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File 137153520069.jpg - (863.58KB , 985x950 , 99d37ea5086e149979fce22c9951d55f.jpg )
1756 No. 1756 [Edit]
Make a top 50 album list using and post it, Tohno-chan!
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>> No. 1757 [Edit]
File 137153866512.jpg - (1.21MB , 1485x950 , b486666f4c78040fd8d1c46cb50adb8d.jpg )
This is bound to change as I discover more bands and albums.
>> No. 1758 [Edit]
File 137158159772.jpg - (430.26KB , 1485x1455 , 5c85a7c0eaab3d8edd0fe9a83cde60d9.jpg )
>> No. 1760 [Edit]
File 137210785162.jpg - (650.48KB , 1485x950 , 57ad40f8741afe8bbf7e918c63639bf4.jpg )
>> No. 1770 [Edit]
File 137278958463.jpg - (651.64KB , 1485x950 , 6b646fedafb20e2e97598241077b5b1c.jpg )
Why was Pink Floyd there? Now I just had to remake it. Couldn't just edit the post because I forgot the password.
>> No. 1771 [Edit]
most interesting taste so far; checking out some of them
>> No. 1775 [Edit]
File 137379309978.png - (526.96KB , 963x432 , chart.png )
thanks. here are some of my recent favorites
>> No. 1784 [Edit]
File 137585388663.jpg - (389.47KB , 1153x691 , fefcd04d06476d174426485b1cc89a68.jpg )
I've been listening to a lot of stuff these past few months, it will be interesting to see where I'm at in a year or so in terms of a top 100 it's very exciting exploring all this stuff in music but I have a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg. Meanwhile I think I will post a shorter list of my favorite 7-10 albums every few months to see how my tastes have changed over the course of these upcoming years could be interesting.
>> No. 1786 [Edit]
It seems you're following recommendation lists and that's fine for getting you're feet wet but you won't develop your own taste until you explore music off the rails. I suggest you start delving more into the sounds you like, and then you'll find some albums that are truly worthwhile. Sorry if this sounds condescending. You have secede listed on both your charts; have you listened to kettel? they have done a few releases together so I guess they're kinda similar
this track is pretty pleasant, his other music is more upbeat and worth checking out too, but I haven't listened to him recently enough to give a rec more compatible with your tastes
>> No. 1787 [Edit]
I'm waiting for an amp to come in so until then I listen with my sansa clip (+) since it drives my headphones better, so I don't use, but I'll remember to look at artist pages although multiple bands at once can be a bit overwhelming at times. And I avoid 4chan like the plague so /mu/ is not an option.

Post edited on 18th Aug 2013, 1:18am
>> No. 1788 [Edit]
File 137681359547.jpg - (94.27KB , 333x333 , cover.jpg )
Something fun is to go to a page for an artist you love, and branch down through similar artists until you find something that sounds promising and has few listeners. It's like finding hidden gems and I love it.

I've found some damn good stuff I'd never have heard of otherwise.

Another option (if you have a is to post it in the /mu/ threads, make friends and see what they're listening to, or they might just recommend you stuff out of the blue.
>> No. 1789 [Edit]
... I think I just accidentally edited my post instead of posting a new one.
>> No. 1790 [Edit]
File 137731763894.jpg - (1.27MB , 1485x950 , bdfbedf593c7315c760aa445668822a9.jpg )
>> No. 1802 [Edit]
where did you find チャラン・ポ・ランタンと愉快なカンカンバルカン?
>> No. 1806 [Edit]
File 137803210810.jpg - (884.20KB , 985x950 , chart.jpg )
>> No. 1807 [Edit]
File 137885011596.png - (916.77KB , 936x770 , c71ebb046287c6e6de13f3e8ec193e34.png )
I download all my music from soulseek, which is open to anyone, but I can upload that album if for some reason it doesn't show up for you. Sorry for the late reply.

new recent favorites
>> No. 1808 [Edit]
i've had no luck finding that on soulseek; if it's worth a listen then yes please upload it
>> No. 1809 [Edit]
it's definitely worth listening to. such a great vocalist
>> No. 1810 [Edit]
was pretty good, thanks
>> No. 1817 [Edit]
please keep me updated with your new charts, some vgood releases on that one
>> No. 1818 [Edit]
File 13833783235.jpg - (381.48KB , 838x505 , d4bb61869fd6eac7c1451b46584bba6c.jpg )
Well here is an update. All I do is listen to music and watch anime lately, so I'm going further down the spiral in terms of music. I'm sure this is still pretty "entry-level" though but a lot of the entry-level/essential albums for sub-genres tend to be the classics. Shoegaze and break/glitchcore are two of my favorite sub-genres at the moment, it's pure bliss reading the manga of my waifu while listening to shoegaze, and breakcore is very good music to match my chaotic mind.
>> No. 1819 [Edit]
thanks, but i've already heard all those. cosmicdust and secede are nice though. if you know what kind of shoegaze you like i can offer some suggestions. what do you mean by chaotic mind?
>> No. 1820 [Edit]
I didn't know these charts were supposed to be used to recommend other people music, personally I am using them to see how my taste grows over time, but I guess they can be a good way to find new things.

