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File 129108091767.jpg - (36.58KB , 600x599 , folder.jpg )
115 No. 115 [Edit]
Guess I'll just dump whatever. Please chime in if you'd like to share something as well. I try to be all about trying new things.

I'll start with Loma Prieta's newest release, Life/Less. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite releases of the year, despite it's length (about 16 minutes). This is the very first rip I got (a few days after it leaked), therefore, I'm not sure if there are better/clearer rips out there. It'd be pretty sweet if they were. If someone finds one, please, do share.
This album is significantly more intense than their previous work, with some songs being just a wall of noise. Despite that, the band still keeps an ear for hooks and melodies that I can't get enough of. They lost the original vocalist at some point, and now the vocals are a little more pointed towards Kidcrash/We Were Skeletons rather than Orchid. In other words, it sounds more like men shouting than "a strangled muppet having an anxiety attack at 120 mph". As you can guess, this is not my rip, and again, if you find a better one, post it up.


Loma Prieta - Life/Less
>West coast post-hardcore/"emoviolence" (but that just makes it sound sort of lame) with a melodic tinge

Lyrics (just in case someone wants them):

On a somewhat related note, Snowing's full-length is set to leak within the next few weeks (possibly even this one). Immeasurably stoked about that. I'm definitely going to buy a copy of that on every possible form of media I can.
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>> No. 116 [Edit]
Will definitely check out Loma Prieta.

>On a somewhat related note, Snowing's full-length is set to leak within the next few weeks (possibly even this one)

Oh shi.
>> No. 117 [Edit]
Audio Genesis - I Know What I Like (In Your Wa - (4.88MB , 02 I Know What I Like (In Your Wardr.mp3 )

Here's a song about an underachieving, crossdressing lawnmower from early 70's Genesis. With Peter Gabriel singing instead of Phil Collins, who back then was just a drummer (a really goddamn good drummer though, I think he also does some backup vocals.)
>> No. 119 [Edit]
File 129115875932.jpg - (45.98KB , 600x600 , Brute EP.jpg )
Two demos from a band called Brute. The song "Everybody loves a clown" is really good.
>> No. 207 [Edit]
This has been a really nice past few days in the .mp3 department for me. First, Rin Toshite Shigure's new album pops up on Japshare. Then, Snowing's debut is leaked (I've been waiting a god damn year for that). And now, this:

Logs - Hogz
>More post-hardcore/"screamo"
(same as usual, not my rip)

Logs are just one of those indisputably good bands. They have the singer from Kidcrash (who are, by the way, on indefinite hiatus. Bummer). They sound like sort of like, ironically, Loma Prieta and Kidcrash, just...If Loma Prieta were from the Pacific Northwest, rather than California. The only problem I have now is whether or not to stop listening to Snowing's album in order to listen to this one.

Anyway, Logs also released a 7", which is all they had until now. It's out there, somewhere...
>> No. 208 [Edit]
File 129148007313.png - (52.61KB , 318x235 , reaction.png )
Rin Toshite have a new album out? How is it? Does it stack up well to last year's one?
>> No. 211 [Edit]
File 129148435111.jpg - (43.16KB , 300x300 , stillasigurevirgin.jpg )
This is their newest album. Personally, I found it to be better than just A moment, but that's just me. I don't know what it is about it.
There are some really nice pianos on track 3, which is something I've never really seen for this band. In addition to that, they really go crazy with the pedals - I mean, that's kind of what they do anyway, but it's just unique on this album. Can't explain it.

And the album art is really awesome. It's like some Type-Moon imagery or some such.

凛として時雨 - still a Sigure virgin
>Post-hardcore/alternative. Japanese.

Also, bookmark Japshare ( This is where I got this album from, in addition to a ton of other good stuff.
>> No. 212 [Edit]
Since we're on the topic of post-hardcore right now, I'll suggest mewithoutYou. Aaron Weiss's vocals are shaky and disturbing, and his lyrics are some of the most well-thought and interesting I've ever heard/read, while at the same time being completely insane. Just read some of the lyrics from It's All Crazy! It's All False if you want to see what I mean.

There isn't much screaming going on, most of the vocals are spoken word or just plain yelling. The instrumentals really take a back seat to the vocals for mewithoutYou, but that's not to say that they're not excellent in their own regard.

mewithoutYou - Catch for Us the Foxes
>post-hardcore, spoken word, stream-of-consciousness lyrics
>> No. 214 [Edit]
I fucking love meWithoutyou. I've always kind of connected them with La Dispute, but they're so much better than them. I mean, I don't really enjoy the 'spiritual' aspect of their music, but nevertheless, they remain one of the best bands today. And, like all good post-hardcore bands, they are from Pennsylvania.
>> No. 221 [Edit]
If you bros don't mind, I'd like to turn the topic from post-hardcore to trip-hop, starting with a band I discovered off of Japshare - 睡蓮 (Suiren).

To be honest, I'm not in the mood to write a pretentious little review for this band, so I'll just share with you guys.

>Trip-hop/dark ambient (Akira Yamaoka meets Etro Anime)
(as usual, not my rip)

睡蓮 - ひたひた

These aren't their only two releases. The rest is on Japshare, but I didn't listen to it yet, so I won't judge it prematurely as good or bad...
It's /an/-related, actually - These guys were featured on the recent Hellsing OVA.
>> No. 224 [Edit]
Okay, back to post-hardcore real quick.

Damian Abraham (the fat man singing) looks almost exactly like my high-school English teacher. It's totally weird. He was the punk type as well, really into Hüsker Dü and various other early 90's hardcore bands. He also sort of sounded like him (speaking tone, of course).

Anyway, Fucked Up are one of my favorite bands from the genre. Everybody should hear them at least once. In my opinion, of course.
>> No. 277 [Edit]
Audio -ÿþBloodthirsty Butchers - ÿþLost In Time - (4.72MB - 160 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 08 - Lost In Time.mp3 ) Length: 4:06

Well, some of you guys might remember Bloodthirsty Butchers. I'm sure I posted them before the great reboot of Tohno-chan. Doesn't matter, though, because I'm posting them again. Simply because I found a really awesome album from their discography, one that I really overlooked. I'd say it's my 2nd favorite Butchers album, behind Kocorono.

Bloodthirsty Butchers - Lukewarm Wind
>Punk rock/Japanese

Also, be sure to bookmark this. It's where I got this album, in addition to a massive amount of other albums. The only problem is, a good portion of it is visual kei, and that's kind of lame...
>> No. 311 [Edit]
File 129245143243.jpg - (73.83KB , 350x350 , SHAKALABBITS_-_CLUTCH.jpg )
>ska, punk, female vocals

Awesome album.
>> No. 312 [Edit]
File 129245167675.jpg - (34.56KB , 300x304 , cover.jpg )
ART-SCHOOL - Boys Don't Cry
>j-rock, alternative
>> No. 315 [Edit]
Been listening to these albums a lot recently, they're pretty awesome.
>> No. 323 [Edit]
File 129263906385.jpg - (457.71KB , 480x480 , asobiseksu.jpg )
Asobi Seksu - Fluorescence
>dream pop/shoegaze

These guys are awesome, one of my favorite shoegaze groups. This album wasn't supposed to be out until February too.

(last version I posted was missing 2 songs, this one is complete)
>> No. 338 [Edit]
Thanks for this. I really missed Asobi Seksu, but the only album I could really get into was Citrus. This one is a possibility, though. It seems to have a different tone than their last one.

I've been listening to a lot of Ging Nang Boyz lately, myself. They quickly became one of my more favorite groups from Japan in the past week. They're noise rock, but not in the sense that Merzbow, Boredoms or Melt-Banana are. This group is fun as fuck to listen to. They don't really have any 'deeper' artistic meanings. It's pop-ish noise-punk, I guess. Just watch the video posted to understand what I mean. Skip to 4:40 for the actual music.
>> No. 348 [Edit]
Audio The Get Up Kids - Holiday - (5.81MB - 233 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 01 Holiday.mp3 ) Length: 3:29

The Get Up Kids
>emo, indie rock

Been listening to this album again recently. Still good.
>> No. 349 [Edit]
Something To Write Home About is the album, of course.

Built to Spill - Keep it Like a Secret
>indie rock, alternative
>> No. 369 [Edit]
File 129319158196.jpg - (65.91KB , 600x600 , Rangda-False-Flag-2010.jpg )
Rangda - False Flag

This is my favorite album of 2010. Rangda is Sir Richard Bishop (formerly of Sun City Girls, he also has some great solo albums. Very much influenced by John Fahey), Ben Chasny (of Six Organs of Admittance) and Chris Corsano.
I guess the music would best be described as "psychedelic rock".
Here's a sample:
>Rangda - Bull Lore

Also, this is my first post ever on Tohno-chan. Hello.
>> No. 375 [Edit]
File 129325918444.jpg - (130.28KB , 340x340 , MMLonesomeCrowdedWest.jpg )
I really like this. I've been really heavy on the first two Modest Mouse albums lately, and Built to Spill are really reminiscent of that sound (having influenced it directly).

This stuff is pretty cool, too. It reminds me of Angel'in Heavy Syrup, just a lot darker and more towards stoner metal than dream pop. It's been a while since I heard straight up guitar music like this. Oh, and welcome to Tohno-chan, of course.

And now it's my turn to share another album.

Modest Mouse - The Lonesome Crowded West
>Alternative/'indie' rock

I haven't really identified with an album more than this one in a while. It really kind of captures how I'm feeling at this point in my life. I prefer their first album (This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About), because it focuses more on introspective thoughts and aimlessness, but I'm listening to The Lonesome Crowded West now, and the difference is really not that big, so I figured I'll just share that one. I highly recommend both, though.
>> No. 388 [Edit]
Audio Park Jefferson - there's too much talk about ghosts - (3.58MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 02 there's too much talk about ghosts.mp3 ) Length: 2:37

Remember Merchant Ships? If you don't, then you need to listen to them. They were one of the more popular bands from the Mid-west 'emo' scene. Anyway, as is popular with bands from that area, they broke up after less than 5 releases. The bassist and vocalist went on to form William Bonney (West-coast skramz from the East). William Bonney is alright, but they stop there.
Park Jefferson play a more suitable style for their area. They sound like Cap'n Jazz meets...I don't know, Mane Horse. In other words, they sound like Snowing, just with more urgent vocals and more jangly guitars. Nick Stutsman proves himself to be a surprisingly good singer.

