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File 165411193390.jpg - (156.69KB , 1280x720 , cap_ASMR Healed by Alchemist Girl Japanese ASM.jpg )
2758 No. 2758 [Edit]
Not quite music but do you people listen to this sort of thing?

I used to a lot. But good ones became harder to find because of all the ear-fucking stuff.
>> No. 2759 [Edit]
Good stuff can still be found from doujin groups on dl-site. E.g. >>2667 >>/ot/35480
>> No. 2767 [Edit]
I have an HVDB account, but I rarely use it. I could share voice works from there if someone wants to.
Post your requests with RJ code in this thread and I'll share them, if available.
>> No. 2770 [Edit]
Thanks for offering anon. For some reason the entire (public) voice work sharing scene uses scammy file upload site. And it isn't for dcma protection, since the links often go dead within a few weeks anyway.
>> No. 2771 [Edit]
I'm not interested, but I just wanted to say you're a cool guy.

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