>but i've already heard all those.
Yeah I don't expect them to be super obscure or something, like I said I'm going through the "essential" albums since I have some catching up to do. This is why I found it funny though when people call me a hipster or music elitist on the IRC or wherever, I may be really obsessed with music and listen to good stuff/have an over all understanding of music, compared to people who listen to one genre all day, but I still have so much stuff to listen to and am currently stuck on the albums you find on recommendation charts. Note though that these are the albums I found to be the best out of everything I have listened to thus far, not the ones I have heard most recently. (Sadly a lot of them are fairly recent listens though)

>if you know what kind of shoegaze you like i can offer some suggestions.
That would be great, looking for more of that sound that gets me feeling so close to my waifu. I know Slowdive and Ride before you recommend them, and also a few others. Souvlaki was also a great album but had a few weakspots, Nowhere was also great but felt kind of like a noisy britpop album at times and lacked a few of the things that make shoegazer so great for me, so did that Jesus and Mary Chain album.

>what do you mean by chaotic mind?
add riddled, lots of stuff going on at once, paranoia, thinking too fast and too much for my own good, vivid imagination, obsessive, etc. Breakcore is supposedly good music for people that are wired this way because of how many things are going on at once.

Post edited on 5th Nov 2013, 7:16am
>> No. 1822 [Edit]
sounds like you're already familiar with that period, but maybe forgetting medicine, chapterhouse and some others that you'll probably see wherever you're finding your essentials - and i dont like ride at all either. i don't know what will make you feel close to your waifu so here's an assortment that might help get you started, and of course there's always more at your request

stella luna, audio safari, amesoeurs, moscow olympics, whirr, clams, the daysleepers, dream car, elemental gaze, lsd and the search for god, mash, sleepy.ab, caucus, pinkshinyultrablast

as far as your chaotic mind; do you like noise?
>> No. 1823 [Edit]
Well I didn't list every band I knew but I actually haven't heard most the ones you listed. Also I DO like Ride, that Nowhere album anyway, Polar Bear is a great song, I just feel like it's a really bad representation of shoegaze and what the genre should be. If I listen to an album known to be good, enough times eventually it will "click" with me and I will "get" it, so I am yet to find an album considered essential or great and actually dislike it.

As for the thing with my waifu, it's hard to explain, but think of "To Here Knows When" for example, the obscured vocals, soaring effect brimmed dreamy guitar layers, the backing synth melody, the way it repeats and the melodies spiral around each other, the psychedelic and ethereal aspect of everything how unreal it feels, it all feels like some really obscured hazy but extremely lovely dream with her, there is some strong sense of longing in the melodies too, and the lyrics, God the lyrics (When I look at you, ohh, I don't what's real) it all just makes me think of her and music heightens my emotions therefore it heightens my feelings for her making me feel closer. The album also crushes you under sound, makes you feel like you are drowning in these feeling, and an even better example of that is this Astrobrite album I listed, which is borderline thick pop noise. It's also the ethereal which makes me feel closer, where that Slowdive album is a good example of this, it's not so much drowning in sound anymore and focuses more on the dreamy aspects of things. A lot of people seem to describe Loveless as "sensual" sounding but I think there is just some strong sense of femininity and unreal beauty in the music. Anyway I'll check out those bands you listed but the stuff I listed above was the best I could do to describe what about shoegaze it is I like so much.