Park Jefferson - 2010 Demo
>Emo-ish stuff

The song posted is the 2nd track from the demo. I'd say this is my favorite song from it so far.
>> No. 394 [Edit]
>> No. 395 [Edit]
I've posted this before, but it deserves to be posted again. One of the best math rock bands currently making music, in my opinion.

This Town Needs Guns - Animals
>Math Rock, amazing vocals
>> No. 411 [Edit]
File 129377792959.jpg - (63.46KB , 452x450 , 1293773293378.jpg )
Mogwai - Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
>post-rock, MOGWAI
>> No. 428 [Edit]
Audio Cursive - Sierra - (3.14MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz , Cursive Sierra.mp3 ) Length: 3:25

I really like this. It's really different from Young Team, though. And Rock Action, for that matter. Those two were the only Mogwai albums I could get into. This one has a chance, though.
First album I've heard from 2011, as well.

I've been listening to a lot of Cursive lately. It just fits with the mood I've been in these days, I guess. These guys are surprisingly good, and they get mad indie cred on my part due to their split with Eastern Youth, who are also awesome as well, just on another level. I wasn't really going to give these guys a chance, they initially came off to me as just another hipster post-hardcore band, but I guess I really wanted something new to listen to. I've got to stop having prejudice like that.

Cursive - The Ugly Organ

This is the best album I've heard by them - Fuck what Pitchfork says, this is Cursive's best release. It's totally diverse, instrumentally. They added trombone, cello and, naturally, organ in addition the usual instruments you see in a rock band.
I'd even go as far as to say that this is the Zen Arcade for the 2000's - Just not as ground-breaking.
Lyrically, it's pretty stunning. This is just another album that I simply click with. I love music like that. I can't really enjoy music (with vocals) if I don't get into the themes about what they're singing about.
Instrumentally, I can't really comment on, as I'm not really versed in music. It seems melodic to me, with some really grating sections that sort of remind me of the Silent Hill OST's.
>> No. 429 [Edit]
Cursive is so incredibly solid, I'm glad you gave them a chance / ended up liking them.

>First album I've heard from 2011, as well.
Asobi Seksu is technically 2011, too!
>> No. 442 [Edit]
Audio JIZUE - Rain Dog - (6.05MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 02_ Rain Dog.mp3 ) Length: 4:21

jizue - Bookshelf
>jazz, post-rock, similar to mouse on the keys
>> No. 445 [Edit]
File 01_Album_Of_The_Year.m4a - (4.81MB , 01 Album Of The Year.m4a )

Cursive is a fantastic band. If you like them, give The Good Life a listen. It's Tim Kasher's solo project and it sounds fantastic. A nice contrast to Cursive's material
>> No. 446 [Edit]
Cloudkicker - Beacons
>progressive metal, instrumental

Cloudkicker, aka Ben Sharp, is the DIY guru of metal. He writes, records, produces, and sells (sometimes) everything he does all by himself. The music is defined by polyrhytms, like 20 guitar tracks per song, and time signature changes everywhere. He also incorporates some ambient tracks and interludes that really send his albums above and beyond. Beacons was one of my top 5 albums of 2010 for sure. Most of his work is available for free on his bandcamp page:
>> No. 447 [Edit]
If anyone does like this, here's another solo project guy that makes similar music, also for free.
>> No. 454 [Edit]
File 129430820195.jpg - (54.40KB , 350x350 , 2711229300-1.jpg )
New Hightide Hotel leaked. I initially wrote a whole bunch of pretentious words about the new album, but that's not cool anymore.

Hightide Hotel sounds like Snowing, but a little more happy-sounding.
In other words, an American version of This Town Needs Guns, just with shorter songs.

Hightide Hotel - Nothing Was Missing, Except Me
>"noodle-y emotive punk"
>> No. 455 [Edit]
Audio Geotic - Unwind - (4.79MB - 214 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 3:08

The Ugly Organ was the first album I leaped to during high school after my Bright Eyes kick. I still love it, but I haven't listened to any of Tim Kasher's works in ages.

The first album I've really been taken by in 2011 has been Geotic's - Mend. It has the emotive and tranquil quality of Mark McGuire's (of Emeralds) best guitar efforts, but with a bit more of an ambient quality to it.

Eagerly waiting for Cloud Nothings' debut LP, in any case, which should leak relatively soon.
>> No. 465 [Edit]
And So I Watch You From Afar - s/t
>post-rock, math rock, experimental, Irish
Comes with a bonus live CD.

The Irish sure can do some awesome post-rock.
>> No. 484 [Edit]
Audio 1994! - Hilarious Combinations of People - (5.26MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 05 Hilarious Combinations of People.mp3 ) Length: 3:49


1994! (exclamation point always needed) are one of many bands from Pennsylvania who make decent music for hairy dudes and hipsters. Their sound is surprisingly hard to describe. They definitely don't sound typical to their 'scene', which is full of blatant Kinsella influences (not that there's anything wrong with blatant Kinsella influences). It's hard to pin down a specific way to describe their sound. To me, they sound like Castevet meet Butthole Surfers, with a lot of late 80's/early 90's punk thrown in there for good measure. Except it's so much more than that.

1994! - '08 Winter Demo
>Mathy post-hardcore

1994! - Thank You Arms and Legs
>More mathy post-hardcore

>Mathy post-hardcore/whatever kind of music Spires play

1994! - FCKYRHED
>Their best release yet, in my opinion

In addition to that, they were on my favorite compilation of all time, the 75:24 comp released by Ticklebutt Records back in 2009, along with a metric fuck-ton of other decent/awesome bands.

1994! is a duo as well, just a guy with a guitar, and a guy with drums. One of the members (or maybe both, I don't really know) also formed Boyfriends, who are just as good, if not better.
>> No. 489 [Edit]
> (not that there's anything wrong with blatant Kinsella influences)
I wish the scenes where I am had blatant Kinsella influences. Nope, 'Christian metalcore' for me.
>> No. 502 [Edit]
Audio Daughters - The First Supper - (6.37MB - 256 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 02 The First Supper.mp3 ) Length: 3:18

Part two of my "awesome artists I'm just discovering" series.

Daughters are actually from Rhode Island, which is a fact that I enjoyed finding out, as I was born there, and never found anything good that came from RI (aside from the quasi-obscure 'jazz fusion' band, Gruvis Malt), including myself.

Anyway, this band is kind of incomprehensible. They're somewhere in between The Locust and Sex Pistols. The lead singer sounds a little like Elvis, in my opinion, just if Elvis, you know, kicked ass. The guitars on their self-titled album flow between Melt-Banana and The Locust. They also have surprisingly decent lyrics - Toeing the line between obscene and poetic.

I'm only sharing the two albums that I have - Their debut LP, and their self-titled. Both albums are complete parallels to each other. They have some similar elements, but the overall tone is completely different.

Daughters - Hell Songs (Japanese Retail Version)
>'noisecore'. Elvis skramz. Has a bonus disc ripped as well

Daughters - Daughters
>'noisecore'. Elvis meets The Locust meets The Fall of Troy. Third favorite album of 2010.
>> No. 503 [Edit]
Fuck. I just noticed that the links are switched around. So, Hell Songs is the one for the self-titled, and vice versa.
>> No. 505 [Edit]
File 06_Pourquoi_Les_Inconnus_Restent-Ils.m4a - (6.54MB , 06 Pourquoi Les Inconnus Restent-Ils.m4a )

Daïtro - Laisser Vivre Les Squelettes
>emo/screamo, French

Awesome band, comparable to La Quiet / Sed Non Satiata.
>> No. 521 [Edit]
I really like this. It reminds me of the newer stuff by Kamomekamome. Except it's good...
It's been a while since I listened to straight-up screamo, actually.
>> No. 522 [Edit]
Audio Park Jefferson - cold coffee (acoustic) - (3.13MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz , cold coffee.mp3 ) Length: 2:17

Park Jefferson - Acoustic
>Acoustic emo. Basically last album I posted by them + one bonus track
>> No. 530 [Edit]
Audio Toro y Moi - Freak Love - (5.02MB - 242 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 07 Freak Love.mp3 ) Length: 2:52

So, rather than giving you guys a pretentious little review on a band, I figured I'd spare myself the effort and just throw a few albums I've been listening to lately at you. You've probably heard of these bands at some point, but never bothered to check them out - Although I hope not, because you're missing out on some totally awesome tunes.

Crystal Castles - Doe Deer
>Electronic/Noise rock
My favorite release from this band. I love their full-lengths to death, but this takes the cake.

Toro Y Moi - Causers of This
This is the sound I've been searching for when it comes to electronic music. It's beautiful and massively relaxed. It just reminds me of the purity that I feel when I imagine being with my waifu. Supposedly an influence on Foals. I'd love to see that influence become more evident. This one was released almost exactly a year ago (January 4th). The song posted is "Freak Love", from this album.

Gang of Four - Entertainment!
>Post-punk (but not Joy Division post-punk, more like Arctic Monkey's "post-punk")
Gang of Four is massively influential. Like, ridiculously influential. I'd say that this album influenced at least 4/5 of my top 5 bands. This album sounds really modern, too. For a 1979 album, it sounds like it can be Pitchfork's album of the year for 2003.
>> No. 531 [Edit]
Diggin Toro y Moi already.
>> No. 558 [Edit]
Then you might like this as well.

