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File 160301593670.jpg - (150.54KB , 728x1115 , Neko Ane.jpg )
3939 No. 3939 [Edit]
A story about a teenager and grandmother's house cat who turns into a nekomata. She then takes on the role as his older sister and their daily life continues with this new change.
The art starts out too detailed and looks quite ugly but improves later on, I think. There isn't much in terms of story until it approaches the end. For this reason I consider it more of a slice of life.
Something annoying about it is that Anzu and Gin barely get closer to each other at all because Gin keeps his guard up so much and has so little patience for her. Only until the ending does he finally let her in but it makes everything in between feel like it failed to be anything more than amusing slice of life banter instead of gradually working towards the goal of them becoming closer.
Despite it's flaws, I will likely treasure it as being a manga with a significant focus on a caring older sister, one of the few things that can heal my soul anymore but also something I feel there is a near criminal shortage of in Japanese media that I'm desperate for, and the slice of life that is likely to happen with a well-meaning but uneducated elder sister.
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>> No. 3962 [Edit]
File 160549435720.jpg - (179.47KB , 615x1000 , image.jpg )
The art isn't that ugly, it feels more like a throwback than anything. Almost like someone imitating Azuma.
I have this half-read, but from what you're saying and the fact that there is an old lady character it will probably be quite the tearjerker near the end.
>Despite it's flaws, I will likely treasure it as being a manga with a significant focus on a caring older sister
There is nothing wrong with treasuring a flawed piece of art! If it has themes or something you can love about it then great. The more things you can enjoy and treasure the better.

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