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No. 135 [Edit]
Seems weird that /mp3/ doesn't have a thread dedicated to Japanese music.

Listen to this, Sambomaster is the shit.
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>> No. 136 [Edit]
I could post Japanese music all day long, but I would be spamming.
>> No. 138 [Edit]
Oh well.
>> No. 139 [Edit]
mudy on the 昨晩
>> No. 140 [Edit]
This one's lovely.
>> No. 141 [Edit]
Audio a picture of her - cakewalk escape - (5.92MB - 262 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 03 cakewalk escape.mp3 ) Length: 3:09

Can't find any good videos from a picture of her.
>> No. 142 [Edit]
>> No. 143 [Edit]
Yay! Keep 'em coming.

Also, when everything else fails:
>> No. 144 [Edit]
A few more.
>> No. 145 [Edit]
>> No. 146 [Edit]
Eastern Youth
>> No. 147 [Edit]
>> No. 148 [Edit]
mouse on the keys
>> No. 149 [Edit]
I love World's End Girlfriend.
>> No. 150 [Edit]
>> No. 151 [Edit]
Qomolangma Tomato

Weird ass name.
>> No. 152 [Edit]
Audio Ulfuls - Samurai Soul - (2.73MB - 96 kbps - 22.05 kHz , Samurai Soul - Ulfuls.mp3 ) Length: 3:58

>> No. 153 [Edit]
BLEACH (bleach03)
>> No. 154 [Edit]

Tabuchi Hisako of bloodthirsty butchers and NUMBER GIRL
>> No. 155 [Edit]
>> No. 157 [Edit]
>> No. 158 [Edit]
>> No. 159 [Edit]
about tess has 2 drummers.
>> No. 160 [Edit]
First song I heard from them.
>> No. 161 [Edit]
>> No. 162 [Edit]
Fuck yeah, WEG.
>> No. 163 [Edit]
*from him.

>> No. 164 [Edit]
>> No. 165 [Edit]

Kinda similar to MOTFD, if MOTFD had a male singer.
>> No. 166 [Edit]
Water Fai

Last one for now.
>> No. 167 [Edit]
Supercar. Miki Furukawa is cute.
>> No. 168 [Edit]
Last Live ver.
>> No. 169 [Edit]
Such a weird intro, but oh how I love this song. I wish they would have kept their style like this. ;_;
>> No. 170 [Edit]
Number Girl is simply awesome.

>> No. 171 [Edit]
Reposting Fujifabric since that vid doesn't work.
>> No. 172 [Edit]
Yeah, their first album is probably my favorite of theirs, but I did enjoy some of their electronic stuff like Strobolights and Yumegiwa Last Boy.
>> No. 173 [Edit]
Mass of the Fermenting Dregs is one of the few Japanese bands I listen to.
>> No. 174 [Edit]
I adore MOTFD. They're my second favorite band of all time behind Modest Mouse.
>> No. 179 [Edit]
I feel like ART-SCHOOL is a pretty under-appreciated band. They're one of my favorites.
>> No. 180 [Edit]
Suneohair is one of those artists you hear everywhere in anime (most notably in Honey and Clover, and Arakawa Under The Bridge most recently), but not many really look into their music past that. Really great band.
>> No. 181 [Edit]
Speaking of bands that were featured in Honey and Clover, here's Spitz
>> No. 182 [Edit]
What is a Japanese music thread without the bloodthirsty butchers?
>> No. 183 [Edit]
My favorite AKFG song.
>> No. 185 [Edit]
Audio School Food Punishment - loop, share - (5.88MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 4:05

Favorite song from SFP but I think all their songs are really good.

Album is air feel, color swim. Love their nngrish btw.
>> No. 186 [Edit]
SFP is good stuff.
>> No. 187 [Edit]
Audio Ikue Asazaki - Obokuri-Eemui - (6.14MB - 152 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 01 Obokuri-Eeumi.mp3 ) Length: 5:35

And now for something completely different.

Ikue Asazaki

This particular song appeared in Samurai Champloo but the others songs are also nice. I think I even like the interludes more because of the ocean and the birds singing.
>> No. 189 [Edit]
Audio 01_Modern.mp3 - (5.42MB - 320 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 2:20

Continuing with more traditional music.