Toro y Moi - Underneath the Pine
>2nd release, more guitars on this one
>> No. 559 [Edit]
File 129706197986.jpg - (26.73KB , 320x240 , 1238850122449.jpg )
Oh cool. I downloaded the "My Touch" album, but no this one. Thanks.
>> No. 560 [Edit]
Audio shelter red - A Confusion of Tongues - (4.60MB - 160 kbps - 44.1 kHz , shelter red - strike a mortal terror - 06 - a conf.mp3 ) Length: 4:01

Shelter Red - Strike A Mortal Terror
>Progressive Metal/Instrumental
(This rip is higher quality than what I posted; I used a lower quality song just so it would be under 7mb and upload-able)

Shelter Red is two dudes that make awesome instrumental metal. The guitar parts are done by the drummer.
>> No. 563 [Edit]
Audio Piglet - Anthropology Anthology - (5.78MB - 209 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 04 Anthropology Anthology.mp3 ) Length: 3:52

Piglet - Lava Land
>math rock/instrumental

One of my favorite math rock bands.
>> No. 567 [Edit]
File 129726647832.jpg - (8.46KB , 200x200 , Caravels-Floorboards-2010.jpg )
I had this album lying around for quite some time now and it turned out to be surprisingly good, when this is not the kind music I usually listen to.

Caravels - Floorboards -
>Hardcore Ambient

A good description of what it is:
>> No. 601 [Edit]
This is really good. They remind me a lot of Defeater, and I can definitely hear some Enter Shikari in the singer. Thanks for posting this.
>> No. 602 [Edit]
Speaking of Defeater, might as well post that in here while I'm on the subject.

Defeater - Travels
>melodic hardcore

Defeater - Lost Ground(EP)
>melodic hardcore

Both albums are concept albums, having lyrics that tell a story. The Lost Ground EP is about the personal story of a WW2 vet who gets wounded in battle and loses everything. He lives on the street and begs for money. Travels follows a character from birth in 1945 until his death; opening with the lyrics "Unwanted from his first breath, a mother’s blessing born, a father’s burden worn." In the middle of the story, during the song Prophet In Plain Clothes, a connection is made between the two albums as the protagonist happens upon the protagonist of the Lost Ground EP, playing a guitar on the street corner for change. I think this connection really helps deepen the impact of both stories. Travels ends with the protagonist returning home to kill his father.
>> No. 606 [Edit]
Thanks to this thread, I've found some great music to listen to! great stuff.
>> No. 642 [Edit]
Audio ÿþInnards - ÿþS.gze - (2.74MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 3:00


These guys are some of the most interesting screamo I've heard in my life. They've got really interesting, wank-y instrumentals. Sounds like early Modest Mouse meets Orchid. The contrast is weird. It's like night and day, and it goes really well together. The songs are a lot more coherent and together than most Orchid songs, though. The song posted is "S.Gze" from Tracing - My favorite from the album.

Innards - Tracing
>Newest release. Really interesting melodies.

Innards - Cool Out Mthrfkr
>First release. A little more sedated than Tracing. More noodling on this one. Free download on Bandcamp.
>> No. 652 [Edit]
So I've just found this band, and this album is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

>Bump of Chicken, just less boring

The video posted is the 'Sekitou' single. It's also somewhat /an/ relevant - The song 'Please Freeze' from the Toradora! PSP game totally copped the melody from this song.
>> No. 653 [Edit]
File 129954126562.jpg - (55.76KB , 425x538 , sept flier.jpg )
Sole - The Pyre

Experimental spoken word of a poem about "the confusion, violence and hope of 12,000 years spent digging in the mud". It's all stream of consciousness and imagery and it's the most interesting thing I've ever heard.
>> No. 664 [Edit]
Damn, this guy is good.
>> No. 666 [Edit]
Great find, man. The Tracing album is really good, right up my alley. I myself loved the last song - Hard To Swallow. It just makes me feel so good. Man, Fuck is also really cool; I dig how they constantly change the instrumental pacing, yet the vocal screams on like nothing is changing. Though that kinda applies to their style as a whole - is my impression. Thanks for sharing.
>> No. 673 [Edit]
Oh, man. I didn't know Shutoku had such sentimentality in him. I knew he could write some awesome tunes, but I never thought he could write a song like this on an acoustic. I think this puts him up a few rungs on my favorite musicians list.

Recorded 5 days after the earthquake. I think the title means "Hometown" or something.
>> No. 676 [Edit]
I can understand your surprise if you've only heard his official releases, but check out any of his live performances and I'm pretty sure you'll see him doing something softer and less technical to add contrast.
>> No. 752 [Edit]
Audio -ÿþThe Edmund Fitzgerald - ?ÿþTwo Broke Kids Bikes/These Wet - (6.69MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 4:52

I haven't posted an actual album in this thread for days. So, to make up for it, you get two discographies from two bands that I'd say are pretty unknown.

I've posted Foals before, and I'm pretty sure most of the people reading this know who This Town Needs Guns are. You guys might not know about The Edmund Fitzgerald, or Knives, though.

The Edmund Fitzgerald are what Foals were before they were Foals. Made up of Jack Bevan (drums, later the drummer of Foals), Yannis Philippakis (guitar, later the guitarist/vocalist of Foals), and some girl on bass. I don't know anything about her, just that she played bass in The Edmund Fitzgerald. Musically, they sound like...Foals, but a heroin-y, grumpy variation of Foals. The songs are a lot longer as well. Foals' longest studio track is about 7 and a half minutes. The Ed Fitz has a track that's 11 and a half. 'Two Broke Kids' Bikes' is posted for reference to their sound.

The Edmund Fitzgerald - Discography
>Well, there might be one or two songs missing

Which brings me to Knives, the band that some members of This Town Needs Guns were in prior to This Town Needs Guns. Not sure how to describe their sound. I guess, to use an analogy, Knives is to TTNG as Kyuss is to Queens of the Stone Age. The sound is similar, but it has some major differences.

Knives - Discography
>Pre-TTNG awesomeness.
>> No. 766 [Edit]
So, I found something really awesome. They (as always, though, I'm not sure who 'they' are) are making a documentary on bloodthirsty butchers. The trailer is floating around on Youtube, in case you're curious.
Now, I'm a sentimental motherfucker, so stuff like this is right up my alley. It just kind of sucks that it may never get translated, but whatever, that's not the point. Seeing this totally inspired me to listen to copious amounts of bloodthirsty butchers, so, here I am. They're one of my favorite bands of all time, probably my second-favorite from Japan. Their music just assaults a certain part of my mind. They get to me in a way Number Girl, despite being awesome, never will. Such emotion...But I digress.

I'm going to post what I judge as their best albums (I know little to nothing about music, just so you guys know), and a pretentious little review about said album. There are 4 in total, but all of their discography is excellent. The links are all from Japshare, because Japshare is awesome despite the low frequency of posts.

bloodthirsty butchers - kocorono
>alternative/'post-rock' (although I don't see it as post-rock)

This is the album to get by them. This is their Total Life Forever, their Turn On The Bright Lights, their Kid A, their De-loused in The Comatorium. This is the essential of essential. Easily my 3rd favorite album of all time if I had to make a list.

bloodthirsty butchers - Mikansei

Mikansei continues what we saw highlighted in Kocorono: meandering passages of distorted guitars. The songs are long, the music is awesome.

bloodthirsty butchers - Yamane

Yamane is their most experimental album. On the track 'No Future' (one of my favorite butchers songs), the vocalist uses a vocoder. The intro track, 'Theme' opens the album with distorted trumpets.

bloodthirsty butchers – 荒野ニヲケルbloodthirsty butchers

Some regard this as the butchers' magnum opus, rather than Kocorono, but fuck that, man. This is a 8.5/10 album, but it just doesn't hit the nail on the head like Kocorono. Ironically, it has my favorite butchers song of all time, the closer, Jigoku no Rocker. I mean, it's just perfect. It sums up their sound in the truest fashion. Meandering, yearning. It's beautiful, but only in a manly way. And that's what I love about the butchers.

And on a completely unrelated note, how the hell did I miss this?
>> No. 780 [Edit]
Young Legionnaire - Numbers

This is the newest single from these guys. Two of the members were in pretty successful groups. Gordon Moakes, the bassist, was in Bloc Party. The frontman, Paul Mullen, was the frontman of Yourcodenameis:milo.

They sound like Yourcodenameis:milo, just a tad more chilled out. If you enjoyed Ignoto (the debut album from YCNIM), you'll most definitely enjoy Young Legionnaire's stuff.
>> No. 781 [Edit]
>bloodthirsty butchers documentary

Holy shit do want.

>And on a completely unrelated note, how the hell did I miss this?

Better late than never!
>> No. 786 [Edit]
Apropos bloodthirsty butchers: I've been focusing on this band lately, and I like them. I'm coming straight from COWPERS, so I must admit that I was hoping for more grit, but this is fine music none the less. Not as hype for my part, but I'm very sure sure they'll get to me in due time. Next will probably be Number Girl. Now, these are all bands I already like, but I feel every band deserves a chance to be heard through and through - so that's what I'm doing. The only bad thing is that bb's vast discography is fucking confusing. Say what, two self-titled albums, where-of only one is listed in their website?? And that's just the starter... Oh well, all the more to explore, eh.
>> No. 787 [Edit]
Oh, dude, if you like gritty guitars and Cowpers, then you have got to check out Spiral Chord (if you haven't already). One of the best acts from Japan. Unfortunately, they disbanded after only two releases.
>> No. 789 [Edit]
>bloodthirsty butchers
>number girl
>spiral chord

You guys like Toddle and Sloth Love Chunks too? I love them.
>> No. 790 [Edit]
Well shit, that's the vocal from COWPERS! I know each of them have done various stuff in various bands, but I can't quite seem to find info on the members and their work. Do anyone know of some sort of encyclopedia/database or similar with this kind of information? That would be nice, as grinding through every J-rock band alphabetically would be cumbersome.

