could have updates, not to mention their software kept getting heavier and slower. I switched to Avira Antivir recently and I can't complain so far, although I don't know how good the detection rates are but it seems to do well on the tests I read. I also miss that registry blocker Kaspersky had, so you know when any kind of program is fiddling with your registry.
>> No. 1050 [Edit]
I honestly don't keep one active, but I take many precautions (use Noscript, Adblock, and most importantly, common sense).

I'm pretty safe as a result. I run a Malwarebytes scan from time to time, and it rarely brings anything up, and even then it's usually a false positive.
>> No. 1051 [Edit]
Avast. Only have to register once a year. Decent antivir for an average user I think.
>> No. 1052 [Edit]
I don't have any.
And yes, I'm running on Windows.
>> No. 1053 [Edit]
I don't run any and I haven't had a virus in like ten years
>> No. 1054 [Edit]
It's called not downloading, or looking up, porn.
>> No. 1055 [Edit]
MSE and Malwarebytes. Then again I don't really need them since I have never had them find a single thing since I got this computer almost a year ago, and I scan every day. I also have firefox with adblock of course.
>> No. 1056 [Edit]
Another nifty thing to have is sandboxie. I run my browser in it, and everything I download goes into it first so I can make sure it's legit before putting it on my "real" computer. You could probably deliberately download and run a virus in it and all you'll need to do is empty the sandbox to fix it
>> No. 1057 [Edit]
>> No. 1058 [Edit]
AVG internet security 30 day trial. On 29th day, uninstall, reinstall, rinse and repeat.
>> No. 1059 [Edit]
I thought I had AVG on here but doesnt appear to be running at the moment. eh, its probably fine.
>> No. 1060 [Edit]
I do not use an anti virus because I'm mostly a linux man now

But you should check out the portable version of super anti-spyware, same as the regular, just better.
>> No. 1061 [Edit]
I liked this idea and downloaded it. I gather I'm suppose to browse the net in sandbox mode then?
What do I do once something has been downloaded to tell if it has malware or not? and how do I move it from the sandbox to my regular hardrive then?
>> No. 1062 [Edit]
You can set it so certain folders (wherever you save pictures, for example) automatically ask you if you want to move a file to the "real" version of that folder whenever a new file gets added to the sandbox version of the folder (and for anything else just copy/pasting it into the real folders works too)
>> No. 1063 [Edit]

Free, lightweight in terms of memory, doesn't bug you with stuff, no ads, as good or better than pay antiviruses
>> No. 1064 [Edit]
MSE and MBAM, I also keep a daily backup of my entire system drive.
>> No. 1065 [Edit]
I don't use any anti-virus because I have Common Sense 2011 installed.

Really, I've been using computers since before the internet existed and all we had were BBS lines, and I've never had a virus or anything remotely like that.
>> No. 1066 [Edit]

>Common Sense 2011

I hear the newer versions are getting worse with every passing year and even though I haven't upgraded in a long while I think it's true, judging by what I've seen. Of course I'm talking about the whole package, some sections are visibly upgraded but not all of them.

I think the majority believes new releases have been going downhill since the 60s; there are even some who argue it's been getting worse with each day for the past 2000 or so years. Opinions vary but overall most agree that newer doesn't necessarily mean better.

I don't use any as I'm too lazy to download one.
>> No. 1067 [Edit]
"Common Sense" can't protect you when security flaws exist. Anyone who thinks so doesn't understand how computers work.

And anti-virus software can't protect you either. Generally speaking you are always at risk.
>> No. 1068 [Edit]
I don't use any anti-virus. I do use Linux mostly, but I dual-boot Win7 and I believe that, as long I keep my box up to date and keep a decent firewall (my iptables rules only allow torrents as incoming traffic), I'm as secure as it gets. I've been thinking about installing snort recently, but that's just me being paranoid.
>> No. 1223 [Edit]
ESET NOD32, I get the keys / user name & password from facebook pages.
>> No. 1234 [Edit]
Heh, I made this thread in 2011. It's funny how things change but also a bit embarrassing reading stuff you wrote.

I haven't used an antivirus for a few years now. It slows down your computer and you're not much safer with it, maybe it's because I actually learned how to use computers. It also bothers me how they constantly sweep your drive and god knows what data they send through the internet to their developers.

Frankly, if you care about privacy it's better to not use one and instead secure your browser with stuff like uBlock or NoScript. Having Malwarebytes installed on the side (but not running) is nice for a once a month check up.

uBlock makes Adblock Plus/Ghostery and all that other stuff deprecated with a smaller memory footprint. /shilling over

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