Yoshida Brothers
>> No. 191 [Edit]
Don't need to present Maximum The Hormone.
>> No. 192 [Edit]
This isn't my favorite FACT song, but god damn this video is awesome.
>> No. 193 [Edit]

GO!GO!7188 is such a cool band.
>> No. 194 [Edit]
That was awesome.

FACT is such a random name, pretty hard to find.
>> No. 195 [Edit]
Here's a few of their albums if you're interested.

FACT - Self Titled:

FACT - The Fine Day Never Last:

FACT - Never Turn Out The Light To Keep Myself:

FACT - In The Blink Of An Eye:
>> No. 196 [Edit]
File 129142473014.jpg - (379.32KB , 1920x1080 , 1276808180782.jpg )
Thanks, mate!
>> No. 201 [Edit]
>> No. 226 [Edit]
Needs more LITE.
>> No. 227 [Edit]
Clean of Core

Similar to LITE.
>> No. 233 [Edit]
Can't stop listening to this. I kind of put it aside because it was on the HSOTD album but it's such a great song.

Kishida Kyoudan and The Akeboshi Rockets is so f* good.
>> No. 237 [Edit]
Recently I've grown quite fond of Ningen Isu.
>> No. 238 [Edit]
48 girls is better than one.
>> No. 241 [Edit]
File 129177325067.png - (54.35KB , 192x221 , A happy Kizaru.png )
Nice song. Currently listening through the entire album.
>> No. 242 [Edit]
All these posts and no Shiina Ringo yet? Tohno-chan, I am disappoint
>> No. 264 [Edit]
Audio some_fuwa_fuwa_song.mp3 - (1.75MB - 160 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 1:32

It doesn't work. The board software doesn't seem to like Japanese characters.
>> No. 265 [Edit]
Audio Furuido - Track09 - (5.79MB - 178 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 09_ Furuido track 9.mp3 ) Length: 4:32

Okay, I can't repost the song because it's a duplicate file, and I can't delete the original post. Well, shit. Here's another one then.
>> No. 267 [Edit]

I totally thought it was some octopus or other Cthulhu wearing headphones. Then I realized that that's the back of her head.
>> No. 268 [Edit]
File 09__泉伶_-_Lapis_Lazuli_[Solar_ecllipse_version].ogg - (4.66MB , 09_ 泉伶 - Lapis Lazuli [Solar ecllipse version].ogg )

This sounds like the OP of some anime, but which one?
>> No. 295 [Edit]
>> No. 728 [Edit]
Can't stop listening to this album.
>> No. 782 [Edit]
Vola & The Oriental Machine up in this piece.

They make music that sounds like !!! meets Gang of Four. Except they like synths a lot more. It's awesome.
>> No. 828 [Edit]
Hirasawa Susumu. If you haven't heard of him, do yourself a favor and listen to his music.
>> No. 829 [Edit]
Susumu is really good but I find his stuff quickly one-sided after a few hearings.
>> No. 838 [Edit]
Love this music vid, the band, not so much.
>> No. 860 [Edit]
An image, or message, is required for a reply.
>> No. 881 [Edit]
ROSSO is pretty cool, except, this is the only song I can really get into by them.
>> No. 905 [Edit]
When I hear the word "Japan" I think of this.
>> No. 1000 [Edit]
Didn't know whether to post in this thread or the electronic thread, but yeah this song rules.
>> No. 1118 [Edit]
File 130962921917.jpg - (22.97KB , 500x333 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
This thread is probably the best place to ask this question. Lately I've been on a real Japanese music kick, mostly jazz and rock, however I'm looking for more bands that are similar to Bloodthirsty Butchers, Mass of the Fermenting Dregs, Number Girl or The Pillows.

Those bands seem pretty popular and well known but I've been having a hard time finding more stuff like it, I've been looking through this thread but there is a lot to go through and it's not necessarily easy to judge bands by just one song.

