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File 130083041641.jpg - (54.30KB , 400x400 , music.jpg )
732 No. 732 [Edit]
I know, cliche, but I looked and don't think this thread has been created yet. It might have been on the old tohno-chan but I don't remember.

So, What is your favourite song, or songs if you can't choose just one? I realize this type of thing changes over time but I think it would be interesting to share our current favourites...

Mine is, the very appropriately named, John Coltrane version of 'My Favorite Things'. I don't listen to it as often as I should but when I do I'm always blown away, I have to stop whatever it is that I'm doing, listen, and let myself get lost in the music... It's the only piece of music I find to be so powerful.

The song was too big to post, so here is the youtube videos: (1/2) (2/2)
>> No. 734 [Edit]
Audio Glenn Gould - Aria da capo (Reprise) - (5.84MB - 212 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 32 - Aria da capo (Reprise).mp3 ) Length: 3:51

My favourite song(s), now? is a bit too hard to tell...
But this is the song I said, years ago, for several reasons, that I'd like to be put when I die.

Glenn Gould - J.S.Bach - Goldberg variations, Aria da capo (reprise)
>> No. 735 [Edit]
Audio Porcupine Tree - Your Unpleasant Family - (3.36MB - 260 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 07 Porcupine Tree - Your Unpleasant Family.mp3 ) Length: 1:49

I guess mine would be Porcupine Tree - Time Flies.

It's too big to post here, so I'll post the less interesting "Your Unpleasant Family" instead.
>> No. 736 [Edit]
Probably this one:

HORSE the band - The Black Hole

I think I reached enlightenment when I saw it performed live.

The mp3 was barely too large to upload.
>> No. 737 [Edit]
Pretty much any Alphazone song, but this one is their most inventive, and just the most awesome. Their remix of "Nish - Sagittarius" is what got me into making trance music in the first place.

Why did they have to disappear? ;_________;
>> No. 749 [Edit]
I can go on, literally forever, about this song. It's the perfect song for me. I can't comment on the music or anything. All I can really say is that NG really outdid themselves with this one. On the studio recording, it's like all of the variables were perfectly aligned, and this song was the result. It captures every beautiful, sentimental feeling I've felt in it's melodies. This is the song that made Number Girl my favorite band of all time.

I chose to post a live version, rather than the studio version, because Mukai pulls out an awesome solo towards the end in this one.
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