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File 160058136124.png - (3.59MB , 1920x1244 , e90801c77c5f067373a8ef8655dbc473.png )
2655 No. 2655 [Edit]
Does anybody here like Sewerslvt? These are my favorite songs from him. Unfortunately, News From The Garden is unlisted from his channel. That one is my favorite.
>> No. 2656 [Edit]
I like his music, inpeace was the first song I used to test the subwoofer system in my car. However, his personality and fanbase is probably the worst I have ever seen for a single artist. He constantly switches between having a holier-than-thou attitude and wallowing in self-despair. I don't understand the people claiming that his music saved their life either. At the end of the day, it's just drum and bass intertwined with breakcore. There are hundreds of other artists with a similar sound.

Post edited on 20th Sep 2020, 2:48am
>> No. 2660 [Edit]
Got any recs in a similar vein? I know goreshit and machinegirl do that breakcore sound but I was looking for more like these peeps
And also 100% agree on the stuff about his and his fanbase's attitude.
>> No. 2662 [Edit]
waqs, Weniwasu, DJ Kuroneko, Glidelas, Himera, Ayane Fukumi, pat_16120, LOLI RIPE, Cytekinesis, пl3nk▲, 0081, 112, better off dead, Audiotist, ALICE GAS, Nfract, telemist, Harmful Logic, Loli in early 20s, sHimaU, complex.0, S3RL, Yuri Yum Yum, Akamushi, Noizenecio, loveaddictspropylhexedrineoverdose, PORTWAVE, skeler., 4649nadeshiko, I HATE MODELS, bukiko, nyaso, lolicore_souko,

There are many others as those are just from the top of my head, but it shouldn't be too hard to find similar artists if you lurk around the soundcloud accounts of the above. The list above is all over the place, but they each should either have breakcore/gabber elements or seiyuu vocals that play a role in their sound. I'm sure you'll find something that you like. I have nothing personal against Sewerslvt since I don't follow artists outside of what they release, but stumbling on his Twitter profile was off-putting to say the least.
>> No. 2663 [Edit]
I forgot Bloody Vomit Bukkake, one of the true pioneers of the genre. Again there are others, but I could zero in on more artists depending on whether it's the vocals or a specific sound or aesthetic you're after.

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