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File 160186057479.jpg - (373.12KB , 1700x1200 , 2.jpg )
3920 No. 3920 [Edit]
Useless Ponko
This is about an outdated maid robot model living in a seaside town out in the country with a grumpy and stubborn old man and all the antics they get themselves into.
While it more or less has the usual trope of a strictly practical and traditional old man and an idealistic but naive young girl, I would say it's a little different. Ponko tends to get dragged around into situations a lot and is capable of a lot of different functions which make her popular in due time among the town. Yoshioka however, the old man, finds himself relying on her but never seeing her as much more than a friend, especially not since his granddaughter, Yuuna, stays over. Ponko seems to have more of a noticeable influence on many others instead.
It's an easygoing manga with a lot of different scenarios for it's chapters and I like it a lot. The length isn't too long or short for each chapter, the art is good, the jokes land (for me, at least) and I don't feel like it lets itself get distracted as much from the core concept as some other mangas do because most of the time, Yoshioka is involved in some way but there isn't much other than the small starting cast at the beginning to imply that it should only be about these two. But even when he isn't, the manga doesn't just change genre in favor of dramatic worldbuilding or drama in what feels like an attempt to keep the manga going, or the artist getting distracted by the appeal of doing other things with those same characters, or simple distraction on the part of the artist. While worldbuilding is present, I never feel like it breaks the atmosphere or goes against what I originally read the story for, especially since the concept of outdated robot models is presented early on to be expanded on later.
Though apparently there's some kind of concert arc which I haven't gotten to yet so I could be wrong on some things I said.
>> No. 3921 [Edit]
I'm following this series too, I would class this as an iyashikei. There are more plot development in the newer chapters which I don't see as a bad thing. Another thing that's interesting for me is that this is set in the near future so Yoshioka might be in his 40s/50s(?) in our time. The mangaka's representation of the future is also subtle which I find charming but this might be more salient because the manga is set in the countryside. The concept of being in a relatively remote and idyllic countryside plays a central theme in the manga.

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