Ah, Spiral Chord; thanks for the heads-up - this is great!

The music in your YT vid is promising; I'm checking them out as well.
>> No. 791 [Edit]
Sloth Love Chunks are pretty interesting.

Isn't the bassist from Number Girl/Spiral Chord involved in some way?
>> No. 792 [Edit]

Yeah, the bassist played for Spiral Chord and then Sloth Love Chunks after Number Girl broke up. And of course, Tabuchi Hisako of Toddle played guitar for Bloodthirsty Butchers after Number Girl broke up.
>> No. 800 [Edit]
Audio The Ghost of a Thousand - Black Art Number One - (6.37MB - 320 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 05 Black Art Number One.mp3 ) Length: 2:47

The Ghost of a Thousand - This Is Where The Fight Begins
>hardcore punk, post-hardcore, british
>> No. 801 [Edit]
Hell yeah.

I've been on such a butchers kick lately. They've become one of my favorite bands of all time.
>> No. 813 [Edit]
Audio ÿþMerchant Ships - ?ÿþLong Term Relationships Were O - (3.72MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 05 Long Term Relationships Were Only.mp3 ) Length: 2:38

This is pretty awesome. The more hoarse vocals remind me of Logs, and the clean vocals remind me of Arctic Monkeys. I love what's happening to post-hardcore in Britain.

It's been two years since I discovered them, and singing/shouting to Merchant Ships comes as easily as it did then. This band really is the ultimate for me. From their influences to the fact that they have a sample from a report about my boyhood hero's suicide in the first track I heard from them.
>> No. 815 [Edit]
Audio Ghosts And Vodka - It's All About Right Then - (4.25MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 02 Its All About Right Then.mp3 ) Length: 3:06

Ghosts And Vodka - Addicts And Drunks
>instrumental, post-rock, math rock

Ghosts And Vodka is Kinsella-core minus the Kinsellas. Victor Villarreal (guitar), and Sam Zurick (guitar) of Cap'n Jazz/Joan of Arc formed the band back in 1998.

I still have those 2 Merchant Ships demos that were posted back on ib4f, and still listen to them.
>> No. 821 [Edit]
File 130267953185.jpg - (60.10KB , 300x300 , Boris-NewAlbum.jpg )
Boris - New Album

I had a pretentious little article on the new album all ready to go, but I messed up posting. Instead, I'll just say that this is one of my favorite releases of the year, because it's Boris sounding nothing like Boris.

They also have two more releases coming this month.
>> No. 833 [Edit]
In before the end of this post - TL;DR: useless text, only scarcely relevant to the topic. That's a personal warning.


I'm not letting go of the bloodthirsty butchers topic just yet!

After having played each album (in my bb playlist) at least >10 times, I feel a certain urge for sharing my feel. You know, that feel when vocalist Yoshimura sings "Øøøøøø~", of which you insist must be his trademark chanting sound for enchanting already enchanted jap indie, punk rock junkies...

Okay favorite albums; cliché as it sounds - an impossible pick, but kocorono really is insta-classic on first listen. Admittedly I do find their initial albums endlessly charming, sporting that dry and gritty post-punk-ish, light screamy vocals - wrapped up by raw, entry-level recording. Like any successful punk bands they do evolve from that point, and neither for the worse nor better. What I find most mesmerizing is that percieved notion of calmness on the vocalist's behalf, while still emititng a significant ammount of strength. In ways it's the opposite of COWPERS, in the respect that the latter seems to go just a little further pro quo pushing out that last drop of intensiveness; while in bb's case the intensity just flows out naturally. Both are to me admirable traits that I enjoy equally on different levels. This phenomenon is especially notable when given some contrast, like in duo live performances. That is my take on bb's vocal characteristics, yet there is still much left to be said there-of.

Moving on; later albums such as Banging the Drum and ギタリストを殺さないで (Don't kill that guitarist) also moves me greatly. "Consistency in quality and creative developement" is my main compliment for bb's discography. This adds extra character in their favor, as far as I'm concerned. I must add, however, that their latest album (NO ALBUM MUDAI, counting out their re-release of kocorono) was the least memorable, as a whole, on my part. I obviously have not followed this group intimately for any time, but I do feel that they've been doing much of the same thing since 2004 - with the addition of Tabuchi from Number Girl. The 3 predecessors of NO ALBUM MUDAI escapes the dreaded label generic, and Kubachi was still "new" at the time of birdy. Again, I'm no expert, but I reckon one can only quality control ones path so far. It might be time to shift quarse to some other, unknown, destination; as they did with kocorono. Did anyone know where bb were heading in 1996? It was possibly anyone's guess; but it turned out great, I say. Given that they intend to keep the rock rolling.

Okay, my top 5 bb albums (chronological order):
debut album /self-titled
i'm standing nowhere

I've already had a say on the charms of the 3 first albums, but there's just so much more to say. The first 2 of them has a certain dark or deeper vibe to select titles, while overall being played in a surprisingly playful manner. Paradox much? Skill, passion, originality and musical fusion makes it happen. Delicious noodling, random execution, rythmical variation... bb earns big respect from my part. My impression on their third album is that they took a certain element of the two initial albums, and just made music - superb music. It's different, yet so familiar, or at home, one might say. I think I can safely skip praising kocorono, it really is their magnus opus. ギタリストを殺さないで is to me the manifest of what the modern bloodthirsty butchers do best. It's all good music, this I must acknowledge, but, there's a but - as sentimental as I may come off - its sound doesn't quite put me in my cot of enjoyment, passive zen if you will, as is the case with the 4 earlier albums. This is much to ask from a long-going band like bloodthirsty butchers, but I must be honest with my feelings. You'll definately notice when someone is head-banging, tapping their feet or just singing along, but the scene of someone falling in love with music is a bit more complex to picture for an observing part. That is my case with bb's initial 4 albums versus ギタリストを殺さないで, or even ソレダケ, yamane or 荒野ニヲケルbloodthirsty butchers for that matter - it's all tight race for me in the scale of favor. I do my best to restrain myself from making pretentious statements on music, so please be aware that I'm writing this on a 100% subjective level.

Favorite songs; I'll just throw out some titles (2-3 per album in my playlist), loosly chronological order - with special ones in bold:
I'm blue, SILENCER, AM6:00; omae ga dai-kirai da, korekara dohshiyo, room; 402, フ, ロスト・イン・タイム; 2月/February, 7月/July, 10月/October; プールサイド, 僕, 「Δ」サンカク(album version); 襟がゆれてる。, ファウスト (the one featuring 浅野忠信 applies as well), bloodthirsty butchers (/narcissist titles); happy end, nagisanite, wagamama no hotori; dorama, 影を慕いて, real / melodic; JACK NICOLSON, bandwagon, 荒野ニオケルbloodthirsty butchers; B2, サンザン, banging the drum; I'VE BEEN LOST, ゴキゲンイカガ (cover by +/-); yeah#1, ムシズと退屈, イッポ; 散文とブルース, black out, curve. There's also 時は終わる from their first maxi single - 「△」サンカク, missing on this list because of a lacking album version (excluding their two live albums, where-in this greatly extensive song can be found; green on red being the specific live album in question).

I'll finish off by making a comment on why I find those special songs indeed special. I wish I could go deeper into the instrumental techs, but I'm just not there yet in terms of proficiency; however it's cool beans anyway.


Having written all this bullcrap, I think I'm ready to move on. Time to archive the audio files, and open up to something else. To be honest I could very well be happy listening to this alone for the next month or two. Hell, there's even some maxi singles and various featurings still missing in my playlist, so I'm not done lurking yet. In any case; I'd like to declare myself an official bloodthirsty butchers fan. I'll honor this statement in silence, never to be mentioned again. Just listening to the music is fine, and it's great that music like this exists.

Sorry for posting non-upload posts; this might be better suited in the J-music/general thread, but what the hell - I felt inclined to continue a thought conversation on bb.
>> No. 834 [Edit]
continued from >>833

My personal belief is that a favorite song says more about your genuin musical taste rather than a list of albums, or artists for that matter. I stated that I'd make a comment on the songs in specific that I listed up, but I've changed my mind (and I couldn't delete the post to edit). I might do it later, but honestly, this is enough from me. Rather I'd like to hear more from others.

E.g. reading paperface's various song titles mentioned was to me very facinating. Initially I didn't really know how to feel about yamane, but after reading it could be described as experimental, the album suddenly became more likable for me. However, I still fancy their live version of no future, heard in green on red; simply because of "unspoiled" vocals - since I'm just that much in love with Hideki's voice. And 地獄のロッカー (Jigoku no Rocker) sets the mood just right for me as well.

>> No. 835 [Edit]
I'm always up for anything related to the butchers.

They're one of those rare bands that aren't afraid to experiment. They're not that dissimilar to Sonic Youth, but they're more like Dinosaur Jr. - Less harsh, 'warmer' music.

I don't think I posted COWPERS version of July yet, either, so that's going to get thrown in. Personally (and I hate saying this), I prefer it to the butchers' version - If only because they took this song and made it into their own. They aren't trying to copy the butchers' style or anything, they just want to play a song that they enjoy, and it shows.

>live version of no future
Hell yes. I feel like that sums up how diverse the butchers can be - Here you have a song, that, in the studio is a delicate acoustic song with vocoder vocals, turned into such a bad-ass piece of punk rock. I actually had to check and see that I had the right track.

Switching over to their albums, what gets me the most about kocorono is the fact that 9月/september ぼく is followed by 10月/october 黄昏. It's a really interesting contrast. I don't believe that I didn't notice it the first time I listened to it.