As for noise, I feel a lot of harsh noise lacks any atmosphere or emotion which are two of the most important things for me, but I like noise if it has structure and isn't just 2 hours of the same white noise with no change. I enjoyed this which was legitimately terrifying, and this is one of the most mindfuckish things I've heard both have either atmosphere or emotion in one way or another though.
>> No. 1824 [Edit]
File 138378019391.jpg - (42.73KB , 350x350 , Lycia_A_Day_in_the_Stark_Corner.jpg )
>That part about your waifu
I know exactly what you're talking about. I feel the exact same way over this album. It's not shoegaze or anything, but I can apply literally everything you said to it.
>> No. 1825 [Edit]
This talk of Ride makes me recall an interview I read years ago with the owner of Creation records, Alan McGee. He was speaking pejoratively about shoegaze in general, but spoke favorably of Ride, and clarified that they were not shoegaze, but a "damn fine rock n' roll band", I think he said. One of my favorite bands, Swervedriver, also has been lumped in with the early nineties shoegaze bands for as long as I can remember, which is equally perplexing to me. Both of the bands to me are just loud Britrock bands with some psychedelic influences.

Also, have you listened to Alcest? Perhaps not exactly along the lines of what is being recommended or what you're looking for, but definitely worth a listen, especially since you mentioned "a sense of femininity and unreal beauty".
>> No. 1826 [Edit]
File 138379406886.jpg - (105.37KB , 333x333 , sweet velocity design comfort.jpg )
I'll listen to these artists but I am listening to so much stuff these past few weeks, it's overwhelming but glorious. Pic related is one I found today that is fantastic.
>> No. 1827 [Edit]
File 13838746045.jpg - (32.23KB , 299x259 , 1365011769497.jpg )
So I listened to this, wow. Well I'll start off by saying it didn't make me feel closer to my waifu, in fact quit the opposite, it made me feel cold, alone, and brought me to some the darkest corners of my mind. And yet it was hauntingly beautiful, and amazingly crafted. There was indeed dreaminess, some psychedelia and sense of ethereal, but it was all very dark, and extremely atmospheric (whole album had me thinking of fog), towards the end I literally felt like I was in another world. I think it helped that I turned the TV and lights off and laid in bed in the dark staring at the ceiling while listening to it, was a wonderful journey, thanks. I could go on praising this album, the atmosphere, the clean guitars on "The Remnants And The Ruins", the great album closer, but that would turn into a wall of text. Will be checking out some of the other artists mentioned ITT eventually too.

Post edited on 7th Nov 2013, 5:38pm
>> No. 1829 [Edit]
the album sweet trip - you will never know why is one of my favorites, but it's more dreampop. for noise, maybe try something like jason crumer. and as you like eluvium it would definitely be worthwhile to pursue more ambient considering you're looking for atmosphere; some ambient tunes can verge into serene beauty
>> No. 1830 [Edit]
I never claimed it was noise, just a great album I heard recently, it's kind of a mix between glitch and shoegaze I guess. As for ambient I've been meaning to dive deeper into that since I enjoyed SAW II and Brian Eno's works so much, I also really love things like the Yume Nikki soundtrack and Silent Hill 2 soundtrack. If I ever have enough money for equipment and get into making music, a good portion of it would definitely be ambient. I've heard more ambient beat albums (Downtempo, ambient techno, etc) like SAW I, the orb, Secede, Boards of Canada, Burial, etc. than actual pure ambient albums so some recommendations would be nice.
>> No. 1831 [Edit]
no need to be defensive--i only meant to suggest their other album "you will never know why" for some great pop. stars of the lid is often recommended as a good starting point for ambient and i agree. by ambient techno do you mean dub techno? that stuffs cool too; try brock van wey - white clouds drift on and on
>> No. 1832 [Edit]
As far as I know the term ambient techno is generally used to refer to any ambient that has a beat, like SAW 85-92 or that album from the orb. Also "downtempo" or "chill-out", where boards of canada is a better example of this. A lot of the sub genre terminologies in IDM can be a bit loose at times.
>> No. 1833 [Edit]
File 138421142715.png - (1.33MB , 1153x882 , recent.png )
thanks. i just made a new one
>> No. 1834 [Edit]
File 138436555254.jpg - (841.87KB , 1485x950 , a07495c6555ccf520188e0cca4991fce.jpg )
I've wanted to make one of these for ages, but I couldn't access the site with my old isp for some reason.

It bothers me a bit that almost all of the music on my list is from the mid-2000's and later, but I just filled out the chart honestly. My urges to impress people or be well-rounded and diverse have all but died, it seems.
>> No. 1849 [Edit]
File 138822011553.jpg - (1.28MB , 1485x950 , b23e47a120a604f2e98441580319e802.jpg )
Not sure how good this came out. In terms of representing my personal taste, or in terms of being filled with a variety of high status album jackets. It's surely no good on the latter one.. I think I can do better in any case. I'll just have to keep at it.

