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File 146977753532.jpg - (178.30KB , 850x751 , sample_2fc0a84e55ad31ebcba9634fc41ad7f1.jpg )
2368 No. 2368 [Edit]
What programs do you use for listing to your music?
>> No. 2369 [Edit]
Plain old VLC. I personally don't really care enough to download some special program just to organize or slightly retune music.
>> No. 2370 [Edit]
foobar 2000

I've seen some people make it really nice with plugins but I have mine pretty barebones.

It's stable, lightweight, and doesn't get shitted up with mandatory updates.

It just works and I like it that way even if mine looks like something out of the 90's.
>> No. 2371 [Edit]
Still using Winamp, as I have been for the last decade or so.
>> No. 2372 [Edit]
foobar. I used Winamp for the longest time until last year when my computer broke. Wanted to try something new.
>> No. 2373 [Edit]
>> No. 2479 [Edit]
Only because it doesn't freeze occasionaly like Windows Media Player.
>> No. 2491 [Edit]

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