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File 129376504845.jpg - (82.72KB , 624x867 , DaftPunk.jpg )
407 No. 407 [Edit]
Daft Punk thread
>> No. 408 [Edit]
I must say I do like derezzed, and recently discovered that alot of old songs that i liked but didn't know who they were from were daft punk.
>> No. 409 [Edit]
I think Daft Punk lost on freshness, to the point where I can't hear their songs any more, it gives me a kind of nauseating feeling in my stomach.

However, I can't deny how awesome and proficient Bangalter is. Homework is still their best album and it probably will stay that way but that's just, like, my opinion, man. I will never forget when I got that album for my birthday, it was like a revelation at the time.
>> No. 418 [Edit]
1. Make two god tier albums
2. Make a not so good one and call it Human after all
3. ???
4. Irony?
>> No. 562 [Edit]
Daft Punk remixed by Daft Punk.

I still do like that moody futuristic digital thingy thing, yeah. It's good to listen in from time to time.
>> No. 568 [Edit]
Audio Daft Punk - Steam Machine (Valentindirekt Remix) - (3.78MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 04 Steam Machine (Valentindirekt Remix).mp3 ) Length: 4:08

i got this rare Steam Machine remix by Valentindirekt
>> No. 571 [Edit]
So nice.
>> No. 2855 [Edit]
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