I can't really get into their newest album, though. The only tracks I can really get into are 僕達の疾走, Black Out and Ocean. It's not bad music, by any means, it just seems to me that they walk where they once ran. I wouldn't say it's Tabuchi's fault, she's an excellent guitarist, but most of the releases after she joined seemed a lot less ambitious - Basically, Birdy just doesn't stand up to Yamane for me. I can still pick out a lot of tracks I like from their more recent stuff, but a lot less than I can in their back catalog. But they released kocorono, so they can get away with stuff like that.
>> No. 836 [Edit]
>COWPERS version of July
This is pretty much the reason I decided to focus on bb. The cover is brilliant, and the original is brilliant as well. COWPERS doing what they do best, just now in the form of a ballad. I just wish COWPERS got to do more lengthy songs in their time. That's a very likable trait in bb's case. It's hard to even compare the two songs, with the former being somewhat tender, and the latter being more raw.

I think that might be what's missing from the recent albums. They don't have to explore vastly new territory in order to create awesome music; they just need a little more interesting ingredients, perhaps.

>9月/september followed by 10月/october
That's indeed part of the reason why 10月 rocks so hard; in a similar fashion displayed in they're later split album with +/-, where-in a symphonic and slow-paced re-imagining of bb's JACH NICOLSON precedes a fast and up-beat I'VE BEEN LOST. The drums just goes nuts, and the vocals and guitar displays this kind of bb-esque attitude. I love it.

Apropos bb vs +/-; this is one of the more successfull splits I've heard so far. I don't know what, but somethings just clicks between these two. I like all of their 3 additions in the album. 8/16-bit backing tunes makes it awesome by default; and the finale, however short it may be, really gets to me. Their English version of banging the drum creates good tension, and finish by capitalizing on what was sowed. I like the lyrics as well.

Sometimes, when listening to a bb album, a song just suddenly jumps right in your face and starts rocking hard, and you have to ask yourself - "why does this kick so much ass?", when we might've heard harder rock songs that engaged less than this. The preceding song usually has a say in this matter, and that's why listening to albums wholly are way better than singles from some "awesome songs" playlist or whatever.
>> No. 837 [Edit]
Speaking of live albums, Number Girl's Sapporo Omoide In My Head Joutai is so damn good that it should be a crime. Probably my favorite album from them outside of SCHOOLGIRL DISTORTIONAL ADDICT.

This video rules. (music starts at 2:47)
>> No. 839 [Edit]
That album has the only live recording of U-REI that I like, actually. Well, one out of two.

If I had one issue with Number Girl, it's that they waste so many spots on their live albums with versions of Omoide In My Head and I Don't Know. There are only two live versions of Eight Beat and Touch. Only one of Drunk Afternoon and Zazenbeats Kemonostyle, and so on.

Still, Omoide is bad-ass live, it's substantially better than the studio version, I think.

Sappukei is another stand-out on that album. It's one of my favorite tracks from them in general, but I prefer this to the studio version.

Any Number Girl release is a good release. I'll admit, I do love me some Zazen Boys on occasion, but it's just not the same.
>> No. 843 [Edit]
Found loads of cool stuff today.

First is Toddle's new PV, "Shimmer". This might be their best album yet. For those who don't know, Toddle is the side project of Hisako Tabuchi, the rhythm guitarist of both Number Girl and bloodthirsty butchers.
>> No. 844 [Edit]
Next is Foals covering Angels of Light's "Public Embarrassment Blues"

This is the coolest thing I heard for a while. Angels of Light is Michael Gira's solo project, and Michael Gira was the mind behind Swans. It's weird to think that he makes stuff like this after Swans - One of the most angry, chaotic No Wave groups in existence. In other words, I really, really like the idea of Foals taking influence from Angels of Light/Swans.

In that session, they also did an acoustic version of "Two Trees" from their newest album which turned out really good, and an acoustic version of Spanish Sahara as well.

Download the mp3 here:
>> No. 846 [Edit]
Let's try this one last time.

Last is Thurston Moore's newest track, "Benediction". It has violins, sounds nothing like Sonic Youth, and is shockingly beautiful. If I had to think of a band to compare it to, I'd pick Dinosaur Jr., just...acoustic.

Get at it:

His newest solo album, 'Demolished Thoughts' (awesome title, by the way), is definitely going to be on my end of the year list if it sounds more like this than his other stuff.
>> No. 848 [Edit]
Check your Easter baskets, Brohnos. Young Legionnaire's new album leaked.

Young Legionnaire - Crisis Works
>Riffy post-hardcore

Can't post a preview track, unfortunately, because the files are just too damn big.
>> No. 852 [Edit]
>New Toddle PV

           *     +
        +  ∩_ _∩  
*   キタァ━━━━━━( ゚∀゚)━━━━━━!!!
      +   ノ  /
        +  (つ ノ  +
           (ノ  *
     + * +
     * +
>> No. 882 [Edit]
Audio A Lot Like Birds - Ted Bundy's Thanksgiving Dinner - (2.47MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 01 Ted Bundy's Thanksgiving Dinner.mp3 ) Length: 1:48

A Lot Like Birds - Plan B

Amazing album.
>> No. 886 [Edit]
This is pretty solid. It really reminds me of Funeral for a Friend, just a lot better and midwest-y.
>> No. 889 [Edit]
Audio William Bonney - Good Vibes - (3.05MB - 160 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 05 Good Vibes.mp3 ) Length: 1:54

William Bonney - Good Vibes
>Skramz. Made in the midwest, but sounds more like Bay Area

The boys from M.Ships did this afterwards, minus their awesome guitarist. Don't think I posted their original demo.

Song posted is the title track.
>> No. 907 [Edit]
Audio Foals - |||||||| - (3.85MB - 128 kbps - 44.1 kHz , Foals - =====.mp3 ) Length: 4:12

This is pretty cool. It's from Foals, and it's new. Enough said, right?

Not when it comes to Paperface, unfortunately. This particular tune is a live track they've taken to playing. In the original file, it segued into The French Open (quite nicely, I might add). I cut out the rest of the song, though, and left the new, live goodness.

It's how I imagined Total Life Forever would sound, based on pre-release hype. It's so close, it's a little weird. If I had it my way, every Foals song after Antidotes would be like this - Mellow and melancholy. Going to throw their B-Sides up in about 10 minutes, because my favorite English song of all time is involved, and I never shared them.

Ghosts and Vodka are really nice. I think the guitarist from Snowing mentioned being heavily influenced by them at some point, forgot where I read/heard that, though.
>> No. 908 [Edit]
When you listen to enough alternative rock; what's regarded as alternative may become a norm of its own. The expression "alternative" is indeed very broad, so you'd think at least some of that "alternative" rock music should trigger your curiosity some. Not a very urgent problem, honestly, but the purpose was to introduce (to myself) Eraserheads. Is this rock? It rocks, but doesn't sound like rock... Alternative rock it is. As of yet I have not been able to quite wrap my head around this band and their music. What language is that that, Spanish? Why the fuck is his English this good? Do they even sing Japanese, I don't know, but I'll sing along anyway.

The biggest pain was getting decent LAME bitrates. Tons of shitty uploads, for some reason single song uploads most of them. If you haven't already checked them out, and wanna meet them head on, then I might suggest to type the sentence in my email field onto Google search.

Hm, that was silly writing.

Post edited on 8th May 2011, 7:12am
>> No. 917 [Edit]
I made some really idiotic assumptions about Eraserheads' state of origin, and I'm unable to edit/delete, so here's a new post.

Anyway, having listened some more, I can see that some might claim it to be pop, or just alternative in general. My opinion is that the instrumental usage leans towards rock. They're based in the Philippines, so one might be content with calling it pinoy rock.

I hope I can get that sentence into my email field now..
>> No. 920 [Edit]
Eraserheads aren't too bad, actually. A lot better than I thought any pinoy rock would be. I only got their 'Aloha, Milkyway' album. For some reason, I was imagining The Church, just in Tagalog. It was a pleasant surprise, though.
>> No. 921 [Edit]
Hell, yeah, Fucked Up. I am resurrecting my mention of them again. Been listening to them a lot over the past few weeks, in order to stoke myself up for their newest album - The two-disc rock opera about love, tragedy, and lightbulbs (from what I gather, it seems to be a re-telling of Romeo and Juliet). They're one of the best hardcore bands I've heard in my life, and always find a way to keep me interested in every single song I've heard by them. I also love that one of their catchiest songs is called 'Black Albino Bones' - They do that kind of stuff as a sort of safety net against mainstream recognition. Hence, their name, their imagery (occult symbols and Nazi rally pictures). Another awesome aspect to them is their lyrics - Chock full of obscure Biblical references.

Fucked Up - Hidden World
>Hardcore punk. More 'punk' than their subsequent releases.

Fucked Up - The Chemistry of Common Life
>I'd say this is their definition of post-hardcore. Less 'punk' than Hidden World, heavier, but with more melodies.

I'd recommend them if you like Husker Du, or any kind of punk music, really.
>> No. 926 [Edit]
File 01_-_Ultrasound.ogg - (6.72MB , 01 - Ultrasound.ogg )

Yeah they're not too bad, I guess that sums it up pretty well. After listening to Carbon Stereoxide, their latest OC album as Eraserheads (not Eheads and misc derrivates), I was disappointed that they didn't get to make more music like that. Their earlier music is in sum a little too happy-go-lucky for my taste, to be honest. I mean, when you're making christmas songs, warning signs starts flashing to me. Lastly, when 2/5 of your major releases are non-original content, I lose a little respect. Anticlimax, if you will.

To sum up: I really liked the Carbon Stereoxide album; and Sticker Happy is also good if you can live with a slower pacing. Certain titles throughout the rest of their discography do of course grab my attention, but on a lesser level and in a much lesser quantity than what Carbon Stereoxide inclines me to feel. Too little to bother, for my part.

Uploaded said album on MF, LAME v0:

Embedded track is my favourite. Others of favour are Maskara, Hula, Palaming, Paint Stripper and Omnesia. A general recommendation from my part.
>> No. 934 [Edit]
Warning: Video has (nude) 3DPD

Yuck are a really exceptional band. I've only just discovered them, unfortunately.

