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File 139720910353.jpg - (9.47KB , 250x250 , Black_Flag_logo.jpg )
1874 No. 1874 [Edit]
Any hardcore punk rock fans here? Especially the hardcore genre i.e. Black Flag, Flipper, early Misfits, extremely early Melvins? This whole album, especially the B-side tracks "Nothing Left Inside" "Forever Time", "Scream" as well as "The Swinging Man" have been quite relevant to my feelings as of the last few years.
>> No. 1875 [Edit]
Sure I like punk, especially from the 90s/early 00s. Not so much the hardcore spectre of it, though. I prefere a bit more dynamic and melodic sounds. I find the hardcore sound to be a bit too monotone/unengaging for my taste. I guess I'm casual like that.
>> No. 1877 [Edit]
Can't into them, but the others are a staple.
>> No. 1881 [Edit]
I like hardcore, just like Better Than a Thousand, Powerhouse, Ignite... etc. I think that you will like it.
>> No. 1883 [Edit]
Punk is great. I'm not too into the hardcore side, but I like stuff like Dead Kennedys, early Descendents (+ Everything Sucks), The Clash, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Fugazi, Minor Threat, Minutemen, etc.
Jello is my favorite musician of all time. His lyrics are absolutely genius and I can relate to a lot of the themes in his music.
Modern punk doesn't hold much appeal to me, with the exception of bands like Dangers who are one of the few that still make interesting music.
>> No. 1884 [Edit]
I like The Germs and Circle Jerks. Discharge and D.R.I are really cool as well even though they're more to do with crossover thrash.
>> No. 1885 [Edit]
My all time favorite releases are probably:

>Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown
>Poison Idea - Pick Your King EP
>Ruidosa Inmundicia - De Una Vez
>Gai - Extermination
>Big Boys - Fun, Fun, Fun...
>Conga Fury - Bullshit Disaster
>Gauze - 面を洗って出直して来い
>Nurse - ナース

I like a lot of Japanese hardcore. Also, Black Flag was better before Rollins.
>> No. 1886 [Edit]
I have a preference for female vocals for some reason.

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