Any recommendations to specific bands/albums would be appreciated, or even quotes to stuff already posted in this thread you think I should take another look at, thanks.
>> No. 1119 [Edit]
You might check out >>242
Shiina Ringo (the singer) has done both solo stuff and work with Tokyo Jihen. Some of it's jazz-sounding stuff, some is poppy, sometimes the two are mixed up. I really like what I've heard of her so far. Adult and Shousou Strip are both good albums, I'd recommend them.
>> No. 1121 [Edit]
I choose you japanese raggae

GO!GO!7188 (surf music, awesome), The Yellow Monkey, The Brilliant Green, Mr. Children, SPITZ (everything except the first album according to SZS)
>> No. 1142 [Edit]
>> No. 1145 [Edit]
Where do you guys go to get your japanese music?

Specifically, I'm looking for music by:
- Tsukihiko
- Aki Hata

I found a couple of Aki Hata's singles on jpopsuki, but nothing else.

Youtube related.
>> No. 1174 [Edit]
Love the solo in the middle.
>> No. 1175 [Edit]
very tohno-chan related
>> No. 1177 [Edit]
I won't say I read the whole thread, but I quite much felt the lack of T-Square/Casiopea going on here.
>> No. 1382 [Edit]
>> No. 1419 [Edit]
More Shiina Ringo.
>> No. 1500 [Edit]
Audio ▶_LSD_Trippple_Nippples_by_trippplenippples_ZcXE.mp3 - (3.71MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 4:03

cool song for the first 30 seconds.
>> No. 1520 [Edit]
Happened to find a lot of good artists recently through YT, will be posting some here.
>> No. 1521 [Edit]
Part two.
>> No. 1522 [Edit]
Most of them will pop on each other's related videos, but still...
>> No. 1523 [Edit]
>> No. 1524 [Edit]
Satoh is(I think) the only japanese in this trio, but dammit, this performance is just too awesome to let it pass.
>> No. 1526 [Edit]
>> No. 1527 [Edit]
I can't find the studio version of this anymore. This live recording is pretty old, the drums are too loud and I feel like some sections are missing from it, still enjoyable I think, though.
>> No. 1546 [Edit]
Didn't see Tenniscoats mentioned in here. They are a folk / indie duo that are absolutely fantastic.
>> No. 1563 [Edit]
I remember you posting this on /mai/, and I really enjoyed it. I downloaded their latest album and it's really good, if not entirely memorable. I like how they have a really unrehearsed feel that manages to not sound sloppy.

I've been listening to almost nothing but Yuki the last two weeks. Her vocals are remarkable; they're a weird mix of cuteness (to me, at least) and power.
>> No. 1687 [Edit]
Audio ヒトリエ - モンタージュガール - (4.76MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 3:28

I just discovered that Wowaka is in a band called Hitorie, and they released their first album pretty recently. And it's awesome! Although they're a proper 4-piece band, it basically sounds like old Wowaka, but without Miku and with more guitars. The guitars sound really great on this, harmonies and multi-tracking abound, and the drums are even louder than on the Wowaka tracks. Seriously worth checking out.
>> No. 1688 [Edit]
I wrote a really ugly piece of litterature to make some statement on how I don't think hitorie sounds like wowaka with more guitars and zero miku. It really was a hideous piece, so instead I'm just writing this: Yeah it's pretty awesome, I liked the song you attached (2nd track) the best - it's nice and upbeat.
>> No. 1689 [Edit]
File 13614727872.jpg - (106.46KB , 1024x600 , 02.jpg )
Eh, I'd be interested in reading it. I just downloaded this album yesterday, and I'm not particularly attached to my opinions on it, so feel free to skewer me.

On the off chance that anyone is interested in this sort of thing, when I was re-encoding the song to upload it here I couldn't help but notice that the waveform is a fucking brick. I mean, it was pretty obvious beforehand that it was mastered excessively loud, and I think it works really well with this style of music, but it's pretty ridiculous.
>> No. 1690 [Edit]
I might try again and see if I can convey my thoughts into words any better. I'd also want to do some more comparisons.

What was the original container you used when encoding to mp3? And looking at the peak meter, yeah this mastering is really something. Very.. modern, let's say.
>> No. 1691 [Edit]
It was already a 320 mp3, I suppose I didn't really "re-encode" it, strictly speaking. I also didn't consider the possibility that the levels and such had been messed with by whoever ripped/uploaded the files, but that seems kind of unlikely?
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