They sound sort of like Dinosaur Jr. meets No Age, with a bit of early Pavement in there for good measure. I really like them because of that - I always thought that the 90's were the best 'era' for American guitar music, and they totally epitomize it. However, they keep it interesting because they don't only sound like early-90's alternative, you can hear genres that emerged only recently on the album as well.

Yuck - Yuck
>Alternative/noise rock
>> No. 940 [Edit]
File 130544525443.jpg - (57.36KB , 500x443 , folder.jpg )
Thurston Moore's album leaked. It's really good, actually. Definitely better than I was expecting (that says a lot). The tracks are all really mellow and acoustic. Lots of strings, which I have no problem with at all. I'm pretty sure that J Mascis and Beck are both involved, but don't hold me to that. It has the vibes of old-school jazz records, night-time, and...Majora's Mask. I'd go as far to say that it's my favorite Sonic Youth-related release in a very long time. Definitely his best solo album, I think.

Thurston Moore - Demolished Thoughts
>> No. 941 [Edit]
>I've only just discovered them, unfortunately.
>Released: 15 February 2011
That's pretty early by my standards. I'm checking them out; sounds good - really good. Thanks for the heads-up, yet again.
>> No. 981 [Edit]
Audio Snowing - big weed - (3.18MB - 160 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 02 big weed.mp3 ) Length: 2:47

1994!/Snowing/Algernon Cadwallader/Boys and Sex - Summer Singles

Hell yeah, four of my favorite Philly bands on one record. Summer is indeed in the air. Although that means painfully mediocre ecchi series and awesome bands releasing records, it also means sticky-sweatiness and constant thirst.

1994!'s track (Proper J) is pretty good, one of the best songs I've heard from them. Sounds more like Boyfriends, though, what with the sample in the beginning. It just has that 1994!-exclusive energy.

Snowing, despite releasing what turned out to be the most disappointing album of 2010, ended up redeeming themselves a bit with 'Big Weed' (the featured track). They throw in some female vocals. John Galm doesn't sing about drinking and/or Melissa. It's not produced like a early-2000's pop-punk song. All in all, pretty cool. The Snowing boys are getting back up on their feet.

Boys and Sex's song (High Notes) is pretty mellow, echoing the earlier bands that some of the members were in (Boy Problems/Make Me), but you know, being Boys and Sex, it has a lot of distortion and palm-muted-ness.

Algernon Cadwallader are almost always good (next Cap'n Jazz, mark my words), and they don't get any worse on this record with '(Na na na na) Stimulation'. It's a very 'summer' song. Reminds me of The Ramones meets Tera Melos (that sounds surprisingly awesome, actually). Sing-along chorus and all that. Algernon also released a live album a short time back, so try and find that if you can. It's pretty fun, and surprisingly well-produced for an underground band's live record.
>> No. 985 [Edit]
Fucked Up - David Comes to Life

High points: "Serve Me Right", "Under My Nose", "A Little Death", "One More Night", "Lights Go Up"

This is my favorite release of 2011 so far. I've been waiting for this goddamn thing since January. It's such a massive record. 17 tracks, one hour, seventeen minutes. If Fucked Up weren't so 'cult' (or maybe they're not 'cult' enough?), this would easily be one of the biggest records of the year. All of the indie kids would be loving it. 10/10 on Pitchfork, Rolling Stones interviews, the works. But I don't think that will ever happen, because, well, Fucked Up are too punk for the indie crowd and too pop for the punk crowd, and this record might serve to further alienate them. This record has some of the heaviest tracks I've heard in 2011, and, at the same time, some of the catchiest melodies (in the same songs, even). All of the files are too big for /tc/, so I'll just post the 'quasi-documentary' for the album, which features a clip from one of my favorite tracks in the beginning. It's bizarre, but I can totally see how they slowly became one of my favorite bands. Digressing a lot, here, but if they ever break up, I can't see them doing well in anything else, simply because Fucked Up is that all-encompassing, massive band. The frontman will always be "that dude from Fucked Up" - Like how Dave Grohl will always be "that dude from Nirvana" and the singer for William Bonney will always be "that dude from Merchant Ships". It's funny how that happens...

'David Comes to Life' ties up the triumvirate of albums I was mainly looking forward to this year (Demolished Thoughts and Crisis Works are the other two). Anything else (such as the 4-way split posted above and any other 2011 releases I share here) is just a pleasant surprise. Also trying to find Toddle's "The Shimmer", but that's a lot harder than I thought it would be. Lame. And I still feel like the year will end without a new release from Zazen Boys, Dinosaur Jr. or Sonic Youth.

I downloaded Caravels a while back, but forgot to respond to this post. I really like this stuff. They remind me of a "bigger" Innards, if that makes sense to anyone here.
>> No. 986 [Edit]
Pitchfork gave the track "A Little Death" Best New Music just a couple weeks ago. That's usually a good sign they're going to review the album favorably.
>> No. 989 [Edit]
Well, hell yeah. I mean, I know it's Pitchfork and all, but it's nevertheless awesome to see FU to be getting the recognition they deserve, regardless of sources.

Also just noticed that the link is dead. And all of the links I find are dead as well. That kind of sucks...I'll see what I can do in a little while, though.

Your consolation prize is some noodly emo goodness, because this is /tc/. We always get the consolation prize.

Dads - Brush Your Teeth ;)
>Sounds like Snowing meets CSTVT
>> No. 998 [Edit]
Audio Beau Navire - Cloud City - (1.97MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 06 Cloud City.mp3 ) Length: 1:23

Pleasant surprises, take 1:

Beau Navire - Hours

Beau Navire, I don't think I posted them before. They're a "composite band", made up of current and ex-members of Loma Prieta, Spires, and Iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook. I really love Loma and Haikus, but Spires just doesn't hit that spot for me. They're a hell of a lot more melodic than any of their original bands, though. This album also has a lot of ambient, post-rock-y sections that are really sweet. It doesn't sound anything like what they used to do. Also didn't think they were going to release anything for a while.

Song posted is "Cloud City".
>> No. 999 [Edit]
Audio Mihai Edrisch - Naître - (4.61MB - 254 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 2:32

>Beau Navire

I just downloaded this like last week along with Mihai Edrisch(french) and La Última Canción Del Mundo (Argentinian, how exotic). All of it is really good.

Mihai Edrisch - Un Jour Sans Lendemain
>French screamo

La Última Canción Del Mundo - s/t
>Argentinian screamo
>> No. 1001 [Edit]
Well, shit, man, that's a bit of irony.

Checking out the Argentinian stuff (that's a really awesome name they've got there, I'll say). The link to Mihai Edrisch is dead, though...
>> No. 1002 [Edit]
Ah, so it is. This one should work.
>> No. 1003 [Edit]
Audio !ÿþShuta Hasunuma - !ÿþParadigm Shift - (3.75MB - 176 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 07 - Shuta Hasunuma - Paradigm Shift.mp3 ) Length: 2:58

It worked, sweet. I prefer the Argentinian stuff to this, I think. Not by that much, though. Something about the female (of is that a high-pitched male?) vocals really make the album for me.

Now for something completely different. I'd do all caps, because it is a massive contrast, but I don't think this calls for cruise control.

Shuta Hasunuma - OK Bamboo
>Ambient/piano stuff

It has been so, so long since I hear an album this minimalist and beautiful. I'm really hyped on it - Kind of strange considering how slow it is. The songs are a little hard to describe. I guess it could be described as " more organic, less spazzy World's End Girlfriend" - Just not as cool a title (World's End Girlfriend just has something about it, you know?). With this album, I was actually a little sad when it ended. That hasn't happened in years. It's a brilliant, beautiful album.

2007 was such a good year for music.
>> No. 1010 [Edit]
File 130654156070.jpg - (176.03KB , 600x600 , wavves.jpg )
It's hot today, man. And I don't even have an air-conditioner. It blows (yes, that was a pun). So, summer tunes are in order.

Wavves - King of the Beach
>Noise rock/'surf punk'

You guys should have heard this already. If you didn't, here's your best chance to listen to the perfection that Wavves brings to the table. One of my favorite releases of 2010: The dude can really write some awesome, simple pop-songs. Good music for when you're feeling like shit, for sure. The earlier releases, when it was just one guy, are pretty cool, too. I'll probably post them some other day, if nobody beats me to it.
'Baseball Cards' is what I would call a NEET-anthem: "I don't wanna walk outside / Cause where would I go? / Well I don't know // Time takes its toll / And where would I go? / We don't know // Because I don't wanna walk outside / I don't wanna walk outside without you". Other stand-out tracks are 'Post Acid', 'Super Soaker', 'Take On The World', 'Baby Say Goodbye', 'Idiot' and 'Green Eyes'.

It's perfect summer music, although, ironically, I'm terrified of the beach. You can't be the king of the beach if you're scared of the people there.

The album cover is also probably the best cover art I've ever seen. That, and the lead single (which is a 2-minute song full of feedback) were incentive enough for me to get the album.
>> No. 1011 [Edit]
Audio toddle - wagtails - (5.03MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 09 wagtails.mp3 ) Length: 3:40

Toddle - The Shimmer

Unorthodox, yes, but fuck it. It's Toddle. The first single got me really interested in it, and the album does not disappoint one bit. Best Toddle release I've heard. Anywhere from 7-9/10 at least.

There are a lot more pretty-sounding melodies and NG-esque bits (well, she was the lead guitarist). I'd say it sounds like a girly version of Number Girl. That sounds like an insult, but I don't mean it as one. It's a lot more mellow and laid-back compared to their other stuff. Sounds all nostalgic and stuff. It's damn near perfect. She really knows how to work with melodies and stuff.

Favorite track is 'Wagtails' for me. The 'girly NG' comparison really comes to light there, and it also has some evident Butchers influence. It's like...Butchers, NG and Mass of the Fermenting Dregs put into one song. Plus, who doesn't love wagtails?
Other stand-out tracks are 'Eraser' (lot of energy on that one), 'Arpeggio', 'Chase It' (sounds like it could be on a Butchers album), 'Minimal' (which is anything but, mind you), and 'Cast Away'.