Also, I don't like how this site handles custom entries in the list. Whenever I change a custom entry into one from their database - the list refuses to keep my changes. Very annoying. Their compression algorithm isn't great either.
>> No. 1850 [Edit]
>It's surely no good on the latter one.
Then it probably came out great!
Your chart is inspiring me to finally check out Cowpers, who I've avoided for so long because their name conjures images of sex-ed reproductive organ charts in my mind.

It's not the same, but I had a hard time reconciling the fact that I now hated some of the albums that had profoundly impacted my younger self, and this ridiculous notion that certain things "deserved" to be on my chart.
>> No. 1853 [Edit]
>Your chart is inspiring me to finally check out Cowpers
Thank you so much for saying this. This made everything about making the chart worthwhile. I was just for a few seconds pondering whether it would be porper to fill 4 of the top 6 spots with one band and all their CD/EP's. After those few seconds had passed, I just did the deed and left the rest of the thinking to figuring out what comes next (fast forward several weeks).

If you want my personal opinion on cowpers in short, I'll say that they were an amazing late 90s/early 00s punk rock band, with superb grit and surprising ammounts of emotion. I'll not say that they were the best at anything, their music just seem to touch me very deeply - for reasons difficult to fathom.

>It's not the same, but I had a hard time reconciling the fact that I now hated some of the albums that had profoundly impacted my younger self, and this ridiculous notion that certain things "deserved" to be on my chart.
I know what you mean. There's some music from my teens that I've left out; Coldplay, Muse, Placebo... stuff like that. I think they're great bands with great music, but I don't listen to them anymore.
>> No. 1855 [Edit]
File 138970412372.jpg - (431.51KB , 1485x950 , 53f6b7dd1064e3eeda4772d443365d83.jpg )
Been listening to a lot lately so I made one too.

Tell me what you think and rec or whatever.
>> No. 1856 [Edit]
File 138972695740.jpg - (318.70KB , 1485x950 , 9ad5b486c0bcc080cc7eed59632d037d.jpg )
I think that's it. Couldn't fill 50, there's even a lot of stuff there I don't, or can't stand to,listen to anymore but put in anyway because I once loved them.
Also accidentally blanked last album's cover.
>> No. 1859 [Edit]
File 139115661564.jpg - (431.68KB , 1485x950 , chart.jpg )
Here's mine, that was rather fun to fill out. It's neat to see so many similarities with everyone else here.
>> No. 1861 [Edit]
File 139129150923.jpg - (522.58KB , 1485x950 , hmm.jpg )
This was really hard because I was trying not to repeat artists unless it was really warranted, or the sounds between two albums was really different. Some of these albums are objectively "not good" but I put them on there because they are either really nostalgic to me or are charming in one way or another. Also this is more of a peek of what I've been listening to the past year or so, not my whole life.

My taste is a huge mess.
>> No. 1862 [Edit]
File 139129842065.jpg - (1.47MB , 1485x950 , 4069aa4e36761afa9bda6b9dae551910.jpg )
>> No. 1866 [Edit]
File 139213819331.jpg - (169.54KB , 713x380 , d7c57cd70a74c6a534dd15d89b00eedd (2).jpg )
I always find it kind of interesting when people prefer Isis's pre-Celestial stuff. Not that they're bad records, but it just seems kind of funny to me. I remember being outside a venue Isis were playing at supporting Panopticon, and this group of guys were all excited talking about how awesome it was going to be when they played Poison Eggs or The Red Sea, and how disappointed they looked when I said they probably wouldn't play anything older than Celestial. I was just thinking, "Where have these guys been?"
Good call on Silver, though. I used to be a huge Jesu fan, and that's the only record I still like now. Which is pretty disappointing, considering how mind-blowing the self-titled album sounded when it first came out.

I don't think your taste is any more of a mess than anyone else's. Or not here, at least!

Made a quick chart of what I've been into the last couple of months.
>> No. 1867 [Edit]
>> No. 1869 [Edit]
Someone who likes Automatic Writing can't be a pleb.
>> No. 1892 [Edit]
File 140299425365.png - (848.63KB , 836x520 , topsters 3x3.png )
3x3 at least.
>> No. 2765 [Edit]
File 165525907215.png - (3.65MB , 2558x1352 , topsters2.png )
This chart is more like of a quick overview of my favorites over the years. Not that it matters much.
If anyone wants to make one, use because topsters died a long while ago.
>> No. 2766 [Edit]
File 165526705226.png - (3.94MB , 1700x1600 , topsters2.png )
Some of the artists I wanted to add were not there, I have not organised my music in a while either but here goes.

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