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File 151891631378.jpg - (23.28KB , 220x220 , acid.jpg )
2462 No. 2462 [Edit]
do you guys like acid?
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>> No. 2464 [Edit]
Sorry, no.
>> No. 2465 [Edit]
yeah, I like it
>> No. 2466 [Edit]
File 151895317264.gif - (717.20KB , 158x251 , dancing.gif )
I do here and there. I feel a lot of it is very hit or miss, to the point it seems to me the majority I stumble upon sounds awful. For example, I didn't like any of those you posted but I enjoyed the one >>2465 did. I think the issue is that a lot of Acid tries to be abrasive without taking harmony into consideration, in at attempt to distance itself from classic trance (or classic house, depending on where do you want to bifurcate).
>> No. 2467 [Edit]
hugs not drugs!
>> No. 2468 [Edit]
Hugs can be a drug too.
>> No. 2470 [Edit]
who are the best active acid house dj's?
>> No. 2472 [Edit]
Is this acid? If so then yeah.
>> No. 2473 [Edit]
Much more hard/hardcore techno than acid, but would still marginally qualify for the latter.
>> No. 2474 [Edit]
what the user above me said. its much more hardcore but it has the tb-303 bass synth, so, technically acid. still a pretty good song over all!
>> No. 2478 [Edit]
andrew red hand is the only recent one i listen to

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