I really hate using the NG/Butchers comparisons. They feel really 'unnecessary'.
>> No. 1012 [Edit]

Fuck yes!
>> No. 1013 [Edit]
This is really good! Makes me feel happy inside.
>> No. 1021 [Edit]

MANS are one of the most interesting bands I've ever heard. No joke. These dudes are awesome. Not exactly 'top 10 bands' material, but they'd be up there if I still like them in five months as much as I do now.

It's sort of hard to describe their sound, but if I had to pick something to compare it to (as I always do), I'd say it sounds like...William Bonney meets The Reptilian. It's amazing. They also do a surprising amount of instrumental songs - I think like, half of their discography is vocal-less.

They also did a cover of Slint's 'Washer' that I vastly, vastly prefer to the original. And Slint is the shit.

All of their stuff is free on their bandcamp, so I'd feel like an asshole if I didn't link it.
>> No. 1026 [Edit]
Audio Ten Thousand Leagues - Early Morning Eyes - (6.78MB - 320 kbps - 44.1 kHz , Ten Thousand Leagues - demo - 05 Early Morning Eye.mp3 ) Length: 2:58

Found this band through Innards, so if you like those guys, give it a listen!

Ten Thousand Leagues - demo
>ecreamo/melodic hardcore
Album is free on their bandcamp.
>> No. 1027 [Edit]
Audio ÿþColorChromatic - ÿþA as in sAtan - (4.06MB - 320 kbps - 44.1 kHz , ColorChromatic - tenet - 07 A as in sAtan.mp3 ) Length: 1:42

This is awesome, man. I was expecting a slightly more loose guitar sound, but this is way better. Members of Moldar, Summer Vacation, Lautrec, Calculator and ColorChromatic. Don't know the first two, but the rest of those bands are great.

Another thing to note is that they actually bothered to post lyrics (which are great). Mad props.

ColorChromatic - Tenet
>Noise rock/hardcore

Less screamo-ish than their peers. They sound like...Soundgarden meets (early) We Were Skeletons. As ridiculous as that seems, they make it work.
>> No. 1033 [Edit]
On The Might Of Princes - Where You Are And Where You Want To Be

Not to further push this thread toward an all post-hardcore all the time thread, but I really love this band.
>> No. 1039 [Edit]
Post-hardcore's alright anytime.

Capsule - No Ghost

Easily one of my favorite releases this year.
>> No. 1045 [Edit]
Audio The Little OnesCrystal Castles - Lovers Who Uncover (Crystal Castles VS. The Little Ones) - (4.84MB - 128 kbps - 48 kHz , Lovers Who Uncover (Crystal Castles VS_ The Little.mp3 ) Length: 5:17

I'll try creating some contrast, then.

The Little Ones:
Morning Tide -
Sing Song -
Terry Tales & Fallen Gates -

Easy rock. It's probably nice if you're into lighthearted music.

Robot Science:
3 albums and one spin-off EP, free on bandcamp -

Breakbeat on the chill side of things. Good music, but it might not engage the rave junkie. The atmosphere reminds me of that house feel, so I guess that's dreamelectronica for you.
>> No. 1046 [Edit]
Audio Three Trapped Tigers - Zil - (6.70MB - 225 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 4:10

Contrast can be good as well.
I like The Little Ones. That's some pretty mellow stuff they have. Got the "Terry Tales & Fallen Gates" album, probably going to get the others soon. Robot Science is great, too - I'm not really an expert on electronic music, though. I feel like I should be more into it, though.

Three Trapped Tigers - Route One or Die

This is mind-boggling stuff. I've never really heard anything quite like it in my life. All I can really compare it to is a heavy version of Toe. But there are a lot more dimensions to it than just that simple description. To say it simply, it's hard to explain.

The track posted isn't really the best one to determine their sound, either (only one that was small enough to fit).
>> No. 1052 [Edit]
Left field post.

>bloodthirsty butchers documentary

For the interested:
This is actually going to have English subs. Might actually consider buying it if rips don't end up popping up. Because, like...It's the butchers, man.
>> No. 1056 [Edit]
Holy fuck that's awesome news. Fingers crossed that it turns up soon-ish.

Classic performance.
>> No. 1057 [Edit]
Also realized that a lot of the links I posted might be dead, so I'm going to go through and see what I can do...

Loma Prieta - Life/Less

>Shitty bitrate, might not even be the whole album. If it's locked, try " equal " for a password

I'll post Knives in a follow-up to this post, because I didn't know that stuff was this hard to find.

The Edmund Fitzgerald

Still can't find a link for this one

Fucked Up - David Comes To Life
>Get at this while you can, it's inevitably going to be taken down soon. For some reason, Matador's all yandere about their releases now
>> No. 1060 [Edit]
So I completely missed the thread the first time. Got to start paying attention to where I'm posting...

Kyuss - Welcome To Sky Valley
>Stoner metal (grungy psychedelic stuff)
Password: robixxx

Kyuss are easily my favorite metal band. This is probably my...10th (-ish) favorite album of all time.
Boris would be my favorite metal band, but screw that, they're too diverse. Kyuss just have that old-school metal sound, combined with the modern influence of bands like Melvins and Soundgarden (even though I'm pretty sure Soundgarden got their sound from Kyuss). I like Queens of the Stone Age, but I always dismiss that as normalfag rock. Other than their first three releases, they kind of fall flat.
Kyuss is just one of those bands that I'll always know the members for. It's the perfect album for summer-time sunsets. If you had even a modicum of love for Soundgarden as a kid (or even right now), then Kyuss is going to be right up your alley.

The song posted isn't that Soundgarden-y, but it's the best song on the album.
>> No. 1069 [Edit]
Caddywhompus - The Weight
>Noodly noise pop

Their debut LP released last year was good, but a bit too abrasive at times for me. This one's a bit more restrained, focusing on atmosphere instead of going all out with screeching feedback and catchy melodies.

I can't post any of the tracks here, unfortunately, because they're too large.


Free download:
>> No. 1072 [Edit]
Audio Innards - s1mpl3 decisions - (2.40MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz , s1mpl3 decisions.mp3 ) Length: 1:45

So, fuck yeah, Innards put out a new release - A split EP with a band called мища. They still sound like Modest Mouse skramz, and it's still awesome. The newer stuff is actually loads more melodic than the songs on Tracing/Cool Out, Mthrfkr. 'Slothbear' is easily the most chilled-out tune I heard from them, next to 'Hard To Swallow'.
мища are really quite an aggressive band. Whereas Innards have melodies and "catchy shouts", мища just simply focuses on ripping your face off.

Preview track is 's1mpl3 decisions'.

мища/Innards - 424/7
>Loud shit

On a related note, I finally found the lyrics to Tracing, so now I can understand what the hell he's screaming. They were hiding on the innards.bandcamp all this time.
>> No. 1073 [Edit]
I've been getting into Foals. The vocal remind me of that of Block Party, just more organic. I like it. Both of their studio albums are superb. I've got them in their 2CD releases, so it's looking quite complete, but I wonder still: is the EPs worth getting with these?

I'll do a summary of what I've gotten into while following this thread:
And So I Watch You From Afar
bloodthirsty butchers
Crystal Castles
Foals (+ The Edmund Fitzgerald)
Spiral Chord
and miscellaneous non-English bands, but mostly the 8 above. I have listened through about all of the music posted here, some I have already been familiar with. I gathered more of the stuff I liked, and dropped what I didn't. What I've learned so far is that I'm not the guy for post-hardcore, so that probably means generic hardcore rock and metal-ish stuff wouldn't work either. What I found out I do like is noise rock, shoegaze and screamo. bb, foals, innards, spiral chord (kind of a given, coming from a COWPERS fan) and yuck ranks high, really high. cc and MANS ranks mildly high. Both of them should in theory rank really high as well, while both makes very enjoyable music, neither broke through that last emotional barrier of inordinate approval.

Post edited on 17th Jun 2011, 11:22am
>> No. 1074 [Edit]
Ahh, man, I love Bloc Party. They were one of my favorite bands a few years back. Their earlier catalog has some of my favorite albums in general (Silent Alarm, the self-titled EP, and so on). Totally get the comparison.

As for Foals, they don't really have any EP's, per se? They have a lot of awesome B-sides, but if you want them in a physical format, then you're in for a good few months of searching, because of their weird method of releasing singles. For example, the vinyl version of Red Socks Pugie has 'Gold Gold Gold' as a B-side, whereas the CD version has 'A Sketch For ESG'. I'd say that's pretty normal, but on top of all that, there's yet another version of the vinyl release, that has 'Titan Arum' as the B-side. It's a little ridiculous.

If you're lazy/have no money, you're better off just downloading the B-side compilation that's floating around the net. However, if you're legit interested in them (the artwork is really awesome for the Antidotes-era singles), this site should really help:, along with Amazon/eBay, of course.

Foals - B-Sides

I was actually planning to post this months ago, but for whatever reason, it never happened. Some of their best tunes are in the B-side collection.
>> No. 1075 [Edit]

Foals is quite awesome. I had Antidotes on repeat for a long ass time.
>> No. 1077 [Edit]
ASIWYFA has a new album out too called Gangs, it's pretty jammin.
>> No. 1078 [Edit]
Hmm, I was referring to their entry on wikipedia, as I'm not an expert:

The B-sides should be what I'm looking for, thanks. Lossless uploads of it doesn't look to be around, so I'll bookmark that page.

Made an edit to my previous post, but the posts seems to be flying by..

Post edited on 17th Jun 2011, 11:38am
>> No. 1079 [Edit]
New Mukai thing.

Apparently he wrote a soundtrack for what I'm assuming is a play/musical.

It's a pretty awesome track. However, it's also less than two minutes...

Still, though, if this is any indication of the direction he's taking Zazen Boys next, then I don't mind it one bit. Of course, his musical styles are eccentric, and ZB seems kind of comfortable where they are. Well, either way, they simply have to do something asap, because it's been about 4 years since Zazen Boys 4.

The entire thing is released on the 22nd, but that's kind of irrelevant - I'm sure it'll be near-impossible to find.
>> No. 1080 [Edit]
I've listened to it a few times now. It's cool and all, but my impression is that it lacks the impact of their self-titled studio album.. like anything else. Then again, debutes are always too special to be used for clinical comparison.

Foals really was a big surprise for me. I find their music genuinely entertaining, as well as engaging. Entertainment and engagement is for me two very different aspects of intellectual work in general. Entertainment is inferior in value to engagement in my cognitivity. It's still bemusing to see these two assets combined, so I can't help but feeling immensely impressed. There's this conceived perception of simplicity in their presentation, I feel. Musical simplicity connotes more than the number of instruments and tones; it leaves artistic values to be unveiled by the listener. I feel there's much to explore with Fauls.
>> No. 1086 [Edit]
Audio Two Knights - What Would Zooey Deschanel Do? - (5.38MB - 192 kbps - 44.1 kHz , 04 What Would Zooey Deschanel Do_.mp3 ) Length: 3:55

Yet another Innards release. These dudes are getting all kind of prolific.

Innards/Two Knights - No Scum

Out of the two Innards songs, I prefer "Chumpchange". I thought "Brain" to actually be kind of boring.

Two Knights sound a lot like The Reptilian, albeit a little more laid back/less produced.
>> No. 1099 [Edit]
I think btb's kocorono film hit sales already; that or pre-orders. Eyes open.
>> No. 1124 [Edit]
Because I'm a big prog fag who likes to listen to bands from way before my time. These guys still blow my mind.
>> No. 1125 [Edit]
And more. I'd call King Crimson my favorite band, but they've changed their lineup about 25 thousand times and some of their albums really aren't that good. But when they're good, they're amazing.
>> No. 1146 [Edit]
There's this band that I think name(d) themselves GRAPEVINE, but I'm not 100% sure.

There was this song that cought my attention:

When I look through videos tagged "GRAPEVINE" I see something I'm rather familiar with:

I'm not sure, but I also think they're related to ACIDMAN. I need information!
>> No. 1287 [Edit]
Snowing broke up ;_;
>> No. 1291 [Edit]
File 131673886894.jpg - (28.90KB , 300x300 , la_dispute__41426_zoom.jpg )
New La Dispute.
>> No. 1299 [Edit]
So, this has been a rather bizarre few months for me. The real world really really sucks. Whatever, everyone knows that. It's time for some god damn music.

Weird that I never shared these guys. Although maybe I did on the last incarnation of /tc/?

Loom - Selva Molhada

Loom - Angler

Both are more the latter than the former, but they've got some pretty awesome melodies. Love the vocals, too.1

Slow Warm Demos were really disappointing. Then again, that's just John Galm and it may or may not have been a joke. Although, if that was the way Snowing was going to go, then maybe it was for the best. Bummer shit, though - They were like, my favorite band for a long while. FYEB is easily one of the best EP's ever recorded. Not gonna forget what they meant to me.
>> No. 1312 [Edit]
Been checking out these dudes' back catalogue lately. It's cool shit. Lots of melodies. They sound like Native, just a lot more geared towards that heaviness that I love.

Caravels - Caravels

Caravels - The Earthling Sessions
>Post-hardcore with slightly more barebones production
>> No. 1323 [Edit]
Mukai Shutoku covering The Smiths song "This Charming Man". I'm not that big on The Smiths (always preferred The Cure), but I might try to get into them after this.

I love what he's doing for the song instrumentally. Aside from the hardcore Engrish, it's a pretty...charming cover. Hohohoho

Sage because it's just a nice little find.
>> No. 1326 [Edit]
Tame Impala, my friends, are the most amazing music for this kind of year. They're kind of psychadelic, kind of groove-oriented. Think The Flaming Lips if they, you know, actually used guitars. The one band from Australia that I can immediately say I love.

Listen to those drums, god damn.

Tame Impala - Innerspeaker
>Psychadelic-ish punk stuff

And the band likes Katamari, too. Completely irrelevant, but how cool is that?

More to come (from seperate bands, not Tame Impala) a little later in the day...
>> No. 1327 [Edit]
This makes me feel good.

Lemon Jelly - Lost Horizons
>downtempo, trip-hop
>> No. 1333 [Edit]
I feel this won't work, even though I see no reason it won't.

Toe's "Cut" DVD, in full is on Youtube. Pretty sure most of the denziens of /mp3/ will enjoy this.
>> No. 1357 [Edit]
Aw, man...This thread is kind of dying, but I -did- find a new thing that I would like you brohno's to listen to, so I'll throw it up.

Father;Lonesome - Heart of Fool's Gold

This is so damn sad. ;-; Like, if he weren't singing about 'normal' problems, I'd say that this would make a perfect soundtrack to /so/. Even then, it's some of the most honest, heartfelt music I've heard in my god damn life.

Sort of like John Galm's solo stuff, just more horribly open. He's like Asuka in EoE, just stuck on a spear for everyone to see.

"Maybe I was just loving a ghost" from Miracles Into Graveyards. That one line just snuck up behind me and knifed my ass into tears.
>> No. 1361 [Edit]
All dem hipsters in the crowd.

This is sadder, though, in my opinion.
>> No. 1374 [Edit]
School Food Punishment - Prog-Roid

SFP's new album is some pretty old news, but since /tc/ likes them (or if they don't, they should), I figure I'd put it up. It's an alright album, despite featuring some of the ugliest cover art I've seen in my life. Okay, it's not that bad, but it's still pretty damn ugly.
The record itself is, as I said before, alright. It's not as awesome as Amp-Reflection or the releases that preceded it, but it's listenable, and it's SFP. Has the ending theme to [Ç] - RPG, which is a pretty track featuring a lot of strings, much like their other big ED hit - futuristic imagination, just a little more catchy (I do prefer futuristic imagination, though). I'm pretty up in the air about [Ç] as an anime, but god damn did I love the ED. You can rest easy, In Bloom is not a Nirvana cover. It's a really cute, catchy song that belongs as the ED theme to a moe harem anime or something. Starts a bit slow, however. 'free quiet' is a pretty damn perfect opening track, not on par with Modest Mouse's openers (Teeth Like God's Shoeshine - I hold every album opener to those standards), but good like Foals' (they have really excellent track "ones"). The rest of the album is unspectacular, but good.

In other news (from a completely different band), a new Loma Prieta record is on the horizon, titled 'I.V.' It's their fourth full length (such as they are - Loma records have a habit of clocking in at less than 30 minutes). Get it? IV. 4. Hohoho. I just got that reference...The embed is the preview track. Although it should technically be a SFP video...Whatever. I prefer this. It's a really intense, raw track with an ending that turns out to be rather pretty. I love it. If this is what the rest of the album sounds like, this might just be one of my favorite releases by them.

I figure when that's released, I'll just make a new thread, since this one's got too much of a back-log to reasonably go through now, and I like the idea of doing that for future Loma records, since they became one of my favorite bands. Probably #6. So damn excited.
>> No. 1394 [Edit]
/mp3/ sure has fallen on hard times.

Well, whatever. This is a Can song from the early 70's. I love this album.
>> No. 1604 [Edit]
could someone reupload those bloodthirsty butchers albums?
>> No. 1637 [Edit]
I'll see what I can do about those Butchers albums. I really hate what's happened to the internet. It's gotten to be pain-inducingly tough to find an album that you need.

Have a Wavves song while you wait.
>> No. 1638 [Edit]
Alright. Had to upload them myself, but these are all of the Butchers tracks (which isn't really many, actually) that I've had stored on external drives, that survived the catastrophe that was my PC dying.

Bloodthirsty Butchers - NO ALBUM MUDAI + Jack Nicolson/Birdy

Bloodthirsty Butchers - Kocorono
>> No. 2041 [Edit]
Have we still got any butchers fans floating around?

I discovered them about 10 months ago, and they simply sky-rocketed to becoming my number one favourite band of all time. I was never a really heavy music listener, but after discovering butchers, I've since been quite active in trying to discover new bands which could come close to how much I enjoy butchers, but nothing has come close.

Obviously since the last post in 2012, quite a lot has happened to butchers. Most notably is that Hideki passed away in May 2013. But they did release one last album (Youth), which I think is my favourite of all their albums. レクイエム (Requiem) has become my favourite song of all time, and the album is full of other great songs like Destroyer, which is also up there as one of my favourite tracks that they produced.

Hideki and Hisako released little mini albums or EPs at, both of which are great. I really hope Hisako releases a full solo album, or at least continues with toddle, though I know she is part of quite a few bands now (LAMA, SPANK PAGE). Imoriya (bass) collaborated with some dude from another band, and it's quite bass guitar oriented (as you can imagine). I'm not too sure what's going on with Komatsu (drums). I think he's playing drums for a band called SOSITE or something.

Also, I bought the Kocorono documentary and it very luckily has English subtitles. You can download it (as well as a few other things, and I'm planning to upload pretty much anything I can of butchers to this folder eventually):!JxgHkIqL!UU-QtD2RC4Ubk-BuvoPasw
>> No. 2042 [Edit]
>Have we still got any butchers fans floating around?
Yep; I'm glad to hear you like them so much. When it comes to Japanese rock cowpers and toddle is more my jam, but butchers is up there. I'll look into the other bands you mentioned. I haven't been looking at new music so much lately, so I've missed their newest album. I'll try to get it in the near future.

>Also, I bought the Kocorono documentary and it very luckily has English subtitles. You can download it
Holy shit you're awesome dude. I'm looking forward to whatever other stuff you'll upload.
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